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    So this is my first post on this forum and my first day in the Primal Blueprint Challenge. I tried to get primal since february but couldn't make it without exceptions. My girlfriend thinks the primal dieat is nonsense and therefore I didn't want to constrain her. At the moment we have a kind of weekend relationship - so I eat mostly primal, when we are together I often try to find recipes for both of us, and to avoid unpleasantness I often make exceptions.

    Now we arrived to the conclusion that I either go primal fulltime or not at all. Only if I give it a serious try we will know if it's working for me or not.

    Would be interesting to hear if anyone else has such "problems" with his cohabitee

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    Hmm.. Well your GF may not agree with primal but I'm sure within meals you could both be satisfied! Most CW (conventional wisdom) women should percieve most your food choices as healthy...veggies, salads, olive oil, lean proteins, eggs.
    Pastas, breads , dairy etc, and processed crap can always be sides and optional for you I cook my cohabitee his non primal meals and just add or take away to the meal to adjust mine to primal


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      You are right, since I'm serious about going primal we found out that there are lots of foods we can both eat - I think her biggest problem is that i use a large amount of butter in my cooking - we did some research on oils and she found some ressources which quotet that canola oil would be a healthy choice - I didn't have any real arguments against that. In Marks Definitive Guide to Oils he states "but the fact that canola processing generally uses upwards of 500 degrees means a good portion of the Omega-3s could be rancid on the shelf." - could be rancid, are there any other reasons not to use canola oil?


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        Here I'm keeping a little Flickr set with mostly primal food I cooked


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          B: 2 Eggs, one small red onion, salmon, cup of coffee with cream and an apple
          L: Green salad with grilled salmon, feta and pines + cup of green tea
          S: small banana

          Today I'm eating completly primal for almost 4 days
          I'm really tired today and I have voracious appetite for chocolate - anyone who had the same experience?
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