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Coco goes Primal (& fighting ED)

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  • Coco goes Primal (& fighting ED)

    Hey everyone!

    I am a 25 year old university student from Germany.
    I have been struggling with bulimia for seven years and I tried almost everything to overcome it. I have tried just about every diet there is going, you name it and I have done it. I also restricted my food intake way too much or binged and took steps against it like purging or excessive exercises.
    This is the proper reason why my weight went up and down, and up and down. I was caught in a vicious cycle of bingeing and purging...

    But this time it is different! Since January 1st, 2013 I have been on a gluten free diet and staying away from social drinking and feel fantastic. There are no more cravings for sugary stuff, no more stomach pain, less depression, losing my fear of fat, and the most important thing for me: NO MORE BINGES!
    I really do believe that I have finally found the right way!

    I am feeling pretty well with this way of eating and after tons of research, I found Mark’s blog and read it with great interest. I am very grateful! Primal eating sounds so logical and I have been eating like this for a week now and am totally into it. I combine it with IF (8-hour feeding period and fast during a 16-hour fasting period and once a week a 24-hour fast). I am much more energized and have a nice time in doing the PBF routine. If I look back on the excess cardio workouts I did before, they seemed rather obligating and stressful than fun.

    The PBF routine is just fine for me because I love walking, hiking, Hula-Hoop, dancing and doing Pilates on my slowly moving days and lifting heavy things twice a week and sprint/hiit once a week is the perfect combination for me to enjoy sports.

    So I decided to track my progress in this journal. I do not know how often I will post because I am primarily a silent reader but once in a week, at least.

    I will measure every Saturday and post here. I have a scale but I avoid regularly stepping on the scale, at the moment. This is important for me because as an former bulimic, I am still struggling with the numbers on the scale and they could put me back in old behaviour (mood often depended on the numbers, restricting food intake, etc.).

    My stats are:

    -25 years
    -height: 165 cm /5'5"
    –CW: 62 kg /136.7 lbs
    -HW: 69 kg /152.1 lbs
    -LW: 48 kg /105.8 lbs


    -52 kg /114.7 lbs
    -reducing heavy cream and quark/greek yogurt (twice a week would be fine)
    -eliminating artificial sweetener (unfortunately I am still drinking one glass of diet coke after my lunch and using artificial sweetener for black tea, coffee or yogurt/quark)

    I will try it with the following Macronutrient ratio:

    Calories: ~1400
    Fat: ~80g (50%)--> [~744 cal]
    Protein: ~100g (30%)--> [~400 cal]
    Carbs: ~70g (20%)--> [~280 cal]
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    After IF and a good 20 minute LHT workout, I am enjoying a portion of greek yogurt with coconut milk & flake, a dash of cinnamon, blue berries and some splenda.

    For dinner, I will have fried eggs in butter with carrots, broccoli and cauliflower (my favorite dish at the moment) and some almonds afterwards.

    At the end, a little overview/reminder what I will eat on my primal journey:

    1. Vegetables
    broccoli, cauliflower, egg plant, zucchini, tomatoes, paprika, carrots, string beans, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, lettuce, cucumber

    2. Meat
    ground beef, chicken, turkey

    3. Chicken eggs

    4. Fish
    salmon, tuna

    5. Fat
    coconut milk, coconut flake, butter, olive oil

    6. Nuts
    almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, flax seed

    7. Fruit
    blue beeries, strawberries, apple, orange, avocado

    8. Feta cheese & grated Emmental

    9. occasionally Treat
    heavy cream (3-4 tbsp. in my coffee thrice weekly), greek yogurt & quark (twice/week), real cocoa powder w/ coconut milk (once/week), trail mix (twice/week)

    I do not drink alcohol or eat dark chocolate as a treat, instead I indulge myself with a handful of trail mix or homemade "cocoa-coconut-drink".
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