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  • Time to get this ball rolling.

    My name is Rebekka and I have been a carb-a-holic my whole life. Ever since I was a little girl, my family functions were around pasta, and anything that had to do with Italian food. My husband is in the military and has discovered paleo about a year a go- and I have been going on and off of it until recently. I had a childhood friend that passed away from lukemia and would of given everything to be on this earth- he took care of his body, and was a terrific athlete and has inspired me. I use to dance 5/6 days a week when i was younger which put me in fantastic shape. At the age of 21 I had a knee injury and a doctor advised me that I shouldnt dance. Thus I began the "fat journey" that i would like to call it. I have never had a problem with my weight until recently- and now i find it harder to loose weight on what i was eating. I am going to be running a 13.1 mile race in may and upon my training for it- have decided to go completley paleo again and stick to it. I have noticed that food allergies have been coming back and I am just not feeling full and satisfied with the food that I am currently eating; I have also been diagnosed with IBS this year and for me this meal change can change that diagnosis to be non-existant.So I begin my journey, with the hopes that I will feel better about my body but also being more consious about what food is being put into my mouth. Going grain free and Dairy free will make me not only feel better about my stomach issues and give me a more quality-enriched feel for food and exercise!

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