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  • The Journal: Accountability, Thoughts, Progress

    I'm about two weeks into the primal diet and I must say I am happy I decided to do this. Honestly, I feel like it was fate that led me here. Recently, I had been really thinking about my health and the ways in which I could become healthier. I knew what my goal was but I did not know how to accomplish it. Doctor's had given various morsels of advice and honestly none of it seemed to make sense for my life. In the last couple months I had simply decided to go organic as a means to get healthier and though that seemed to be working, I knew something was missing. One day I googled searched like "good proteins" or "healthy proteins" or something of that nature and it led me to MDA. I was instantly hooked! I cannot even describe how many articles I read that first was an excessive amount. I knew right away that I had found what I was looking for after all these months of searching and I've been going primal since. Thank God!

    Sorry if that story was kind of dramatic but it really happened that way. Anyway, I felt like I needed to join the forum just so I could be around people who were also into the primal diet and who could share experiences, hold me accountable and encourage me along the way.

    That's me! Thanks!

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    Last Night/ Today

    Last night I made Kale chips and they were GREAT!! They are a wonderful alternative to chips! Taste better in my opinion. After making and eating my kale chips I then decided to do a short 12 hour IF and I feel great. I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed so I decided to try it again and went to sleep for two more hours, woke and felt great. Success!

    I am really enjoying myself with this Primal thing and I am so glad I found it. I'm getting the food part down pack now I need to start moving into the exercise component.


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      Today's Meals

      B- half of an avocado, 2 eggs lightly scrambled, assortment of berries (blue berries, strawberries, blackberries)
      L- carrots w/ Brianna's dressing (delicious) and berries
      D- a stir fry w/ carrots,onions, cilantro, sliced almonds, broccoli, bell peppers, asparagus, garlic- I sauteed all of this with olive oil, honey and balsamic, salt, pepper, seasoned salt
      S/Misc- small cube of dark chocolate, 2 glasses of red wine, cup of warm water w/honey and cinnamon, lots and LOTS of water


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        Ms. Reese, just wanted to say welcome! Your story sounds familiar: unhelpful doctors motivating you to personal research. I also inhaled Mark's posts when I first discovered this site. It was like my health was a jigsaw puzzle that never fit, but after discovering MDA, suddenly I was fitting piece after piece...

        And you've already done a twelve-hour fast after two weeks! Sounds like your primal transition is going great.

        Could you share the recipe on kale chips? I love kale sauteed in butter, so chips sound intriguing. Your menu from yesterday looks lovely as well, but don't forget the protein!

        I expect you are already starting to feel healthier. There's no need to rush the exercise if you don't feel up to it; just walk around whenever you can, carrying stuff if you feel like it, and enjoy your increased energy levels. Good luck, Ms. Reese! I'm looking forward to hearing about your future experiences.


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          Thank you for the comment and encouragement, Timothy! I really appreciate it!

          I found the recipe for kale chips here-

          I adjusted a bit and made my chips bite size and they subsequently shrunk even smaller after being on the oven. The good thing about making sure they are not to big is that this will make the cooking process faster. My chips were actually done in under 10 minutes because they were so small. One thing that I really like about Kale chips is that they satisfy my taste for potato chips. YUM!

          My current issue is this ridiculous sweet tooth that keeps rearing it's ugly head. It's my boss's fault. (and mine, of course.) I've been working at this one particular place for about 9 months and my boss is amazing at desserts. sigh. AND she loves to bring pastries to work. sigh...again. As a person who never had an affinity toward sweets, this has really deepened my taste for everything sweet. It's ruining me! I just need ideas like the way in which substituting kale chips for actual chips was a great plan. In fact, I gave in to my intense sweet tooth and had a cookie yesterday. Deep sigh.

          But everything else is going swell! And I do need to work on that protein part. I just really do not have that great of access to Organic meats.


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            AND! I just looked at your profile, Timothy, and realized that it was actually your story that I read on MDA that really encouraged me to jump on the Primal bandwagon! THAANKS!


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              Wow, thanks for the compliment, Ms. Reese! Helping other people discover their primal selves is my main motivation, so I'm really stoked you jumped on board!

              Those kale chips look great, thanks for sharing the recipe. I'm going to give them a try. It's not easy to find primal foods with a good crunch.

              I sure understand about the sweet tooth. The safest thing is not to have the temptations around, but when that's not possible, like at work, and I'm tempted, I do a little thought experiment. I imagine eating the food, how it tastes, how I feel right after eating it, and how I feel 30 minutes after eating it. This has got me past many a break-room donut. But now that I've been primal for a few months, I'm glad to say those temptations are almost totally gone. I never thought they would be. But I confess I am still a big fan of sugar-free chocolate now and then.

              I hope you can find a convenient source for quality protein. There's always frozen seafood and free-range eggs, if organic meats are hard to find.

              Good luck! Bear in mind that the first few weeks are the trickiest. If you can stay primal during this time, the results will start snowballing and you will be less and less tempted by bad old habits. I'll be hoping the best for you!


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                hello! there's a great blog that uses almond flour & is referenced pretty frequently around here: elana's pantry. although she uses agave nectar & grapeseed oil, from what i understand you can switch out the oil for the same amount of butter. the agave nectar can sometimes be completely left out, or switched for your favorite natural sweetener. perhaps that will help you find some more primal goodies!

                it's been my experience, though, that the longer i'm on this, the more painful the slip-ups are, at least when it comes to grains. makes it easier to say no to cake & cookies!

                i can get organic chicken, but i can't find any decent grass fed beef. i feel your pain!
                And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair
                Kahlil Gibran



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                  Thanks!!!! I will definitely try this!


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                    I have seriously been constantly researching everything I can for the Primal and Pale diet and it has amazed me how many resources exist. I feel like the Primal/Paleo lifestyle is one of the best kept secrets! As a person who is skeptical of everything, I am happy to report that this just makes sense! I was actually discussing the benefits of my new diet with one of my good friends today and she could not believe it. I think she's sold. This reminds me of the way in which everybody around me decided to "go natural" with their hair after they saw mine and heard me rave about its benefits. It's the ways in which you subtly change people's minds. ::evil laugh:: But no, I'm subtly trying to convince everybody of its benefits, even my parents! Parents tend to take a little longer as there are use to living one way for a very long time. I report back on my progress with parents and friends.

                    B- One egg, assorted berries, greek yogurt
                    L- Salad w/berries and Brianna's dressing
                    D- Buffalo Wild Wings
                    Snacks/Misc- Kale chips, green tea-no sweetener, piece of dark chocolate, 2 glasses of wine, almonds

                    Turns out that Buffalo Wild Wings was a bad idea. Common sense should have told me that but no I didn't think about it long enough. I figured no grain, all is well. Not quite. But anyway, lesson learned. I had to do a short fast just to get my body back to a good spot. It's amazing. Once you really start eating better, the effects of eating poorly are more pronounced and severe. But anyway, lesson learned.

                    And I still need to work on my protein intake.

                    Good day!


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                      I have had decent results with Buffalo Wild Wings if I keep to the traditional wings with the hot sauce, which is really just tabasco and butter. The problem for me is I can eat a lot of them and if I do, I eat WAY too many calories and my weight goes up.

                      Would love to get your recipe for kale chips. I need something to dip in my guacamole and my special jalapeno artichoke dip when I splurge on occasion

                      Good luck!
                      "If you won't be better tomorrow than you are today, what do you need tomorrow for?"


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                        @ primaleagle: kale chips are good, but i don't know that i'd rec them for dipping. mark posted a cracker recipe, & i know some people have made chips out of things like carrots, zucchini, sweet potatoes, eggplant - anything you can slice & fry!

                        @ ms reese: isn't it INSANE how many people know about this? it's always amazing to me to discover things that are so huge but just hovering under the surface.
                        And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair
                        Kahlil Gibran



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                          I've been MIA for awhile but things have been hectic. My friend has now stopped eating grains after hearing me name all the benefits I've experienced since going primal. I have also successfully resisted the weekly donuts during our staff meetings for three weeks and I am feeling like a champion. I think it's true that once you start resisting the temptation, the temptation starts to go away. My body is slowly but surely adjusting to the no grains and sugar (which seemed to be the hardest to quit) and is barely even craving it. I would say that right now I'm about 80% primal. Organic meat is not always available, I still use honey and eat dark chocolate, other fruits that are not berries (oranges and bananas.) and occasionally cheese.

                          I'm still in the game though and for that I am extremely happy!


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                            I'm Here

                            Geeez. Have not posted in forever. I have been beyond busy. My life pretty much belongs to my job these days. I must say though,the Primal diet has been going extremely well. The urge for sweets is pretty much gone and this males me extremely happy! Those sweets that my boss brings to bring every meeting- urge gone. Never would I have imagined. I'm also just happier, have more energy and zero digestive issues. Sooo glad I happened upon Mark's Daily Apple.

                            Also, I made an amazing squash soup the other day with onions, carrots and spices. Delicious!


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                              Congrats on defeating your cravings, Ms. Reese. It only gets easier from this point on. I'm glad to hear you're doing so well. Lots of luck with the job and everything else!