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Day 2 On Paleo

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  • Day 2 On Paleo

    SO- today was not as bad as i thought it was going to be. This morning was harder though because I am not a morning person, let alone a breakfast person. I had 3 eggs scrambled( which sadly i dont have enough, usually my husband is the top breakfast maker in this house) and some coffee. I did a lot of my meal prep yesterday so that I could make the next couple of days easier for me when it came to food choices- and for me to not get distracted and eat something bad. But this morning after that I ended up babysitting a friends kids and this is where i put my true self in check- they wanted macaronni and cheese and grilled cheese, and I knew that i shouldt of eaten any of it. I allow myself 1 cheat meal a week( which is usually something im craving that i miss) and that just did not satisfy my need to have a cheat meal. They had some cold cuts of turkey and chicken in their fridge and before i made them lunch i drank 2 glasses of water and a handfull of the turkey. Needless to say i won over my hunger!

    I cam home and had celery,peppers, greenbeans and chicken mixed in- something quick and easy because i really didnt have a lot to eat for lunch and i didnt want to succomb to eating something i would regret. For dessert i had dark chocolate strawberries and i was completley satisfied.

    I have had a hard time with my plateu weight- no mater what i just was not seeing me loosing weight and within the first couple days i lost 2 pounds. I didnt work out today because i worked out yesterday and i was not feeling the best, but i did manange to maintain my hunger issues and survive my second day with paleo.

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    Good job my love, way to avoid that mac an cheese temptation!


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      day 3- today has been tough. with not feeling good and super sore from running i went to get a massage- I had a protein shake with strawberries and coconut milk for breakfast and it did hold me over until lunch. Lunch i had saussage and bell peppers which was filling and made me satisfied at the same time. Ive been doing well on my water intake and today was my first day without coffee . tonight I am contemplating switching out a meal for my cheat meal- but with my groin muscle really sore, and it hasnt been getting better with a heatpad and ice. So maybe i will do some moderate home exercise and then I can see how I feel after that. But other than that its been a good day- i have been able to feel satisfied, know my difference between BORED eating and actually being hungry. Now I need to start incorporating more exercise within the next week and just keep it up due to my half marathon.


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        So right after this previous post i was able to go to the gym for about 45 mins and do some cardo- Ran a bit to see how my legs were doing-and did the bike for about 15 mins. Then i went to pho with my friend Meghan and didnt get it with the noodles- just the broth. and i swear it was better than having it with the noodles. More often then not when im sick my husband makes me just broth and some spices. I had a green tea- spring rolls with no noodles, and managed my temptation. although the spring rolls outer parts werent paleo- i didnt consider it a cheat meal because i added lettuce and veggies on the side. sadly they do not make spring rolls with rice paper but i think i did good for today- even got a work out in. besides my sore groin muscle which came out of nowhere- i think i overworked it with some stretching i did the other day, ive just been rolling around on my stretcher thingy to get it to loosen up.


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          Keep in mind that you don't HAVE to eat breakfast if you're not hungry. Get some beef jerky and macadamia nuts just in case you get the munchies before lunch, and you're good to go.

          I've skipped breakfast all week and felt great -- shrug!