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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to say hello to the community! Thanks for having me! I am looking forward to jumping into a primal lifestyle & I absolutely cannot wait to see what it does for my overall wellbeing. I am a bit nervous as I am a bank teller (boo) and well, as you know, the job is ridiculously sedentary. Not only do I struggle with sitting in front of a computer 7+ hours a day, but the other employees as well as our customers love to bring us chocolate and other sweets. I have to admit... I love chocolate. Getting over the sugar cravings & binges is going to be perhaps my greatest challenge! But from what I have learned, primal is so yummy.

    Perhaps it is because I sit at a computer all day, but I have absolutely no energy when I get home. Daily chores (washing dishes, doing laundry, making dinner) have become the most exhausting tasks. I simply want to sit on the couch (yes, sit some more) and watch TV and eat those foods that are already prepared for me... it's awful.

    (If I am honest, I tried primal for about one week a few weeks ago. And I felt better than ever. But then I had a bad weekend... and got off track.)

    Breaking the habit is going to be difficult.

    I look forward to learning what an average week of meals looks like as well as daily exercise. Currently, I have a gym membership that I hardly use. I would love to do most of my exercise around our home - biking, walking, planting flowers, but I am not opposed to going to the gym once in a while. I just need a plan... what does daily exercise (esp. at the gym) look like?

    My mama has been primal for about 4 months now, and I have seen the amazing things that a primal lifestyle can do for a person. Last night I started to read The Primal Blueprint, and I know this is the lifestyle for me.

    So here is where my story begins.
    I hope that I have some really great news to share as the days go on!

    Thank you all for listening!


    Goals for the next few days: Take starting measurements, plan one week of meals, stop eating chocolate, move around when I come home from work. (ideas + encouragement much appreciated)
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    Hi Mel. Welcome!

    Do you live with your mama? I guess not. Who prepares your food?

    I'm happy to say You can do it! but it seems like your mum would be great support.
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      Originally posted by Hedonist2 View Post
      Hi Mel. Welcome!

      Do you live with your mama? I guess not. Who prepares your food?

      I'm happy to say You can do it! but it seems like your mum would be great support.
      Thank you!
      I do not live with my Mom. In fact, I live with my husband and our dog. For breakfast + lunch, I prepare my own food, and my husband prepares dinner.

      My Mom is definitely awesome support! She is the one that encouraged me to adopt this lifestyle. She is also a part of this online community - Hi Mama! It's difficult however not being near her. My husband is definitely supportive, but he is not prepared to change his lifestyle.

      I know this will be good - I've already had a taste... Now I just need to make it stick!

      Thanks for your encouragement!


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        I'm proud of you !


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          Well, I took my measurements this morning, and I have to be honest... I'm experiencing some embarrassment in posting them here. However, I know that by being vulnerable with this community I will want to keep the momentum going!! So here are the measurements. I am also considering taking a before pic. We'll see if I am feeling that brave!

          Measurements: taken on 2/22/13 at 7:20am, before any food intake
          Waist: 40 1/2 in.
          Bust: 40 in.
          Arms (because I want to see weight-loss here too): 12 3/4 in.

          I do not own a scale, but I imagine a weight somewhere between 165-170. I will find out when I go to the doctors next time and post here.

          One goal complete. I also am excited to say that last night when I got home from a 9 hour workday, I went home and did dishes and even went as far as to clean the guest room. Nothing too crazy, but it felt good to be active vs. sitting on the couch some more (though I was very tempted to watch Downton Abbey...) This is going to be so good.

          Alright. Let's see some change! Woohoo!


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            Originally posted by mbtwos View Post
            I'm proud of you !
            Thanks, Mama! You're the best support <3