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Tweaking Mummibear's Primal effort

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  • Tweaking Mummibear's Primal effort

    My starting point:
    5' 7"
    34 yrs
    147 lb
    maybe 25% BF
    exercise habits: sporadic and non-committal.

    140 lb
    <20% BF
    make exercise a habit.

    My eating is not too bad, although I have a long way to go, but have cut out grains, pulses and sugar.
    I need to increase my protein, good fats and overall calories, as I am still nursing, and am struggling to get 1000 kcal a day.

    My main goal for this 30 day challenge should be regular exercise, but I'm not feeling it. I think I will make the challenge to cut out potatoes and alcohol.

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    I wasn't sure how to add a new entry to this journal, so I clicked reply.
    The weight is still coming off slowly, and I have finished reading the 21 day transformation book. It helped, actually, although I won't be following the steps as they are laid out. It helped me see the diet as veggie-based with meat and fats, instead of meat-based with fat and veggies. I have planned a weeks worth of meals and will be going to a good local butcher to stock up on meat, and try to get some free stuff to experiment with, such as beef bones for broth, and chicken necks for soup. Maybe even an oxtail this week and a beef tongue next week. Not sure about the tongue.

    My husband has given up following along with me, he is a real carb addict, and he struggles with believing that eating saturated fat isn't going to kill him. My worry is, if he is still eating sandwiches for lunch, drinking beer and taking sugar in his daily drinks, maybe the saturated fat will kill him? With all those carbs, his body will surely just store the fat instead of burning it? He won't workout either, there is always an excuse, usually tired from work (he does work very hard - he is a lorry driver working 12 hour days and he has to move big heavy stillages full of produce to the pubs he delivers to) Now I'm making excuses for him, LOL! I am trying to keep him as close to the Primal line as possible, but then he will eat a bag of jelly beans. If he can't give up the carbs, is it best to keep him on low fat?