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Going Primal in College

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    Long time no post, but finals are coming up and I've been studying my butt off. I'm doing so much better adhering to the primal lifestyle. The pounds just seem to be falling off and I feel stronger and more energetic than ever. I look forward to workouts now that I'm mixing things up and not just mindlessly running on a treadmill. I am still having trouble finding enough protein in the cafeteria and when I went to ask for grilled chicken around noon today, the guy refused to make it for me because dinner didn't start till 5pm. That kinda stunk because I was collecting primal food for a picnic. Anyway, I made myself a salad with this pre cubed chicken stuff that tasted horrible and carrots and some nuts. I also grabbed and apple. I headed out to my local park to soak up some sun and study a bit. It was nice until the clouds came out and it got windy. I just got back from that and am headed to work on my tax returns (yay!) and my homework.
    Stats: 150 lbs
    Goal: 140 lbs


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      Ugh, I just got really sick. It must be a stomach bug or something. Oh the joys of living in the dorm.... Does anyone have any primal fare, besides water, that will help me feel better and is easy on the stomach? Thanks guys.s