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    Thank you warmbear! I haven't read either of those books. Probably should, but I cannot allot cash for books right now.

    I think things are finally starting to even out! I have started feeling hungry at normal intervals, but not ridiculous out of control hunger. No cravings today. I was going to fast through lunch so I could have sushi tonight. I was afraid I wouldn't be hungry, but I ate lunch anyway, and I'm not worried about not getting hungry now I guess you could say today I feel like a normal person. I'm wearing jeans I haven't been able to wear for 6 months, which feels really good.

    Everyone keeps tellin' me to stay off the scale. I should listen, but my willpower keeps failing. I know one of these days this is going to stall out, and I will have to deal with it at that point in time. Fortunately, I won't have access to a scale this sunday or monday! Woo hoo.

    Honeybuns, I will try to put as much info about the happenings here as possible. I am concerned about going away this weekend. My sister is going to look after the animals, but something always happens when I go away. It's like leaving your child in someone else's care. You know they will do a good job, but not as good as you can do. I was outside just a second ago. All the chickens were up on my front porch. I wish I would have had a camera. In their typical fashion, they chased me all the way over to the barn looking for a handout.

    I will say this last week has just been rough. Adjusting to ketosis hasn't been easy on me. Lots of headaches, poor sleep, poop mouth, and all the other symptoms. I think today was a breakthrough, which makes me sad, because after tomorrow night, I'll probably be kicked out of Ketosis again. Damn. Oh well.

    Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend.

    Peace and Love to you.

    The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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      Make sure you stay plenty hydrated! I think a lot of people forget about staying well watered . Take care!
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        You could try your library for the books. Well worth reading both for sure.


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          strange thing

          I just got back from Som's restaurant. I had the better part of two sushi rolls. One was a Salmon and cream cheese/asparagus, the other a beef roll. Delicious. Funny thing though. I'm pretty sure my taste buds are broken. I asked for a glass of his driest red wine. It was a Cabernet that I have had before. I took one drink. It tasted like sugar in a glass. I told him, and gave me weird look and took a drink. He said I was crazy, it was dry and bold, like it should be. I took another drink. Tasted like a dessert wine. Boggled, I asked to taste the driest white he had. I've had it before. Before it was very dry. Tonight, more sugar in a glass. What the heck?

          I mean, I know all I've had in three weeks is water and coffee and tea, but, um, should there be this much of a difference in my mouth?

          Something in the meal must have not sat well with me. I'm feeling feverish and headachey. Bluh. Maybe my sushi days are over. Outside of the rice, there isn't anything I can think of that completely off track. I think my wine days are over too. Before primal I always ordered the dry wines, because everything else was too sweet. Now the dry wines taste like corn syrup. This is rather depressing.
          The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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            Its funny how that happens.
            Before primal I never enjoyed things like mangos, but after it was like eating the sweetest most delicious icecream. Now I don't buy them often or I could eat a ton.

            Hope you are feeling a bit better soon. Maybe the small amount of wine and whatever preservative or something (dunno whats in wine exactly as I don't drink LOL) could have done it?


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              Erm- yeah, your tastes will change. It means picking up tastes you never did before- but it also means picking up tastes you never did before If it weren't for the PB, I wouldn't love kale. Once you get used to it, though, I think you regain some tolerence for sweeter stuff. (unless that's just because I'm off the wagon again.)
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                So, the social event that I have been stressing over that was supposed to take place tonight turned out to be a surprise, "just because I love you dinner," from Som. Why haven't I married this man yet? Seriously, the nicest place in town. >Spoiled<

                I had a very non primal cocktail that was vodka and grapefruit and some SERIOUSLY non primal onion rings fancy restaurant style. I don't even care. It was a wonderful night. My steak was melt in your mouth to die for.
                The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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                  How romantic was that?! He is a keeper, that one.

                  Why haven't you married him yet?
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                    Having a wonderful night is often more important than sticking to a meal plan . What a sweetheart!
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                      You and your sweetie are adorable! I totally agree that he's a keeper and marriage would be a smart move for both of you!

                      You are beautiful and have a great outlook and attitude. I look forward to reading about your successes and any struggles along the way! Glad to have you here.
                      Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

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                        When you stop eating sugary crap it is amazing ho your tastes change. I can taste the sweetness of spinach now and my family thinks I am nuts ( okay, not just about the taste thing). So just skip the wine in the future and just drink water...or taste Som's wine if he has it and enjoy just a taste. Those little indulgences like a couple of onion rings should be remembered and enjoyed so that you know you are not being deprived.


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                          Originally posted by Mud Flinger View Post
                          When you stop eating sugary crap it is amazing ho your tastes change. I can taste the sweetness of spinach now and my family thinks I am nuts
                          On that note. Went to a fancy steakhouse for v-day. Had the same creamed spinach that I had at the same place 1.5yrs ago (pre-primal) and enjoyed very much (which is why I ordered it again). This time I could not stomach it, they put nutmeg in the thing and all I could taste was nutmeg, no hint of the spinach, just an overpowering disgusting nutmeg flavor. I remember last time tasting a hint of nutmeg and thinking it interesting; but no longer. fortunately the the wifey still liked it -- which is strange as last time (pre-primal) should didn't like it specifically because of the nutmeg. so our preferences got switcheroo'd.


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                            Well, the only side effects I felt last night was an extreme food coma. I got home and didn't want to do anything. This morning, I woke up to extreme bloating, and awful stomach cramps. That ended up with a massive exodus of my bowels. I guess I should be happy for the relief. I'm glad I didn't eat any more non primal than I did. Crazy how a few onion rings could take effect like that.

                            I have been viciously hungry all morning like I haven't been in three weeks. Jeez! I am waiting on my bacon/egg/cream cheese muffins to get done so I can tame this beast.

                            I am a (was?) a huge wine fan. Love trying all kinds, and now I am seriously depressed if my tastes have changed so much that I no longer enjoy it. The grapefruit cocktail I had was perfect. Literally just vodka, grapefruit vodka and grapefruit juice. They stuck two pieces of grapefruit on for a garnish. They were the sweetest tasting bits ever. Again, Som said "your taste buds are wrong."

                            I'm not totally put out. I am tasting things I never, ever did before. It's STRANGE. I've done low carb diets before. Many times. Never did I get this phenomena. Maybe I'll get lucky, and I'll start to like onions!

                            And yes, I need to marry this one. When our lives settle down a little bit, and we don't live an hour apart, we'll work on it.
                            The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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                              Perhaps your buds will adapt more. No insult intended to the wine/wine providers...but maybe it was the wine? I've tasted a good amount of VERY nice wines (we're talking aged to perfection, worth a few hundred $ a bottle) and the cheaper stuff that should be "nice" just isn't anymore.
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                                Normally, I would agree with you. But I've had both wines before, and they were fine! It's me. I'm broked.
                                The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.