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    Hi everyone,

    I've been dipping my toes into the primal way of eating for the past month, and even with not being strict about it I have lost 8lbs, an inch from my waist and 2 inches from my hips - I think this lifestyle may be for me!

    Ok, a little bit of background...

    I'm 38yrs old 5'2" and have always been curvy, but after getting married and then having my son (he's now almost 7) the pounds began to gradually creep up (as they do). I'm a theatre sister (operating theatres, not show theatre!) and have known the CW of wholegrains good, fat bad! However my diet was never good - self confessed chocaholic and pringles addict who rarely ate any fruit or vegetables!

    In October 2011 I badly broke my tibial plateau (bottom half of the knee joint) in a horse riding accident and after a 3 hour operation to rebuild me, in my own operating theatres, I now have 2 plates and 10 screws holding my knee together. I was put in a plaster cast from toes to thigh and had to be non-weightbearing for 3 months followed by a long hard slog of physio to get me back on my feet and back to work. My surgeon initially told me I would need a knee replacement possibly in as little as 2 years, but he revised that to about 10 years following my latest xrays - it's healing better than he thought it would! However I do not want a knee replacement before I'm 50 so I need to do something about those excess pounds to help my own knee last longer!

    Unfortunately my knee is still quite unstable, the ligaments were damaged as well as the bone shattered, making exercise difficult. It's taken me this long to get back to a fitness level where I can walk for about 20 minutes on flat ground without needing the support of my walking stick, so no running for me (yet), full squats are currently impossible (my leg just won't support me yet) although I have managed to work up to doing "semi-squats" using the wall for support (basically standing with my back to the wall and sliding down as far as my knee will allow - which isn't very far yet, but is getting better).

    At the back end of 2012 my hubbie started talking about going low carb/high fat in his diet, but with me being stuck on the CW wagon I just thought it was "one of those unheathy fad diets" and pretty much ignored it. However on the 2nd of January 2013 I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for a long time, he'd lost about 3 stone and was looking great. He explained about Primal Blueprint and the science behind it (the insulin issues) and pointed me in the direction of MDA. I read a bit, the lightbulb came on and it all began to make sense - Thank You John!! So I've jumped off the CW wagon and I'm now barefoot walking down the PB path!

    I started my journey along the primal path on the 8th of January 2013 (this is when I got on the scales and got the tape measure out for the first time in a long time!). My starting weight was 13stone 8.6lbs, with a 34J bust, 37inch waist and 49inch hips (well I did say I was curvy!)

    I started very slowly, I'm a toes in the water kind of girl, first of all I stopped eating my daily waffle/chocolate croissant for breakfast and swapped it for a handful of nuts/seeds instead (no time for cooking on a morning) then I started to increase the amount of veg/salad I ate, and I stopped eating a bag of crisps with lunch every day - I simply wasn't hungry enough to want them!

    I wasn't very strict at all during this "introduction" month, I still went out and had an all you can eat buffet (I did restrict the amount of chips/rice I had, but thoroughly enjoyed a piece of chocolate fudge cake!) and a KFC (shared with my son) as well as enjoying a couple of chinese takeaway's, plenty of dark chocolate, and the occasional bar of milk chocolate. (We tend to have an "eat out" treat once a week) However, even with eating all that rubbish, and not increasing my exercise levels, I have lost half a stone and I haven't once felt hungry or deprived!

    So now I've seen for myself that it works, and I understand the science behind it better, I'm ready to get more serious about it!

    The initial goals I'm setting for myself are:-
    1. Get out of the "obese" bmi category and into the "overweight" (By the end of March)
    2. Learn to do a pull-up (By the end of March)
    3. Be able to walk to work (1.5miles up/down hill) and then complete a shift when I get there (might take a bit longer for this one!)