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    I thought it was about time I made one of these so I can keep track of what I'm eating. I've been a Type 1 diabetic for 23 years so will also be discussing blood sugars. If my blood sugar falls low I will refer to it as "being low". High blood sugar will be referred to as "being high". I'm British so will use British blood sugar measurements.

    I've been Primal for a few weeks now and have lost a few pounds. I lost 3 stone a few years ago on Atkins and slowly regained 1 stone of it after I got married. I would like to lose 1.5 stone which is 21 pounds. My blood sugars have been wonderful on the PB. I also suffer from candida which is getting better on the PB, and I have celiac disease. I also suspect I have a dairy intolerance because when I eat it it's very hard for me to lose weight. So I won't be replacing the last of the cream in my fridge. From now on my morning coffee will have coconut milk in it.

    I'm also doing regular longer periods of fasting to heal kidney damage. I won't be fasting completely though, but juicing vegetables (which isn't really fasting but most people know it as juice fasting), but it's safer for someone with damaged kidneys to fast with vegetable juices. I know of several diabetics that have healed their kidney disease through juice fasting. I will NOT become one of those diabetics on dialysis. So I'm doing this one day a week at the minute, which I'm going to build up gradually. I haven't fasted for the last two weeks because I gave up smoking. I still do Primal IF in place of some meals.

    I started today off with high blood sugar because I was annoyingly woken up at 5:30am by my neighbours having a party. Thank goodness we're leaving here soon. It took me an hour or so to get back to sleep, and when I woke up again my BS was 10.4.

    When it had gone down again, breakfast consisted of a pint of water, some freshly brewed coffee with cinnamon, stevia and a little cream. Then I had some bacon and eggs fried in grassfed butter. I had one nicotine lozenge.

    Hubby and I went to a place called 'The giant's ring' which is a neolithic monument built in 2700BC. It contains a grave chamber and tomb and is surrounded by a ringed henge. We spent a few hours there, wandering around the beautiful hills and trees and basking in the warm sun. That was the exercise for today.

    Dinner was a big stirfry of Asian vegetables, peppers, onions etc and king prawns in sesame oil. Dessert was a few raspberries and blueberries. They're the only fruit I can eat (in small amounts) without getting a high.

    BS is now in the normal range.

    Hubby is gradually becoming more primal and says he will go 80% once he's read the book. When we first married his diet consisted of oreos, pizza, beer and bread. I soon put a stop to that when he moved to the U.K to be with me (he's American).

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    Fiona, good for you.

    What an interesting life you lead. Not without problems, but they are different problems than many of us have. And not without good aspects as well.

    For instance, you have no doubt added decades to your husband's life.

    Good luck, I'll keep watching how things go for you.


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      Thank you very much, Piano Doctor Lady. I do feel very blessed that I now feel completely in control of my own health, and very positive about the future. It's due to people like Mark, that I have my life back.


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        The Giant's Ring... now that sounds interesting. I love stuff like that!

        Way to go on "converting" hubby. He's going to be so much better off for it for sure. It's wonderful that you have somebody so supportive also.


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          Thanks Diana. Yes, he's great, very supportive indeed. Sometimes he'll bring me back little primal treats from the supermarket.

          I got hungry last night after posting on here and had a handful of mixed nuts and some sausages. Blood sugar was good all evening but got low during the night. I had a few sips of apple juice and was ok again. Woke up to normal BS and am now enjoying a delicious coffee with coconut milk. I've come up to my parent's house today in the beautiful countryside, will probably go for a walk later in the sun.


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            Speaking of Primal treats- my friends and family still get a kick out of how tickled I am to receive meat as a gift- lol.


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              Meat the gift that.... well, it's just a good gift.


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                Hey Stoneagequeen.

                Congrats on making so many wonderful, positive changes. Can't wait to read your progress... until then, I have some ribs to eat



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                  Thanks guys. :-)

                  Well I've avoided MDA for the last few days because I've been fasting since Monday night. I kept having fantasies about eating meat and was feeling very primal about it, wanting to tear it off with my teeth and cook it over an open fire.

                  I broke my fast today with an avocado, eggs and bacon. It was delicious! I am feeling super fit and strong after my fast. I am literally bursting with energy and feel like climbing trees or something. My blood sugars throughout the whole fast were perfect- not one high or low. They stayed between 4and 6. I'm planning to do another one next week. Throughout the fast I drank a few cups of senna tea to get things moving. It works a treat.

                  I've noticed that when I fast my dreams become very vivid and full of strong symbolism like fire, water and various animals. Now I can understand why a lot of religious figures used it to gain spiritual insight. The Greeks strongly believed in it and used it to cure diseases.

                  "Instead of using medicine, rather, fast a day." - Hippocrates


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                    I'm reading an older version of this.

                    I may be a useful book for you since, he is also a type 1 diabetic.
                    My journal where I attempt to overcome Chrohns and make good food as well


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                      Thanks I have heard a lot about Dr. Bernstein but never read his book. I may give it a go.


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                        I woke up this morning naturally at 7am after a completely peaceful and uninterrupted night's sleep. I had two lamb steaks and a few string beans for brekkie with some herbs and a slab of GF butter. I am completely bursting full of energy after the fast. I can literally feel it coursing through my veins.

                        I went for a long walk around the city today in the sunshine. I haven't been doing any weight bearing exercise or anything like that but I'm going to start as soon as we move in May. There is also a really nice Forest park close by to our new place. So I'm looking forward to Grokking around there.

                        Dinner's in the oven right now and I'm having some 100% pork sausages, eggs and veggies with lots of butter.

                        Does anyone know a non dairy substitute for coconut milk in coffee? I don't like it that much. I'm kind of reluctant to try nut milks too, as I think nuts stall me.

                        I've lost 5 pounds since last Friday.


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                          Originally posted by StoneAgeQueen View Post
                          I woke up this morning naturally at 7am after a completely peaceful and uninterrupted night's sleep. I had two lamb steaks and a few string beans for brekkie with some herbs and a slab of GF butter. I am completely bursting full of energy after the fast. I can literally feel it coursing through my veins.
                          I absolutely LOVE this, because I can totally relate. It's like you wake up and feel perfectly Primal, living in your zen. Wonderful! The feeling of a re-feed after a fast is fantastic, isn't it?

                          Wish I had another suggestion for the coffee. I either go with coconut milk or cream. I did give butter a try last month. Not creamy, but it tasted good! Nuts stall me too.

                          Congrats on losing 5 lbs. Fantastic!


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                            Thanks Diana! Yeah I still have that wonderful primal energy. And it's Saturday, yay!

                            I noticed I'd lost another pound when I stepped on the scales this morning.

                            I'm having my coffee now, just taking it black this morning. I actually really like it black, but for some reason it's seems more comforting when it has something creamy in it.

                            I'll probably drive somewhere with my husband, Mike, today. Maybe to a beach or something.

                            My blood sugars are still awesomely perfect. It's just so ridiculously easy to keep them steady on this lifestyle.

                            I got hungry last night so had some sausages and about 5 garlic cloves roasted in the oven. With some butter of course.

                            Grok on!


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                              Well we didn't go to the beach but we did go shopping. I picked out a nice dress, but when I got home and tried it on it was skin tight in the chest area and baggy everywhere else. I'm hoping TPB is going to reduce these puppies because I can't get dresses to fit properly. Where does Pamela Anderson buy her clothes?

                              Brekkie was two lamb steaks with herbs and covered in organic grassfed butter.

                              For lunch I had a small goat's cheese frittatta from M&S which did have a small amount of potato in it, but total carbs was only 5g. I also had a coffee from starbucks with cream and a small amount of sugar free syrup.

                              When I got home I had a small bag of sugar free marshmallows. Today is definitely a 20% day. I think I have a touch of PMS.

                              Just had a few black and green olives with some feta.

                              Dinner will be some sausages and various veggies and butter as well as my five whole roast cloves of garlic.

                              I've drunk water and herbal teas throughout the day.

                              Blood sugars mainly good apart from one low after breakfast.

                              Everyday I take 5 capsules of krill oil @ 500mg each. Too much or too little?