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Anyone can please tell me about strep throat symptoms??

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  • Anyone can please tell me about strep throat symptoms??

    Hey few days back i am suffering from rheumatic fever and pain in my throat, is this the symptom of strep throat??? please help me out what are the precautions and medical treatment do i require in order to remain healthy and fit.Tell me about the symptoms of strep throat and how to cure it???
    Thanks in advance.

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    Rheumatic fever is caused by the same bacteria that causes strep throat. There can be significant complications if rheumatic fever is not treated. If you really think you have rheumatic fever, you need to see a doctor.
    That being said, most sore throats are usually viral in nature. Symptoms are pretty common sense, sore throat, redness, irritation, maybe hoarseness etc. Treat the symptoms, i.e. tylenol/motrin for pain, warm salt water gargles for the irritation of the throat, hard candy/throat lozenges to soothe the throat. If that doesn't resolve the symptoms in 2-3 days, or they get worse, see your physician.


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      Symptoms of strep for me have been white spots on back of throat, red throat, swollen lymph nodes, severe sharp pain when swallowing, headache and nausea, fever.

      An atypical symptom of strep is peeling fingers. It's rare.
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