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  • Mama~Mare gone Primal that word!

    To make a long story short, I have been obsessed with food and health for as long as I can remember. This obsession has evolved over the years as I have matured.

    Here is what today looks like:

    6 am coffee with coconut milk and a splash of half n half

    9 am out with a friend for coffee and had a giant soy latte (yes, I know it's not primal)

    12:30 Still out with friend. We decided Mexican sounded good. When those frickin tortilla chips and salsa were put on the table I was able to check in with myself. My body was not craving them but my emotions were. That has been a favorite snack since childhood and has so many great times with loved ones attached to it. I verbalized this to my friend and DIDN'T EAT ANY! I ordered the steak fajita salad with no dressing. It was delish and I stopped eating when I was comfortable. Got the rest in a to go box.

    2:00 Gym for 30 mins on the elliptical

    3:30 mint tea with 1 TBS coconut oil

    4:30 the rest of my salad and a spoon full of almond butter

    5:30 roasted rainbow swiss chard

    Dinner should be soon seeing as it's 7:30, prolly a giant salad with some pork roast that I made the other day. Tonight I'm going to try not to follow dinner with an almond butter chaser........

    Hey, the cool thing is: Tomorrow is a new day!

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    Here's the day in a tidy little nut~shell:

    4:45 wakey wakey

    5:00 coffee with coconut milk and a splash of 1/2 n 1/2

    7:30 -8:30 Gym circuit with weights and 10 mins HIIT on the elliptical

    9:00 At the office coffee with coconut oil

    9:30 4 oz pork tenderloin and 1/2 cup roasted butternut squash with olive oil and fresh sage

    12:30 half an avocado

    3:00 2 hardboiled eggs and 1 tbs almond butter

    5:00 1 Tbs almond butter

    Home now and it's almost 7:00: Sipping a glass of Cabernet and plan to have a salad with romaine, steamed Brussel sprouts, pork tenderloin and 1tbs of ghee
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      Happy Saturday It's 5 am coffee is in hand. I put it in the blender this morning with some coconut milk and a blob of coconut oil. It's pretty damn near sinful. I really feel like I accomplished something by using the blender at 5 am and not waking anyone up..........

      I had some bizarre insomnia last night. Felt very hyper. I know I need to put an end to eating dinner so late at night. It's tough when I get home from work after 6 and by the time we sit down it's after 7 and I'm falling asleep by 8:30.

      Well, there's always something in our lives that needs improvement. It's how we grow and mature. Eventually the old behavior gets more painful than the change and we take action.

      Overall I feel my body switching over to fat as it's source of fuel. It's hard to explain, but I definitely feel different. What ever it is, I like it


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        Strange day so far:

        7:30 had 2 eggs with a side of steamed broccoli drizzled with melted almond butter

        From there is was off to our daughters Solo Ensemble for piano and oboe. While waiting I watched my husband and 8 year old son share a plate of freshly made doughnuts and a super pretzel with a blue Gatorade to wash all the poison down. I wanted to run down the hall way screaming at my husband "Don't do it!!!!!!" I sat there in silence as my stress induced eczema flared up under my sweatshirt.

        12:00 Daughter is done and the fam wants to hit the local Cracker Barrel. I had 3 scrambled eggs, 1 slice of bacon, 1 small slab of ham and 1 sausage patty ( all this meat was, I'm sure, complete with nitrates and farm raised toxins not to mention that my tongue was left feeling like it just had a make out session with a salt lick) with a side bowl of fresh cucumbers.

        Came home took a nap and it is now 4:00: just had some celery sticks and almond butter.

        We have dinner plans at 7 with a couple that we haven't seen in a year. Does the madness ever end?


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          Well, dinner was a blast last night.

          It was great to see old friends. I have been primal for a good month and have not had any food re-lapses until last night. But I gotta say my body feels full of energy this morning. It soaked those carbs and Bacardi right up!

          I had 4 Bacardi cocktails (Bacardi, water and a splash of grapefruit juice)
          1 cocktail with coffee, Bacardi, Kaluah and whipped cream ( holy shit it was friggin good)
          A 6 oz filet (it cut like butter, nom nom nom) with steamed veggies and a side salad
          I indulged in one dinner roll 2 cheese curds and a fried pickle

          Here's the clincher: in my drunken stupor I consumed a McFlurry and a small's that for a Primal face plant?

          The cool thing is. I don't feel like I was out last night. I have been at 50 carbs or lower for the past 2 weeks so I'm assuming that my body took it all and used most of it.

          Will I make a habit of this? Well, Let's hope not
          So, here I am drinking my coffee and thankfully not feeling hungry......plan to walk the dog soon and see where the day takes me.

          Looks like all 4 of our kids are home and 4 extras added to the mix.........yeesh!


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            Took the dog for a 4 mile walk with DH this morning.

            Organized the fridge and the pantry so I could compile a grocery list. My 18 year old commented again on our lack of haven't mentioned to the family what I've been up to: My excuses so far have been "I forgot" and "Nothing good was on sale"

            I'm trying not to over~complicate things by "preaching" primal in the house. I do the shopping and most of the cooking, so why blab my pie hole and cause not worth the effort......I've always kept the pantry and fridge stocked with "clean" whole foods and have had "teen worthy" crap available as well: cereal, pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets.....they are slowly disappearing......we must have a troll living under the house.

            There are always plenty of fruits and veggies on hand along with a choice of meat......if they are hungry they will eat! A HUGE issue is our 13 yr old daughter has been a vegetarian for the past 2 years. Thankfully she still eats fish and eggs........

            9:30 cut up a whole grapefruit, sprinkled it with cayenne and topped it with rainbow chard, beet greens and a bit of pork that was sautéed in ghee

            Snack: 1 large carrot and a spoonful of almond butter

            It's almost 2:00 my plan for lunch is:
            roasted butternut squash with the rest of the pork (holy hell gotta use up these left overs!)
            1/2 an avacado


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              Happy Monday! Trying to get my mind in a good place to get this week off to a smooth start.

              Yesterday I had lunch at 2:00 and never got hungry after that. I actually didn't eat anything for the rest of the day. That is a huge victory for me. Especially with having a DH and 4 kids who are always eating.

              I gotta say that living this lifestyle would be less of a tug of war if I lived alone, but what is the challenge in that? There's always a part of me that yearns for "easy street". I get weary of going against the grain..........then I remind myself that anyone can do builds character and perseverance to take the road less traveled and hell, it builds good health...............just as long as you can tame your emotions...........sometimes unchecked emotions can wreak more havoc on your health than a pb&j on wonder bread

              Well, so far today I've had a blender coffee: coconut milk, coconut oil, splash of cream and coffee all whipped up in the blender

              I'm about to hit the shower, get the kids out the door, hit the gym by 8:00 and the office by 9:00..........will return home around 7:00

              Not sure what I'm going to throw in my travel bag for food, but I'm a smart lady, I'll figure it out....


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                It's 7 pm and I managed to eat dinner already! Was able to leave the office by 5:30 and was sitting down with 2 of the 4 kids by 6:15.......

                I had fresh romaine topped with a pile of kale sautéed in coconut oil and some rotisserie chicken. Desert was a spoonful of almond butter.

                I realize that when I walk in the door I need to make dinner a priority before it gets too late. Then after I eat I can unpack my gym bag, wash my face etc...etc...all the stuff I normally do before dinner.

                DH usually gets home after me, he is currently in front of the t.v. with his dinner. I feel slightly guilty, but I need to do this for me. I plan to skip t.v. tonight and spend time in my room getting caught up on reading. I extended an invite to DD to read with me if she would like.

                I ate breakfast at 9:30 and lunch at 1:00. I had made a mixture before leaving the house and nibbled on what I made at both meals:

                1 grapefruit
                a pile of sautéed kale
                rotisserie chicken

                Was feeling tired and sluggish today......mid day Aunt Flo arrived and left a crime scene.........TMI? Too bad, this is my journal


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                  Tuesday.......just started my second cuppa yum! Love putting my coffee and coconut milk in the blender. Who knew something so simple could bring such pleasure........ahhhh sweet simplicity.......

                  So, last night was a success! Had dinner early and then DD and I got cozified with the dog in my bed and read our books for over an hour and then it was off to dream land. It felt good to not zone out in front of the t.v. before bed. Hope that she and I can make a habit out of this!

                  I feel well rested this morning. Today is my day off and I'm supposed to drive an hour to meet a friend half way for shopping and lunch. It may fall through due to bad weather. We've already had to cancel once before due to weather.

                  I am working on suppressing the anxiety that is lurking at the surface of my sanity. It's rough for me not to know exactly what the plan is for the day. I feel like a fidgety little squirrel........

                  That right there is a good signal to get my guard up so that I don't start nervously shoving food in my face....primal food of course


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                    5:00 am 2 cups o coffee with coconut milk, cream and coconut oil

                    11:00 am Met my friend and we ended up at a coffee shop. Food choices were limited and very bready. So I had a latte made with half and half and the tiniest little egg cup thingy.......there are no words to describe the oddness of my experience

                    2:00-2:45 fast and furious weights and 15 mins on the elliptical

                    3:30 Kale and chicken w/skin sautéed in ghee and a big ass spoon of almond butter


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                      Hey Thursday, what's up!?

                      5 am dishes are done, coffee in hand

                      Yesterday was decent, I noticed a few things.
                      #1. On the days that I eat breakfast early, like 6 am early, I am actually hungrier all day.
                      #2. I also added in some more carbs (fruit and honey), that also equals hungrier all day.
                      #3. Too much coffee and not enough water also equals hungry all day no matter how much fat you put in your coffee.
                      #4. Before I leave the office, send DD a text so that she can start prepping the food she and her younger bro want for dinner.
                      #5. The big teens and hubby can fend for themselves.

                      Here is yesterday:

                      5 am coffee with coconut milk, cream and coconut oil

                      6 am a grapefruit with 1/4 of these muffins I make ( eggs, almond butter, coconut oil, cocoa powder, honey, and phsyllum husk) on the 1/4 of muffin I drizzled coconut milk and almond butter

                      7:30 to 8:45 Gym time: weights with squat jumps, 1/2 burpees, planks and bear crawls, followed by 20 mins on the treadmill (10 mins with the incline at 15 2.5 speed and 10 mins zero incline with sprints at 7.5)

                      9:00 office with more coffee and by 9:30 I was feeling starved. I knew I would be having a good workout so I brought a "Rise" bar, we also keep some at the office (only 3 ingredients: whey, almond butter and honey) So I ate that and did not feel the least bit satisfied. I wanted meat and fat.

                      1:00 Im pretty much feeling lethargic (it's also that time of the month which doesn't help) So I grab my lunch that I brought from home and take a break. I had sautéed veggies and rotisserie chicken doused in olive oil.

                      2:00-6:15 Back in the office. Thankfully at 2:00 my boss made us some "bullet proof coffee" with grass fed butter and MCT so that gave me a little perk. (Yes, I have the worlds coolest boss who is also primal!)

                      By 6:45 when I got home I could have eaten an entire buffalo. I sautéed kale and some other veggies with more leftover chicken and made myself eat with chopsticks so I wouldn't hoover the whole plate down in one bite. Of course I followed that with a double almond butter chaser........

                      By 8:00 my entire family was smacking butter popcorn, so I went to my room with my book and was out by 8:30.

                      This morning I feel pretty good. My muscles are sore

                      Plan to put off breakfast as long as possible today. It's a day off and I Plan to spend the day with my 18 year old. He said he wouldn't mind going to the gym and out to lunch. We just got some fresh powder I may try to talk him into a winter hike instead of the gym.........


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                        Ahhh, almost the end of the day..........

                        There's a turkey meatloaf in the oven and a mass amount of veggies smothered in olive oil roasting in the pizza oven............smells nummy in the homestead.....

                        Today has been fairly decent:

                        I made it to 9 am and then had 1 HB egg chopped up with some carrots and romaine drizzled with olive oil.

                        Hung out with my 18 yr old and took the dog for a hike in the fresh powder............felt the friggin burn in the legs! Mid way I was hat, glove and jacket free sweating like a swine. Thankfully DS opted not to go for lunch

                        1:30 made a sautee with kale (I'm addicted right now) cauliflower, carrots, chicken, Canadian bacon ghee and olive oil.

                        2:30-3:30 took a nap with my dog had a cup o coffee when we got up

                        Kids came home etc...etc....

                        It's almost 7:00 and I'm just now getting hungry.

                        I wonder why I am so much hungrier on days that I'm at the office? Is it that my brain is fried and crying out for energy?


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                          Friday morning! I have been fighting myself tooth and nail to keep my thoughts positive.........really fighting the urge to just be bitchy......balls out bitch~fest.........why are there days when the negative just seems easier?

                          This is my test for the day.........fight the bitch with in......good vs evil..........the uphill battle..........anyone can take the easy road........anyone.........gonna dig down deep and find the positive primal woman that I know lives with in me.........the one who allows the bull~shit to slide off her shoulders like melted ghee sliding out of the sauté pan with those beautiful veggies.......the woman who is genuine and compassionate and speaks words of wisdom.........the woman who can set her mind on the good shit in life and smile like she means it...........that's who I'm digging for...........

                          she's in there, I've spent time with her and I fucking love her................she's fun to be around, makes you feel better about yourself and you truly believe you can achieve anything...............

                          Wheeeew! I feel better already

                          So far today I've had coffee with coconut milk, cream and coconut oil

                          Just had a hardboiled egg and a spoon of almond butter.

                          will get to the gym at 8:00

                          Office by 9:00


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                            MMMM how I love me some Saturday!

                            I get to spend every Saturday with my DD taking her to and lessons and we grocery shop together. We usually go for lunch and bring a deck of Uno cards along. She likes Panera and I have found they are pretty good at stepping up to my Primal requests. They also have these neat little individual packets of olive oil. It's amazing what you find if you just ask!

                            Yesterday was a better workday as far as hunger was concerned. I stayed away from any fruit and the rise protein bars that have honey in them.

                            5am Fatt~a~licious coffee

                            7:30 hardboiled egg and spoon of almond butter

                            8 - 9 Gym time! Worked on my balance

                            9 office spoon of almond butter and hot tea with coconut oil

                            I felt satisfied and started to get quite hungry around 12:30

                            12:30 Leftover turkey meatloaf and roasted veggies

                            2:00 bullet proof coffee ala Boss man

                            Hunger didn't hit me until 6:30 when I was headed home

                            7:30 half a bottle of wine the rest of the leftover chicken, a beautiful hot mess of sautéed kale and ghee, 1 large carrot with some almond butter and I did treat myself to a couple hand fulls of homemade popcorn in coconut a result I was hyper and slept like shit.........lesson learned...............


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                              Morning! Drinking my fatt~a~licious coffe, damn it's good!

                              So, yesterday. It was a decent day:

                              6am fatt~a~licious coffee

                              8:30 DD and I left for Piano lessons. I had tea with coconut oil for the drive.

                              Went for a 20 min walk while she was in her lesson

                              We ran through Cost-co before her Oboe lesson.

                              I took another 20 minute walk during that lesson.

                              12:00 Feeling hungry but not lethargic......... Panera for lunch: Field greens, kalmata olives, a few segments of mandarin orange, chicken, feta and 2 pkts of olive oil. Ate 1/4 of the apple that comes on the side

                              Hit 2 more grocery stores and then home to put all our "foraging" away.

                              4:00 made 2 batches of muffins. Ate some batter and 1/2 a muffin (ing: coconut oil, eggs, almond butter, honey, cocoa powder, vanilla and baking soda) I make these mainly for my daughter who is a toothpick and a vegetarian. She has no idea that each muffin is close to 400 calories and 25 grams of fats She takes one in her lunch daily

                              7:00 Grass fed burgers with grass fed bacon........holy shit yum! On the side roasted beets, gold beets, baby turnips, broccoli, garlic and onions. Drank another 1/2 a bottle of wine and had an entire muffin for dessert.