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  • Catalina's 8-week challenge

    Well, I started Primal last summer and lost about 15 pounds (yay). Since around Christmas, I've stayed at about that level (probably 60% Primal).

    Right now, a Personal Trainer studio around the corner from me is doing an 8-week remodel your body challenge to benefit Autism groups, so I decided to join the challenge to get myself going more strongly again. Figured keeping a Primal Journal would help as well.

    I had my body fat measured and it's 35% 35!! Yikes!! I didn't think it was that bad.

    So, my goal for the 8 weeks is to lose 12 pounds and at least 2-3% body fat.

    I think I'll go out and take my dog for a brisk walk now. Uphill.

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    So, today was a pretty good day:

    Took the dog for a nice long walk on the beach, which we both enjoyed.

    Brunch: Eggs scrambled in butter, with a bit of grated cheddar, plus a few thin slices of Canadian bacon. Then, a greens drink to take my vitamins.

    Snack: Cashews and a small piece of 85% chocolate

    Dinner: Fried up a lb each of grass-fed ground beef and chicken andouille sausage in coconut oil, plus a big bag of greens wilted on top. Had a nice big serving of that with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top. Plus a glass of red wine. Very full!

    I know I may need to dump the cashews, chocolate and wine as I go, but for now I'll see how the weight loss is.


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      Dropping in with good wishes on your new plan. Stay positive and consistent and you will get there with ease! Make sure you are eating enough food and drinking enough water - this is imperative for weight loss. The exercise will build lean muscle and tone you but your weight loss is all about what you put in your mouth.

      Your menu looks pretty good aside from your snack. What's a greens drink?

      Originally posted by Catalina View Post
      I know I may need to dump the cashews, chocolate and wine as I go, but for now I'll see how the weight loss is.
      ZC - 100% Carnivore



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        Thanks for the encouragement, Greg!! Much appreciated. A greens drink is just a powdered form of greens that you can mix in water or milk (I use water with a splash of cream). I sometimes have a bit when I'm low on veggies.

        Today: I started to walk the dog, but got caught in an unexpected "April shower"--wound up only going about half a mile, but very fast. We got into a trot there for a while. Good fun, actually--I was laughing most of the way.

        I also did some weight training--biceps, triceps, squats.

        Breakfast: I didn't think I'd need one, but then really felt like I did when I was running errands. Had a "Think Thin" protein bar--yuck! It was in my purse because my sister gave it to me. Had an odd taste. No sugar and 20 grams of protein, but also 24 grams of carbs. Not something I want to repeat.

        Lunch: BA Salad with chicken, a great olive oil dressing, and chicharones on top (way better than croutons!)
        Snack: Cashews, small amount of 85% dark chocolate
        Dinner: Leftovers from last night, still enjoyable! Glass of red wine

        I even meditated for a few minutes today, which makes me happy. Feeling more energetic in general, which is great!

        I almost forgot: I lifted my old 55-lb dog into the car twice today--"lift heavy things."
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          Feeling kind of blah, but not because of PB. I teach college English, and it's been a long academic year because of some extra work I'm doing (to say nothing of grading tons of poorly written papers).

          Actually, it makes me very glad that I'm getting really into it right now instead of using the excuse to wait until June "when I'll have more time."

          So, today, my exercise was a nice, long walk with the dog.

          Breakfast: coffee w/cream
          Lunch: BAS with chicken & chicharones -- note: chicharones work well if you put them on right before you eat the salad. If you put them on, pour on dressing, and wait a few hours. . .not so good. Chewy, and not in a good way.
          Snack: Cashews
          Dinner: Went to a Peruvian restaurant with my niece, and it wasn't too bad. They did have their version of corn nuts in a tiny basket on the table, and I must admit they were very good! Had a chicken-in-pepper-sauce dish, which was served over a couple slices of potato and a hard-boiled egg garnish--tasty! Rice on the side, but I didn't have any. No bread, either. We did split a small passion fruit mousse for dessert. Glass of red wine.

          It's a tradition for my niece and I to go out; we used to do it almost weekly but have cut down to about once a month. We like to try a new restaurant and foods we've never eaten before. So on those occasions, I'll do my best to be Primal, but not hurt myself with guilt for the little bits that fall outside the Blueprint. I told her about my 35% body fat, and she agreed it was quite high, so I know she'll be supportive of whatever I'm eating.


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            yay- I'm glad to see a journal for you!


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              Thanks, DCKMB--I feel like I've just been skirting around the edges for the last few months, so it really does feel good to dive in again!!!

              Today was a really good day!!

              First, I walked my dog (the one in my avatar pic) up to a park halfway up Mt. Soledad. I was feeling really proud of myself, then I saw a couple who were running with their dog up and down the grassy hill. Then, at the top, the woman did burpees! I called out, "You're my heroes!" Then, I saw a group of moms-with-strollers marching like ants up the hill, pushing the babies. I started to feel not-quite-so proud, but then I decided, hey, for my age and fitness level, I'm a rock star!!!

              Then, I went to the fit-after-fifty class at the studio where I'm doing the 8-week challenge. I was very energetic, which was great--talked to one of the trainers about PB, and I'm going to lend him the book.

              My eating today:

              Breakfast: IF
              Lunch: leftovers of the hamburger, sausage, greens + dollop of yogurt
              Snack: cashews/dark chocolate
              Dinner: I was late getting home, so I drove through a taco shop and got a carne asada burrito and emptied the innards, threw away the tortilla. Glass of red wine.

              Big: I weighed myself at the studio, and I've lost 3 lbs in 10 days!! Yay!!!


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                Well, didn't sleep so well last night--actually it was just fine after I finally got to sleep, but that wasn't until 3 or so. . . .

                Busy day, no exercise except a ballroom dance lesson, so at least that was something.

                Food: no breakfast, leftovers for lunch, usual snack, salad from WF and cauliflower mash--that was actually quite tasty; I think I'll look up the recipe on their website.

                Wiped out, ready for bed. .. .


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                  Good day for exercise. . .walked the dog, then did Fit-After-50, then walked again.

                  Breakfast: Eggs w/cheese, avocado & canadian bacon
                  Lunch: Surprising--I went to my ritual lunch with my hairstylist after my cut, and we always go to Coco's. They had an ahi stack--ahi, pico de gallo salsa, mango, avocado, and cucumber--it was great. Greens on the side. It came with a soba noodle salad, which I had a bite of, and wonton wrappers fried up like chips, which I had one of. I think I would just ask them not to put them on next time because they weren't necessary and didn't even taste that good. The stack did!
                  Dinner: Bit of leftovers, not much. Glass of red wine
                  Snack: Cashews

                  I'm really glad it's Friday, but have a big weekend--I volunteer every year for the EarthFair, which is this Sunday. 60,000 people (or so) come every year.


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                    where is earthfair at? Thought I saw something advertised at work about it but was too busy to pay much attention.

                    I think you did great trekking up mt. soledad. That's not easy! Keep on keeping on.