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  • How heavy is the chicken? I usually have 4-5lb chickens. I rinse, pat-dry thoroughly, rub it in salt alllllll over. 350F for about an hour and 15 minutes, to 90 minutes, I think. I have had trouble getting it totally cooked lately >< but I'm pretty sure that timing is right. Just have to cut into a thigh or leg to see if it's done inside.

    I love chicken with just salt. If you add enough, the skin gets SUPER crispy and salty and mmmmm so good. But I like salt .
    Depression Lies


    • Hey thanks!

      This is one of my own chickens and he's weighing just under 6lbs. Ive heard 15 min for every pound at 350 degrees. I have him air drying in the fridge right now. Hopefully it'll turn out well. Im thinking of slathering half of it in bbq sauce. I freaking love bbq.
      The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


      • Your weight loss is screaming because *I* posted in your journal.

        See, it's really that simple: I Have Majikal Powers

        Okay, fine, really.

        Man, that is so cool. I can feel your exitement!

        I know you feel like broccoli today, but if it's any consolation, I haven't
        touched a vegetable since January. *I* haven't had a craving for them

        I've gone carnivore before, for months, so it's no big whoopdeedoo, and if I
        feel like a bucket of broccoli with butter, I'd eat it, but like you, I'm just going
        with what ye ol' bod has been wanting... and lately, that's fat.

        In all my 44 years I've never done higher or even "high" fat (heck, they didn't call
        me the "fat nazi" in the 90's for nothing...), but holy frankenf*cks I feel good!

        So you keep on doing what feels good to you too and congratulations on the steady
        trickle DOWNWARD. Yeah!

        Also, mad props to giving your niece the goat milk. I did read somewhere that it was
        the closest thing to breastmilk... And, I've also felt that colic was just the wrong name
        for the right ailment: = REFLUX. Both my kids had it. I'm sure the fat in the goat milk
        is keeping that stomach acid busy and baby loves it.

        Keep up with those goat kisses too.... Do they ever become annoyed with you when you're
        doing it?

        My cat, well, all cats are unpredictable at ANY time, but, I can usually get about 20 kisses
        in a row in, and then she wants to kill me. Goats are probably more lenient... or maybe the
        want to pony up and kick you in the face? Dunno. All I know is that I can't WAIT for the fair.

        What are the name of the goats with NO EARS? Well, they have them, but they just look like
        little tiny rosebuds or something. Aliens. Darling little fuzzy mouthed aliens.

        All right, I'll clam it now. Just sent my 10yo off to 5th grade science camp and am trying to
        keep busy so I can stop worrying!

        Invite me to that there farm and put me to work until Friday. Kthanxbai!



        • Oh woman, you crack me up!

          If you're causing my awesome whooshes, then keep comin' back now, ya hear?
          The alien goats are called LaManchas. I think they are horribly ugly. Cute when they are babies, but they do, in fact, look like aliens. My goats are lovers. Ruby especially. I could sit in her stall and scratch and kiss and love on her all day. Her baby boy is the same way. I am so happy to be keeping him.

          So, we went to the mall today and ate out. I had a delicious chicken salad. I also *GASP* has a Guinness. Ok, folks. I couldn't freaking pass it up. It was Guinness on TAP! That doesn't happen a lot in Iowa. So, I indulged. I was rewarded with a headache for an hour afterward, but man did it taste sooooooo good.

          Here is what I don't get. 31 pounds down. 2 inches off hips, waist and three off my bust. Not down a single pants size. Why? I mean, everything is fitting WAY loose, but I'm not down a pants size. Why? So weird. When I weighed this much three years ago I was in a smaller size. It's actually really bugging me. I mean, I shouldn't care. BUT I do.

          So, moral of this story is.... Julie... I need your majikal powers to work on my pant size. Can you get on that please?

          Oh, you're welcome here any time. We love visitors. But, be warned- I'll put you to work. In the garden, in the barn... somewhere.

          Peace and Love to ya'll!
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          The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


          • Originally posted by Gladmorning View Post
            Mamma goat is providing enough milk for her baby, the bottle lamb and my niece. Yes, we feed my niece the goat milk, and she is doing better on it than formula. She always had colic or some kind of gastrointestinal issues on formula. They have disappeared completely on the goat milk. A miracle.
            We have an old family friend from Arkansas who survived infancy thanks to goats milk. His mom couldn't make milk, and cow's milk made him sick. He continues to drink goats milk to this day. He turned 103 (that's right) on March 5th.
            Congratulations on the big loss!
            "Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have. Wait, wait. I'm worried what you just heard was, 'Give me a lot of bacon and eggs.' What I said was, 'Give me all the bacon and eggs you have'. Do you understand?" - Ron Swanson


            • Great posts and thank you for sharing. A couple of observations based on my experiences: I do not use the word or think in terms of diet. If you had (maybe you do?) celiac disease you would not describe avoiding gluten as a diet, or if lactose intolerant avoid milk. It is just what you do. That is how I think of primal, it is what I eat and not about what I do not eat.

              Try and fight the urge to eat much carbs especially the high glycemic types like white potatoes. You can jump out of fat burning mode especially if you are carb sensitive (I am; I am Native American and my carb sensitivity in 10X what is common in the European population).

              Don't worry about hunger or not. If hungry, eat though stop before you feel full-this habit can quickly become just what you do. If you are worried about too few calories, add some extra fat-an extra tablespoon of olive oil on a salad, maybe some extra bacon grease with the eggs. Gets you the calories you need and keeps you full.

              And don't worry about fluctuations, they happen. You don't weigh a hundred pounds, hormonal cycles whatever. The weight will fall off, and you have the advantage of what sounds like a naturally active lifestyle.

              I lok forward to seeing your results.


              • That is SO cool! My very own grand father (now deceased) was raised solely on goat's milk. It's such a controversial issue now days... but it shouldn't be. It's raw. Completely un fooled around with. The only processing that happens to it is when it gets strained.
                The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


                • So the reason you aren't down a pant size is because you are losing visceral fat. That nasty stuff that wraps around internal organs.
                  Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


                  • Oooooh bluh! That gives me the willies and makes me feel gross. Just motivation to keep me going! Ahjjdehfjdskalfh so gross.
                    The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


                    • Mitch, I completely missed your post. Thanks for weighing in ;-)

                      My struggles and concerns have really settled down in the last two weeks. Messing around with IF has been awesome. I have potatoes about once per week, and I don't worry about it. Mom wants to have spaghetti for Easter sunday dinner. She threw a fit when she thought I wasn't going to eat the noodles. I went to the store and bought gluten free brown rice noodles. We'll just call it a carb refeed day, which actually really helps me every few weeks.

                      I decided not to weigh myself this morning. I have weighed several days in a row which reflected a loss... can't stay lucky forever. But it is a good day none the less. I have joined in on the alternate day fasting thread. I have been fasting a lot anyway, so I figured I would jump in. However, I will not consistently do this. In my mind (I have zero science to back this up, but it's just my gut feeling) doing something consistently puts one's body into a comfort zone. It gets too comfortable and stops paying attention.

                      If we think about grok, he wouldn't have done anything consistently. I mean... nothing. Maybe he didn't eat 5 days in a row.... maybe he ate for a straight two weeks. Who knows. So, I refuse to fall into a consistent pattern. I intend to go along with the ADF as long as I feel is right, but again it comes down to my body signals.
                      The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


                      • Alright. I finished my down day on my ADF protocol. I was hungry. Not going to lie. Last night at work, I started feeling a little weak, and considering nibbling some nuts, but I drank some water and I worked my way through it. I broke my fast with half a grapefruit and it was quite tasty.

                        I said I wasn't going to weigh until sunday, but I feel the urge to track this whole ADF business. Last night at the end of the night, right before bed, I weighed. I hadn't weighed that morning, but the scale reflected 279.0 Less than the day before by half a pound. This morning I weighed in at 278.2 Huzzah! Whatever is going on, it's working, and I like it.

                        Spent the morning outside today. Picked up a new goat. I am also on baby watch. My other goat is in early labor signs. Her ligaments are gone and she's finally developing an udder. Her due date is actually today so I am expecting her any time now. It is very nice out today. Near 50's with a beautiful sun. Took the bottle lamb, Pop Tart on a nice walk. I feel the urge to post some pictures soon!
                        The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


                        • Joanna my sister and my Niece Rachelle (12) with poptart the lamb! Below that are my nieces. Poptart sneeked into on eof the photos. She was in the house for a week before I put her in the barn today!
                          poptartandjoanna.jpglambinthehouse.jpgleilani laugh.jpgnieces.jpgLeilani smiles.jpg
                          The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


                          • Ya know,

                            I spent 2 weeks away from this forum because some people here really drive me up the wall. That, and I feel like this forum strays so far away of what primal is all about. Not on every thread... but sometimes I read things and I'm like.... excuse me?

                            What is so hard about eating good, clean, food? Why do folks have to get into 23 page debates about high fat vs moderate fat?

                            Oh, I know... because somehow primal turned into another weight loss gimmick. *Sigh* losing weight is a side benefit. I never turned to this to lose weight. I turned here because I am allergic to gluten, and I didn't know how to eat outside of the wheat box. I cannot explain why some folks don't lose weight turning primal. My only suspicion is that they are going off primal too often... or it just takes longer for their body to adjust.

                            I have seen amazing things in these last two months. Two months... gosh. Ya know, I have never done anything health and nutrition wise for a whole two months outside of SAD. I am 100% converted. All I do is eat primally. Weight is clearly falling off. It's coming off easier now that I've taken on IFing and ADF as a personal challenge. People are too impatient. They read these success stories and expect to lose their 100 (or whatever it is) pounds in 8 months like that other guy.

                            I think all the fatties (hey, I can call us that) out there think miracles will happen when/if they lose their excess weight. Really, have you thought about it? I spend a lot of time thinking about it. I used to obsess over it. Day dream about what my life will be like. But, when I really think about it... the only real difference will be my clothing size. My financial, social, familial, and world problems will still be there.

                            So, quit fighting. Quit trolling. I thought this forum was about support. I actually see a lot of assholes forcing their opinions down the gullets of others.
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                            The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


                            • I am one of those that got to a certain point and just stopped. Yes, I want to be lower. Yes, I am 98% compliant.

                              I tell myself that I am eating far healthier than I ever have, feel better than I ever have and have constant energy. So why should I bitch and whine and moan about not being where I want to be? I am so better off than I was.

                              I love what you wrote and i agree with you. That is why I only read a few journals now.
                              Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


                              • Ok, I am reporting in today with my official March loss. I know, two days early, but it's Easter weekend, and I have a feeling I'll be putting on a few lbs of water weight. This is my one weekend a month to eat whimsically. I had a cookie today, and uh, instant headaches, stomach cramps and dizziness. From ONE (not even full size but half size) choc chip cookie from my bakery. So, I won't be eating TOO whimsically, but I am going to have some brown rice noodles with my Easter Spaghetti.

                                ANYWAY. February, first month of primal I went down 18 lbs. For this month, I have gone down a total of another 17 lbs, bringing me to a total of 35 lbs lost in two months. This second month of loss I attribute completely to IFing and ADF. I am 5 lbs over my goal weight. I had set it at 280 for end of March. My next goal will be 270 end of April. My next big goal is 250 which is 25 lbs away! OMG! I just not realized that. Damn. 25 lbs from now, I will have gone down 60 total pounds.

                                I have no idea seeing this in my future. For the first time in my life, I can actually picture it. It is right within grasp. I mean, these first 35 lbs came home effortlessly. Honestly, folks. No pain here. No real restricting. Just primal and IFing (which I actually quite enjoy.)
                                The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.