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    primal eating went great today- had my 3 meals and went to gym and lifted weights. did a little bit of cardio but not much. Glad to be back on track. On scale today 149
    Tomorrow's eating
    B: egg muffin
    L: veggies and beef and 2 figs
    Thinking about doing the leptin reset....anyone have any ideas?


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      Hey Titan,
      Glad you are back on the wagon. Are you eating enough during the day so you don't get overhungry? I will occasionally revert to bad habits of restricting during the day because I'm busy/stressed/ insert random excuse, and then get the old "urge" to overeat.

      My advice on the Leptin reset? Wait a bit. You have alot on your plate. Do you want to add more? Perhaps get 2-3 weeks of solid Primal eating/living under your belt so you have your confidence back. Let us know how you are doing!