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    OK am trying to keep a journal on here in the hope that it will keep me motivated and, even better, encourage others.

    Daily seems like overkill so I'm gonna try to make a weekly update part of my saturday rituals.

    Right now am on week 2 but f***ed up big last week, drinking about 5-6 beers one night and indulging frequently, so will try to track binges from here on to stay on top of it better.

    Right now am at 225 lbs with 40-45 to lose - first milestone is to lose 1/2 of that amount (i.e. 22lbs) by the start of May 2013.

    At the moment a typical day is:
    • [a super shake (2 scoops whey, 1/2 banana, handful of spinach, 4-5 almonds) and espresso for breakfast]
      [a BEAT salad (tomato, avocado, bacon and eggs with olive oil and lemon juice) for lunch]
      [1 oz nuts, dark chocolate and 4-5 dates mid-afternoon]
      [dinner typically chili, steak and veg or the ocassional meal out with my S.O. (shish tawouq chicken kebabs with hommous, vegetables and a small grain side - trying to cut this out, even after workouts)]

    For workouts, I am on week 2 of Chris Lopez' TT Kettlebell Revolution and really enjoying it - getting better and stronger with each workout - highly recommended, with (usually daily) casual walks thrown in - barefoot on the beach, nike frees or chuck taylors on the concrete.

    Much love and grok on!

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    Oh, almost forgot, daily 20 mins meditation and foam rolling a couple of times per week has been great for clearing my mind and relieving muscle tension, too, even if it doesn't count as exercise!