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  • Spun's Primal Challenge

    While I feel as though I have had success, I am posting this to assist in my "stickin' to the plan"

    For breakfast I had a wicked smoothie
    1 egg (raw)
    3 oz. raw milk, (just got a great contact for this product)
    1 banana
    1 tbsp of almond butter
    1 tsp of flaxseed oil

    Tasted yummy and the raw milk gave it a slightly richer flavour.

    Had a bit of a "big weekend" so I will be fasting for 24 hours. Mondays always seem like a good opportunity for IF as I am usually a little busier than normal at work, and the weekends, generally speaking, are not lacking in calories.

    My goal is to shed about 15 pounds of fat. I have not put a specific timeline on it (contrary to all the PT education I have received) but think that 8 weeks is reasonable. I really find having open ended goals (for wellness) to be encouraging. I used to really beat myself up when I'd gain a little after a weekend get toghether.

    Nuff typing, time for a stroll outside......

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    the 24 hour fast was shorter than planned. Did a bunch of landscaping when I got home from work and needed meat. Had some leftover steak in the fridge which hit the spot.

    Breakfast this morning

    3 scrambled eggs with some chopped red peppers and onions (2 oz of raw milk in the eggs.)
    Grabbed a coffee on the way to work.

    Throughout the day (7-3)

    2 hardbolied eggs and a couple pieces of fruit. (I ride a desk all day)

    Dinner (arouind 5:30)

    wicked hamburgers (sans le bun)

    Physical activity

    5 km walk at lunch
    lots of lifting, raking outside after work
    25 mins of resistance training.

    Hoping to hit the sack at 8:30 tonight .....perhaps another 30 mins of activity ; )


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      Another 3 eggs again this morning, with about 2 oz leftover beef and some salsa.....I wake up and can't wait to eat cause it's so good!

      2 hard bolied eggs and a 4 oz beef patty coupled with 2 pcs of fruit will keep me awake and aware from 7 - 3 today.
      My daily 5 km lunchtime walk will also invigorate and keep the fire burning

      I have some salmon ready for dinner, gonna try a maple syrup/garlic glaze with some veggies.

      More landscaping and another nice walk with the family (2k) after dinner

      Then hopefully in bed by 9.

      I'll post some pics on Monday, I need a public benchmark to guage success

      Keep on Grokkin'in the free world!


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        Had a sweet game of ball hockey at lunch, instead of the usual walk.

        Lots of stop and go action

        Can't wait to get back outside


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          I have been doing this for about 2 mionths now....the journal helps by creating accountability for me.

          This morning, for breakfast:

          3 scrambled eggs with salsa - I am surgical with this procedure. I can have the pan warm and buttered, and the eggs whisked before I am even awake.
          Put the eggs in the pan and take a "#1 bio break". This seems to be just the right amount of time to have the eggs to the point where they begin to need scrambling. I then gaze out onto the mighty Ottawa Riverwhile I eat my breakfast. The sun rising over the Gatineau Hills and the river in front of me make getting myself "cubicle ready" that much more difficult.

          Weather is good today, despite the forecast. That means an hour of walking at lunch with a friend.

          Took some beef sausage out for dinner tonight. the side is still in the air.

          More landscaping, more playing, then off to bed. The hockey game was on last night so bed came later (9:45) than I would have liked. I also cheated and split a bottle of pinot grigio with the misses. The scale did not seem to mind.

          PS, Mark if you read this, I have been in the "sweet spot" for about a week. I lost about 50 pounds 7 years ago and have kept most of it off. about 15 crept back on in the last year. The PB has helped with that, and will take me further than any other "routine" or fad ever did.

          It really is amazing how easy this can be if you monitor your carb intake and keep it under 100 grams.
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            Another day, and guess what?

            I had 3 scrambled eggs and salsa for breakfast. So good

            The numbers on the scale this morning were very pleasing.....the third digit was a nine!

            I am not hungry at all, I am eating whole foods, and have been ambiently active with some intense sprints and lifting scattered throughout the week when it is convenient.

            To keep me in the "sweet spot" today, it'll be 2 hard boiled eggs with a peice of fruit as a snack. There was talk of the family going to a little pizzeria down the road for's Friday.

            Not sure if the weather will permit a walk at lunch. Save the rainy walk for after dinner when I am in "comfy clothes".

            Anyway, if your reading this, have a wicked awesome weekend, get outside and play!

            Best regards,

            Spence (aka Spun)


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              week 2 of Journal entries,

              Fasting today, until dinner. The weekend was great, did my very best to stay as primal as possible despite having many social obligations. Opted for the steak tartar and snails in butter, but splurged with creme brulee for dessert.

              Sunday went to the hockey game (in the box) This always creates a less than ideal situation as it is full of processed food and booze. Had my share of both, but did not go overboard.

              Was outisde ALOT. had 12 yards of topsoil delivered yesterday. Forget any workouts this week, I'll get my exercise moving dirt around.

              The weather today is so nice. Looking forward to a nice 5k walk at lunch.

              Looking forward to spending some time south of the border next week in Texas. Spring here has been really great, but some consistent 20+ celsius weather is going to be nice.



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                Arrgghh, need to get more eggs, only 2 left in the fridge

                For breakfast I had a wicked smoothie
                1 egg (raw)
                3 oz. raw milk,
                1 banana
                1 tbsp of almond butter
                1 tsp of flaxseed oil

                The smoothie was a nice change

                Daily fuel will consist of fruit and hard boiled eggs.

                Not sure what my wife has taken out of the freezer for dinner. I hope it was those sweet beef sausages....or some salmon.

                A nice 5k walk for lunch.

                moved a bunch of dirt last night, gonna move more dirt tonight. Should provide fodder for a great nights sleep.


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                  Got my eggs, back to my routine.

                  three eggs, scrambled with salsa. If you are reading this and have never tried eggs and salsa, you should.

                  Brought 2 hardboiled eggs with me. I put them in a bag with a little salt, pepper and hot sauce (sugarless). By the time I am ready to eat them, they have rolled around in that magical bag of taste for a couple of hours. Can't wait. Chase them with an apple and its like they never happened!!

                  A nice 5k walk at lunch in the sun....a great way to break the cubicle time down into digestable chunks.

                  Moved about a ton (literally) of dirt last night. I am currently top dressing the lawn. You want to talk about primal workouts. Lots of bending, lifting with legs and arms, mild twisting, not too mention the spreading and wheelbarrel pushing. I like to exaggerate the movements here as well. For example, when filling the wheelbarrel with earth, I'll bend my knees to 90 degrees, scoop, then lift by extending my legs. Quite possibly the most finctional squat I have ever perfromed because it is actually helping me complete a task!

                  Dinner will be meat and some veggies sandwiched between more dirt moving. The weather is fantastic so I enjoy being outside. My daughter will give me a hand too. She is 6 and enjoys the ride back to the dirt pile in the empty wheelbarrel. She got brave last night and asked if she could stand. I told her she could, but I would go more slowly. A primal play workout for both of us (standing in a moving wheelbarrel is great for stabilizers).

                  Hope to be in bed by 9 tonight. Slept like a log last night, a repeat would be awesome.

                  Have a wicked awesome day, move lots and get some sun!!!

                  (a.k.a. Spence)


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                    Bam...another day, another 3 scrambled eggs and salsa.

                    More hardboiled eggs and fruit thru the day....with a twist. I brought a 3 oz peice of leftover steak, a nice departure from the norm.
                    Went for the usual 5k walk at lunch, it's cool and cloudy in Canada's Capital today. Tonights workout will be less sweaty.

                    After moving another ton of earth last night, I slept like a log. was asleep before my 6 yr old.

                    Going to Houston next week for biz. Gonna try my best to eat as well as possible, Hopefully the hotel has an accomodating chef.
                    It'll be nice to have a gym at my disposal, as well as some quality "Spence time" at night for reading and walks.

                    that's it for now,

                    PS - todays article about gut bugs was awesome. too bad we go out of our to sterilze everything


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                      Today's breakfast, 3 scrambled eggs, with salsa of course.

                      Watched 2 of 3 overtime periods of hockey last night. that stung this morning. Oh well, it's Friday.

                      Moved more dirt last night, but not that much. My little princess really wanted a playmate, so cruised around the neighbourhood. I have also been burning yard waste, so we sat around the campfire for a bit and chatted too. A great primal way to get in touch with my kid. I have piles of old wood and leaves to get through, I think a nice fire with friends and perhaps a drink or two is how I'll spend my Saturday night.

                      Got a sweet game of ball hockey on tap for lunch today. An awesome way to chop my cubicle timein 2. Exercise, outdoor play, and great stress relief for me and my workpeers. Make for a fairly productive afternonn, but a really great work environment.

                      Lunch today will be pizza. I will try and keep it to one slice, and leave the crust behind. I'll have water to wash it down.

                      Dinner is undecided, but I know it will be tasty. Most likely a peice of beef of the bbq.

                      Good luck to everyone this sure to rock out with your Grok out!



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                        Houston was fun, but....

                        I am glad to be home. Hotel and restaurant food for 5 days.....yikes! Even trying to do the right thing is hard.

                        Back tomy regular routing, however, I am playing in an ultimate frisbee league that started last fun.

                        I have a great hour long anaerobic session on Mondays and Fridays now (ultimate and ball hockey). I train with weight 2 or 3 times a week, not tomention all the yardwork!!. Does anyone have opinions on short runs? I used to log about 40 - 50 kms a week, but have become bored with running. Maybe its time to inject a couple of 5 km runs in 2 x a week.

                        Got two new toys toplay with as well. Some Vibrams, great for Ultimate! I got the KSO's while in Houston ;last week. Also, a friend of mine sold me his powerblocks. They have been fun, but are no substitute for a regular dumbell. It is nice to have 5 to 50 lbs in one set though.

                        3 scrambled eggs with sals for breakfast, some sweet chili for lunch with some fruit in between. It's raining so a walk today might not work. I'll get some cardio in this afternoon, when I get home.

                        Rock out with your Grok out!!!



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                          No time to post yesterday.....too friggin busy making someone else rich.....not very Primal!!!

                          Anyway, did not stry from the norm. Reguilar breakfast, some chili (sans beans) and fruit throughout the day. Steak and veggies for dinner.
                          Went for an ince cream with the family for dessert. (Nobody's perfect)

                          Today same drill, ran out of salsa so I subbed in some tomato. Same ldaytime grazing....dinner is unknown.

                          Probably try to get in some lifting tonight and a nice walk. My daughter will ride her bike, my wife and I will throw in some sprints here and there so she doesn't get too far ahead.

                          I am going to Boston fpor 3 days next week, more crummy "food for profit" in hotels and restaurants. I am debating a fast in there, but would like to "on top of things" as this is a client visi...I don't want to be grumpy or scatterbrained. We'll see.

                          Gotta go.....crazy busy right now

                          Is it Friday yet?



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                            Another trip, lotsa crummy food, hopefully I am back for awhile.

                            Weahter is awesome today, which will compliment Ultimate tonight. I LOVE this game.

                            Anyway, the daily posts are becoming harder and harder as they seem tomore or less say the same thing.

                            See ya around


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                              Bam....a sweet game of ultimate last night. We got clobbered, but there was lotsa running, sweating and fun.

                              Had a smoothie for breakfast this morning, brought a burger patty for lunch with a little fruit. Dinner will be veggies and chicken breast.

                              Got some rays yesterday (which felt great) and did some strength training. When the little princess got home, we put on our swimsuits and went for a dip. The "mighty Ottawa" doesn't have the same bite it had 2 weeks ago.....Hopefully the wayerdoesn't get too warm!

                              I have been walking at lunch for about a year. The stroll is about 5k. My friend and I have kicked it up to 6.5 and are doing the circujit faster. Hopefully this will assist in getting the "pudge" off the waistline and get those abs poppin'.

                              Weather today is great again, can't wait to get outside.