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Fat girl on a farm.

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    Thanks for sharing the photos. Love the critter pics!

    FYI- at 3 weeks, yes, you may well be losing fat. I lost all my water weight in the first week. After that, it began to be fat loss.

    I wouldn't worry about eating more if you're not actually hungry. Your body is adjusting to the new diet and it could be normalizing your hunger signals. I used to get super hungry, sometimes just after eating because of the wild swings in my blood sugar. I don't have the insulin spikes and dips any more, so my hunger now, when I have it, is real hunger. And I eat until I'm full and generally stay satisfied for many hours. It used to be I ate about every 2 hours. Now I eat about every four hours or sometimes go even longer. If I slept in and am being lazy on a Saturday, I might only eat once.
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      Love your critter pics, you and your boy are a gorgeous couple, and I cannot wait to read more about your journey.

      I'm 24, so I always love to see other younger folks coming in (we seem to be a minority here!) and posting actively.
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        Welcome, Hannah! (I have a cousin with that name, who also likes working on farms )

        It sounds like you're learning your new hunger signals. That took me a while because fat-adapted "I'm hungry" isn't the same as carb-adapted "Must eat or diiiiiieeeee!!!!!"

        As for your "goal weight," I bet that between PB eating, and your outdoor, farming lifestyle, it'll just happen. Just, for the love of Pete, don't go for a BMI "goal" if you know in your heart of hearts that they didn't set it with YOU in mind. You're gorgeous- don't mess with that My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

        Originally Posted by TheFastCat: Less is more more or less

        And now I have an Etsy store: CattailsandCalendula


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          You folks are wonderful. Thank you several time over.

          Tonight, work at the bakery was HARD! I had a craving to gobble up every sweet and pastry in sight. It was horrible. I kept telling myself it would pass. I kept trying to talk myself through it. It just kept on going. It got to the point in which I was actually VISUALIZING myself eating the doughnuts in front of my face. Sick. The cravings got stronger and stronger until I finally ripped off a piece of strawberry cream cheese filled croissant and put it in my mouth. I did not chew. The first second, it was wonderful. Amazing. The croissant started to dissolve and the cream cheese melted. I thought to myself, "Why am I giving this up? Why am I doing this to myself?" Then a second later, I realized, this is great, but it's NOT worth failing for. That pastry was not worth dying for. And I spit it out.

          Because that's what it is, right? Every time one eats something like that, they are slowly and surely killing themselves. Once I spit it out, the craving was gone. It was over. I finished the night in peace. I BEAT it. Tonight.

          I am dreading the social even I have to go to on sunday. I know everyone is going to be drinking, and I am REALLY going to want a margarita. I know, I know, everyone should let themselves have a "Day." I'm afraid if I have one "day" I wont recover. I honestly thought about. Giving myself permission to just eat. I immediately starting thinking about all the foods I miss. Then I started cravings them. Intensely. This isn't a good idea. I have GOT to keep it together.

          I am going to make Som some paleo brownies. Brownies are his favorite treat in the world. I want him to be able to enjoy them without me going absolutely crazy chewing on my fingers. I am excited to try the recipe, and I'll definitely let ya'll know how it turns out. He brought me roses last weekend, so I feel like I should do something special for him. He also brought me a box of chocolates. Poor thing forget what I was doing. I read the label. It said in bold "CONTAINS WHEAT." If it hadn't said that, I would have eaten the whole thing. I gave them to the family instead.

          This is the one I am going to use. Paleo Brownies Recipe | This will be your favorite brownie!
          The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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            Oh, I wanted to add, I don't really have a weight loss goal. I can only imagine what I would look like at X weight, because I've never been there before. I mean, I'm sure I was at one time. But, I was 90lbs in second grade, so always over weight. I guess my one goal is to just get the first 100 lbs off. Then I'll reaccess if I ever reach down to 200lbs
            The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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              Love your journal and your farming experience. I am not farm raised like you, but I have acquired a little flock of 6 laying hens in the past year and am LOVING my first foray into the farming experience. What a wonderful chance you have to reconnect with the land and raise your own food! The sooner you can figure out how to make it into a paying lifestyle/career, the sooner you can leave the bakery behind.

              Thanks for all the pics. It is so nice to meet folks online. And I love your critters - you are truly a beautiful and lucky girl!


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                I liked your goat pics--are they Saanens? I raise dairy goats; LaMancha/Nubian hybrids, but I am fixin to get out of the goat business and stick with just sheep. They are easier and you can run them like cattle, pretty much.
                Anyways, I am enjoying your story! keep it up!


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                  You betcha, catdance. I just love my goats. They are a bright spot in my life. They making dealing with the cow bareable. I am bringing in two nigerians in may. I am opposite from you. When I was little we raised sheep. It was miserable. If I ever see a sheep on my farm again it'll be a day too soon, save for a feeder to butcher at the end of the summer.
                  The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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                    Weigh in

                    Well, I told ya'll I wasn't going to weigh until Wednesday, but, I lied. What are ya gunna do? Cry about it? I was pretty certain my weight was going to be up. Actually I just tell myself that so I won't be disappointed when it is. But, it wasn't I have lost an official 10 pounds since 2/7/13. I started this on 2/1/13, but as I said I didn't weigh myself. I'm still not 100% that it's not all water weigh. This is coming off way too easily to be fat. Even so, I guess the forbidden apple I had last night didn't screw me up. Woo hoo! Let me tell ya'll, it was some kind of apple. A big, juicy, plump braeburn apple. YUM.
                    The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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                      Whether water or fat, it all takes up space in your jeans, so it all counts! Nothing wrong with a big juicy apple. Especially one that was enjoyed as much as you have described. Sounds like whatever you are doing is working so enjoy yourself this weekend!


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                        Gladmorning, I am a farm girl as well and I do know what a workout that way of life is! It takes a special kind of person to live that life, one who takes pride in a job well done and gets satisfaction from being able to do the hard work and love it. I miss being on a farm. I loved getting the winter hay and firewood in, picking up manure and turning the compost, filling the larder..........can I live vicariously through you?!
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                          Originally posted by Mud Flinger View Post
                          Don't stress about not being hungry. Just eat good real foods when hungry and you will not fail. You may be used to sugar cravings based hunger and now are adjusting to better, more nutritious food. Your body may start just dumping excess weight as a result. If you feel well and can do all that your farm requires then go with it!
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                            Great loss!


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                              I eat an organic apple about every other day with walnut or macadamia nut butter smeared on each slice.. So good.


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                                Heya. Welcome home M' Lady. I like your pics, I hope to keep goats someday if I can get away from the city and get some land. You are a pretty lady btw your BF is a lucky lucky bastard.

                                First off I always ask if you have read the book? I find a lot of people start off with what they learn from the forums and dont really understand the basis of our lifestyle.

                                Secondly have you read the book "It starts with food" it is a great explanation of how our hormones work.

                                I suspect your lack of appetite is hormonal in nature. The when to eat, when I am full, when I am satisfied hormones can be so screwed up that your brain just does not know which way is up. I believe this is my biggest issue so fixing it is my hobby right now.

                                You won't loose weight in a healthy way starving your body, this is well known so even if you are not hungry you need to eat a healthy amount of food at regular intervals so that your body can get used to regular feedings and know when to expect them.

                                Dont forget this lifestyle is about healthy eating not weight loss. First get your hormones firing in the right sequence at the right time, make sure your body becomes used to enough healthy food so that it can stop being stressed about food, get your headology in the right place and then you can worry about loosing weight but by then I suspect it will have happened naturally.

                                Stop weighing yourself, start taking monthly photos of yourself in the same pose and light and outfit and take measurements at the same time. As you live the life, practice the headology and eat the good stuff you can watch the pics change. I have not lost weight since Nov 2012 but I am down 2 pant sizes and my arms and chest are some'at bigger.

                                good luck and again welcome.
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