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Bronte's Anti-Teletubby Plan

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  • Bronte's Anti-Teletubby Plan

    Not that I have anything against them... it's just that I don't want to resemble one. Oh except maybe their weird 'tubby custard'...

    I'm 5'6' and 151lbs this morning. I'm not massively overweight but I do store all my fat around my middle ( a few spare tyres that have grown from cycle tyres to 180 radials!). My legs are actually pretty toned and muscular, it's just the middle that needs to go (current waist measurement is 39") as I have a small/medium frame.

    I started on PB just before Christmas and felt great, lost some weight but I wasn't really committed to the change so it all came back (and some). Recent culprits have been beer (wheat beer is my favourite *sigh*), wine (red) and pick 'n' mix sweets (like crack cocaine to me).

    No-one I know follows PB or any other way of eating that is similar so some accountability and support would be great. Anyway, this is me

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    Good luck with it all!!
    This is the right place for support!
    M x


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      From my experience if you go with the whole primal package include the IF you'll be able to guide your body to a more desirable composition. When you
      first tell someone what you are doing, before you've seem some results, they'll most like write what you are saying off as being an irrelevant fad diet. (And perhaps you as a nut ball) As you start reaping the benefits though people will lend more credence to what you are saying and doing and will most likely be more supportive. Others on here have been successful in converting friends and family through example.
      I wish you best of luck as well. Welcome to our tribe.


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        Marane- thank-you! x

        Daemonized- IF is part of my plan. I usually miss one meal and am hoping to do longer stints when I've reached a bit more of an equilibrium with my blood sugar levels. Good idea on telling people- I just don't want to be 'that diet bore' but maybe when I lose some weight and people ask, then I can legitimately tell them about PB.


        1pm- 2 eggs, scrambled in butter. Lots of smoked salmon.

        5pm- leftover chicken in penang sauce (penang paste and coconut milk) with green peppers.

        9pm- few radishes with butter and maldon sea salt, 3 generous tsps of almond butter.

        Just drank water and herbal tea today. Off to bed soon.


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          Yesterday (13.04.10):

          1:30pm- 2 homemade lamb and feta burgers with little green salad, 1 mini avocado and HM yoghurt and rose harrissa dip/sauce.

          3pm- 2 squares of Lindt 85% dark chocolate.

          6:15pm- 10 almonds, 5 brazil nuts.

          6:45pm- 2 small steaks cooked in garlic butter with spring greens cooked in butter w/ bacon.

          Evening- I had massive sugar cravings and there is still a lot of Easter chocolate in the flat, which I'm saving to bake with for others' birthday presents this month. Even fruit would have been great but I know that, from previous experience, it tends to upset my equilibrium so I rode it out and put on a face mask instead so I couldn't eat while it was on my face. By the time I rinsed it off, I no longer had the same strong urge for sugar, only a mild one so went to bed early at 9:30pm.


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            Wednesday 14.04.10

            10am- 2 slices bacon, 2 eggs scrambled in butter w/ 1 cup earl grey

            Midday- 3 tsps almond butter

            2:15pm Leftover chicken and green pepper penang curry with cauliflower rice sauteed in butter.

            2:30- 2 pieces of Lindt 85% chocolate

            6:45pm- 1 wild alaskan salmon fillet fried in butter with HM pesto, parmesan and butter sauce w/ courgettes and rocket.

            9:30pm- Cup of hot chocolate made with coconut milk and G&B's cocoa.

            10pm- Bed

            I was just so hungry yesterday, not sure what is up but going along with it and following my hunger, making sure I include plenty of fats.

            My housemate had a friend over and they were drinking and eating cheesecake, I declined and had my hot choc instead. This morning I see there is wine and cheesecake in the fridge when I specifically asked them to take it home with them. I have absolutely no desire for either but I don't like opening up the fridge and seeing them there.


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              Up at 5:45am for some reason.

              8am- 2 slices bacon, 2 eggs, scrambled.

              Midday- Pret A Manger chicken salad with olive oil dressing, olives, nuts and mayo (very tasty and not a bad choice in a pinch)

              4:30pm- small bowl of remainder of penang curry.

              6:30pm- chai tea with coco milk and 1 splenda (cut down from 3-4!), 1 small piece of Hotel Du Chocolat Artisan 72% choc w/ chilli (Nice but sooo not worth 4.50 )

              8pm- small bowl of HM lamb chilli con carne w/ FF fage yoghurt and courgettes.

              1am- decaf EG tea w/ 1 splenda and FF milk ( forgot I don't use it anymore I was so overtired and just wanted something soothing)

              I had a really busy day yesterday and spent a lot of it walking from place to place over the city so covered a good 5 miles, if not more, briskly walking. I was really quite hungry in the evening and dog-tired but for some reason couldn't sleep until 2am.