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    Hi. Sorry I haven't been updating the last few days, haven't really been feeling the best and am under a bit of stress right now.

    I've mostly been eating 100%meat sausages, lamb steaks, cabbage, turnip, a ton of garlic, butter, coconut oil, coleslaw, eggs, bacon and some fish since I last blogged. Blood sugars have been pretty stable apart from one random high (16) one morning. It was probably caused by stress. I've lost a few more pounds. The only day I didn't lose was when I had a large coffee from Starbucks with cream and sugar free syrup.

    I'm actually getting a bunch of weird symptoms which I suppose you would call the carb flu. Both my shoulders are sore and slightly frozen (Diabetics are prone to frozen shoulder), my muscles and joints are aching along with a range of other things. I do believe that when you embark on a lifestyle like this, your symptoms will get temporarily worse before they get better. it's interesting that the pains which have got worse are the ones which have bothered me for a while. I like to think that it's my body beginning to heal itself.

    Another odd thing that's happened since going Primal is that I am no longer able to lie in in the mornings. I'm up before 8am and feel tired when the sun goes down. I feel like I'm becoming more Grok like each day. I'm starting to crave meat all the time, too.