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My AutoImmune Disorder Learning Curve by Shelli.

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  • My AutoImmune Disorder Learning Curve by Shelli.

    Just learned out of the blue last week that I have an autoimmune problem.

    Since August '12, I've been seriously attempting to lose weight yet again. Before this time, in half-assed attempts I could easily drop five pounds. I have a wheat intolerance (probably all gluten the way it's looking) and just by dropping wheat products the weight would fall off and the bloat would go. Well, I came home puffy and jeans-not-fitting from a trip to see the Kansas branch of family, and I was determined to lose weight yet again.

    Not a pound was shed. Just for stats, I recently turned 49, am 5'9", and have been bouncing around between 235 and 238 pounds. I'd like to be about 188. I tried just about everything....the Potato Thing, the LCHF thing, then I figured I wasn't losing because of too much fat so I went a tad lower with the fat and more protein. Since Jan. 1st I've been scrupulously weighing and measuring, and on Jan 13 I got a FitBit and went from couch potato to suddenly much more active - 10,000 steps or more a day. Not a pound.

    So I whined to my doctor about a month ago. She sent me off for blood tests, the usual suspects. Glucose, thyroid, Vit B and D, etc. All that came back normal. What was NOT normal was ESR, CK, and protein in urine. That all indicates muscle breakdown and possibility of fun stuff like heart attacks. My dad has heart disease, so off I went for a stress test, and an antinuclear antibodies blood test. Stress test thankfully was normal. ANA indicated I have "speckled antibodies" which can mean anything from Sjogrens', lupus, to rhuematoid arthritis. Today I get a referal to a rheumologist and hopefully I can get in soon before the worry over symptoms and possiblilities do me in.

    I had a weekend of derailing on wheat products....and whining. Today I picked myself up, got back on the "tad less fat, bit more protein" saddle. I'd like to think once I get an accurate diagnosis and treatment, I'll finally begin losing weight. Really hard to keep vanity out of it! I need to focus on HEALTH. I need to research anti-inflammatory diets. I need to research nightshades because I might have a problem with those. Sigh.

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    Went back to the doc today to cook up a high blood pressure treatment plan. High blood pressure has mysteriously evaporated. Yay! Doctor thinks it's from going off the low dose of Efexor I've been taking up til two days ago. My head feels like a cat crazy ball from withdrawal vertigo, but it won't last more than a couple weeks. Really happy to get good health news after the last couple weeks of insanity!

    Long slow walk planned with daughter this afternoon, after a lunch of bunless burger and BAS. Good to be back doing what I need to do for myself!


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      This morning my gorgeous 19 year old son told me he's been obsessing the last few nights about my health. He's unfortunately inherited the depressive tendencies from my side of the family, and is in the middle of getting treatment. He told me "I worry and worry about what I'm going to do when you're gone". I asked him if he meant "gone" as in our upcoming 24 day trip to Oregon when he's staying here to work....or when I turn my toes up and cash in my chips. He said "when you're dead". Sigh. Bloody the time that happens (hopefully anyway) he'll have a wife and family to distract him, frankly.

      Part of my way of dealing with this incomplete diagnosis I have, is to acknowledge the aches and pains. Right now I'm having extreme vertigo from Efexor withdrawal as well. I guess I'd better stop with the vocalisations, for his sake.


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        My knowledge of medicine is non-existing, for example, I have no idea what ESR, CK are, but I think that this forum is good for you and your autoimmune problem.


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          Didn't eat enough fat with breakfast. Dealing with the GIVE ME SUGAR OR SOMEONE DIES feeling right now. Just ate celery with cream cheese in hopes of taming that beast.


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            Picked the worst time possible to go off mood meds. Now I'm back to obsessing/depressing.

            I whined to my doctor a month ago about big effort and no weight loss. She sent me off for blood tests, then further blood tests which indicate I have an as yet undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. She feels this is why I haven't lost anything. So now I'm pissing and moaning about what happens when I get diagnosed and treated....and I still don't lose? Pessimism at it's finest. I like rewards, and I hate waiting.