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    1lb ground beef, 1 fiji apple skinned minced and browned in butter, 1 baked russet potato skinned and mashed, handful of parsely leaves minced, 1 handful of scallions minced, 1 egg, 1/2 cup of white cheddar cheese. 1/8cup meatballs, browned in skillet and finished in oven at 300degrees. delicious, will eat again.
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      Have I mentioned we like meatballs around here? got the wife to actually try/enjoy ground chicken for the first time last night.
      1lb ground pastured chicken, 1 Fiji apple minced, 1 bundle of kale (steamed and minced), 1 small bulb of garlic sautéed in olive oil, 1/4cup parmesan, some spices = meatballs. was nice with a plate of broccoli raab baked with olive oil and garlic salt and white pepper.


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        Hit another new low today, only 6lbs left to hit my initial goal. yay!

        And I gotta give it to my man Rand Paul yesterday, standing and talking for 13hours. Great moment in the senate, maybe I should send him a note to see about converting his desk to a standing desk.


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          I've been holding onto a package of slankers primal ground beef for awhile, waiting for an opportunity to make a dinner for myself since I know the little woman would throw a fit if I tried to feed her this without having tested to make sure it isn't "gross" first. My opportunity finally arrived, got a chili in the slow cooker today for dinner tonight.

          The description:
          Primal Ground Beef: Ground beef mixed with organ meats. Beef trim, beef liver trimmed, beef heart trimmed, beef spleen trimmed, beef kidneys. Pretty ugly stuff for Cavemen.
          hope its good.


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            Originally posted by specsAreGrok View Post
            hope its good.
            well hell if that wasn't superb; my toddler took to it like he had himself a tapeworm.

            1lb "primal ground beef", 2 cans diced tomatoes, 6 stalks of celery cut into "moons", 2 cups of carrots shredded and chopped, 1 yellow onion + 1 bulb garlic + 1 green bellpepper all minced and sautéed in bacon grease, some mild spices, 2tbsp raw cacao powder, 1 tbsp. molasses. gonna have to have the woman try it when she gets home.


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              Had chicken breast "breaded" in crushed pork rinds and fried in bacon grease for dinner, yum. Woke up to another low. The carb curve just works, "effortless weightloss" indeed.