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    Hi Primal Community,

    First of all, I have to say that I have been looking over Marks site for over a year, but didn't start the primal way of life until the end of September 2012. The death of my mentor was such a tragedy and I was so upset that I didn't care what was going into my mouth.

    After a month of this behavior and 5 pounds later, I needed to stop and think. I was already overweight, I had just been to the doctors and was told to lose weight. I agreed of course, because I felt like crap. I remembered some information I saw on this site and decided that I should begin my journey. I ordered The Primal Blueprint. It was a hard transition. The first two weeks of no sugar and grain left me tired, but hopeful. I felt an improvement in my digestion and after the cloud cleared, I could really see what this kind of living could do for my health.

    My mother has health problems and I didn't want to become her. She has the same health problems as my grandfather did. Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, I didn't want to partake in that tradition.

    So here I am, 15 pounds lighter and feeling so much better and knowing I will be fighting off those diseases that plague my family. Thank you Mark for making it so clear that what feels natural, actually is!


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    Thank you for being such a wonderful example of how working hard pays off!
    So glad we are doing this together <3


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      Me too!


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        Being primal now for 5 months, I've tried IF. I don't have any trouble fasting for 24 hours, not like when I wasn't primal and got headaches after 5 hours of not eating. I started fasting about 2 days per week, two weeks ago. I try to fast when I won't be working out. Does it matter?

        I haven't been losing fat for a while, so I think this is my best option. I've also seen some posts that suggest reducing or eliminating dairy. I can reduce it, but I love it so!

        SW 170
        GW 125
        CW 155
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          I went to brunch yesterday. I had quiche with pie crust, crepes with fresh fruit and fresh whipped cream and bacon... I had to take a nap because I was so sleepy from eating that darned wheat flour!


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            I was searching through the posts for today and found a recipe for Triclops - YUMMY... I just finished eating them. 1 egg, 2 yolks, some left over ham and ounce of cream cheese all cooked in butter and bacon grease! Best eggs ever!


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              I feel sorry for the poor saps stuck in conventional dieting, with their tasteless, no fat, no flavor food... I made Cream Cheese Clouds last night, my taste buds sang Hallelujah!


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                My husband had decided to join us in the fight, for the right, to eat FAT! That makes dinners easier


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                  OK, got some good advice, because I was struggling losing the poundage. I am going to move slowly, often and cut out dairy and nuts. Also, I am going super low carb and high fat! Should kick start things again Last night I ate black olives, chicken legs with yummy crispy skin and a bit of greenbeans, braised in chicken broth and butter. Yes, butter is dairy, but there is a limit to how much cutting out I can do. If it comes down to the wire, yes I will eliminate the butter too