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For the love of Samgyeopsal (primal journal of a couple in Asia)

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  • For the love of Samgyeopsal (primal journal of a couple in Asia)

    Hello world!

    We are J(the woman) and H (the man). Although I (J) am doing a whole 30, H is not and that is fine by me: at least we are doing a great deal of this together! I work out 5 days a week and have lost about 20 pounds in 6 months just trying to be sensible. H doesn't work out but we both walk a lot. I (J) have PCOS, acne, a bad dairy intolerance, wheat allergies (wheat free for 8 months) and my hormones are everywhere. H has a bad snoring problem, rosacea-like skin symptoms, and the inability to ever get a good nights rest. BOTH of our mothers have been diagnosed with wheat allergies (celiac for H's mum) and we decided now is the time to test out the theory of primal eating. We also have different schedules and goals. We are aiming for a 30 day challenge and then we will decide to go further with the lifestyle after that.

    H's goal for this month:

    Stop snoring
    Limit carbs but keep potatoes and rice
    entirely exclude sugar/wheat
    Possibly clear up rosacea
    Become a fat burner

    J's goal for this month:

    Entirely eliminate dairy/coffee/grains/sugar/carb binging
    Limit caffeine intake (green tea and mate)
    Become a fat burner
    Balance hormones (acne will be an indicator of this)
    Lose 10 pounds of fat

    We are doing this together and are happy to be helping each other, though we know if will be a big change for us both, as you can see from the state of our computer desk:


    H is not too keen on putting up pics, but this is my starting point:

    me shrunk.jpg

    Me shrunk2.jpg

    We are very hopeful and excited about doing this together and in a different country! We'll keep you posted

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    Today started out interestingly. H and I have been on vacation for 2 weeks and today was our first day back to school. I had this premonition last night that our alarm clock wasn't going to work but that has never happened and I figured I was being paranoid. This morning H wakes me with 30 minutes to go and says "sorry babe, the alarm didn't go off." and thus began a weird day. I for-goed a shower and made bacon which H didn't want because he was too stressy. The rest of the day went pretty well except for me having too much coffee.


    4 slices of bacon
    3 cups of premix coffee (2 erythritol ones and one regular)
    5 slices of Jeju tangerine (teachers room always has food, gah!)
    3 small slices of pineapple
    a bit of galbi and seaweed soup at lunch
    lunchbox- sweet potato and coconut cream, meatball stirfry and gim (delicious seaweed)
    primal chili
    2 persimmons, some sweet potato
    green tea with cream


    rice and meatballs
    muesli bar
    nuts and dried fruit
    primal chili
    coffee with cream

    Exercise- J
    Gym workout- arms and 20 minute intervals on treadmill

    Exercise H-
    Playing tag with students, 1 hour

    First day done although we're not completely on track. I already miss my normal morning routine which I have changed to accommodate us eating breakfast. I want to give this a solid try for one month though: simply one day isn't enough!


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      Again, yesterday was not a completely on track day. I am beginning to realize that this primal thing is more of a conscious life change than a diet. I know that phrase is probably used so much that it's useless by now, but I will tell you what I mean. My usual day consisted of waking up at 5:30 in the morning, walking to the gym and doing some weights and cardio until I start school, getting to school and having premix coffee and string cheese for breakfast, then eating tons of rice, soy, and very little protein and fat all day until I crash and eat cheetos and a snickers and sometmes have dinner. H's usual day didn't include any exercise but did include heaps of sugar in the form of muesli bars and chocolates and pizza. Now we wake up at 6:40 and eat together a breakfast of bacon and eggs and fried onion (and hash for H) and we drink our coffee's with cream or yerba mates leisurely while we talk. We discuss dinner and pack our lunches and off we go on full tummies very prepared for the day.

      I don't want to lose the beauty of THAT because I am focused on the fact that I'm still drinking premix coffee (no sugar kind) and eating chocolate occasionally, and accidentally drinking some Sprite at dinner. So anyway.

      Diet J-
      bacon and eggs and onion, black coffee
      beef soup, duck
      packed lunch of meatballs, veggies, sweet potato and coconut cream with gim
      creole fish and veggies at Outback
      ristretto bianco and 3 squares of chocolate
      chopped persimmons

      Diet H-
      bacon, eggs, hash brown, onion and coffee with cream
      rice, japchae
      nuts and fruit
      ribs and chicken at Outback, diet coke
      caramel macchiato

      J exercise- None
      H exercise- playing tag with students, 30 minutes


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        So bad at keeping track of things!! I have felt a bit guilty about not keeping up with the blog. It has seemed that this week has been "off-track" and "unsuccessful" because we have still indulged in things we didn't intend to like ice cream and chocolate (and coffee.) However, H is already looking and feeling so much better, it is fantastic! I also have a much better general disposition, and a lot of the bloating in my stomach is going down. This weeks goals for me are to completely eliminate my crutches- dairy, sugar, and caffeine. It's going to be a tough week in some ways, but it is so lovely how rewarding this is for our relationship thus far!


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          J exercise- gym, 20 minute intervals and upper body workout
          J diet-
          bacon and eggs, coffee with cream
          japchae, stewed fish
          stewed pork, sweet potatoes
          2 pieces of hard candy
          2 premix coffees
          galbi and veggies
          sweet potatoes and coconut oil
          coffee with cream
          diet coke/ chilsung zero cider

          UGH. Just UGH. I'm really not happy with my reliance sugar and coffee still, I am thinking I need to drop to a ketogenic approach from next week just to get my body to start running on something different. I honestly feel like I might have f*cked something up with all of my years of coffee and sugar addiction. Next week I don't have classes so I am going to take this into serious consideration. Hope everyone out there is doing well XO


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            OMG I am the worst at keeping this thing updated, seriously!! Let's see, so I finally am off the caffeine WOOWOO. And what an emotional and crazy week it has been. i have been having a few cups of green or black tea (it is really, really weak here! if you can believe that) a day and that has meant that I've only had a few headaches that weren't significant at all. The most amazing discovery of all of this for me has been that my natural taste for carbohydrates, sugar, and dairy has vanished. I feel like some bibimbap for dinner (completely cutting out the grains and dairy and sug starting Monday, I thought I should split up the 'giving sh*t up' moments for my sanity) but only for the spicy paste and the mushrooms. It has been a really great benefit to my body, I swear. It's finally hitting some natural cycles!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how long it has been since I've been sleepy at night and awake in the morning and haven't had a 2 oclock slump and sugar crazvings up the wazoo. And H is happier and healthier everyday, but we need to work on his junk food habits a bit.

            I forgot to mention that I have been doing really simple stronglifts (I think?) protocol of lifting heavy and infrequntly at the gym. I gave up the cardio for walking to work, zumba, and salsa. My legs look slammin already!! It has been forever (again) since my quadriceps didn't look all puffy and overly prominent.
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              WHOA! So let's backtrack. On Saturday H and I went to Costco after I went to the gym. We ended up eating there because it was convenient, both of us having pizza without the crust and he a hotdog (bunless) and I another piece of pizza without crust. We shopped and went to Starbucks in our neighborhood and split a plain crustless cheesecake and I had a hot chocolate, he a frappucino. Then, I was super tired. Like I couldn't move or think tired. So i took a nap...FOR FIVE HOURS! When I woke up to go salsa dancing I felt like rubbish, and I had a very uncomfortable bowel movement (Tmi, sorry!!) Half-way through daning I started to feel rubbish again, came home and slept for like 14 hours only to wake up this morning still feeling rubbish. What in the world happened!!! I mean, we could say it was the dairy but this seems incredibly dramatic, no? I had another very uncomfortable and very large bowel movement again today and I just feel exhausted. What happened?! I hope it clears up soon On the plus side we're getting Samgyepsal tonight WOOHOO.


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                Well! From my last post it is obvious to me that I don't pay enough attention to my body! As some of you know, I (J, the woman) had an emergency surgery for bowel strangulation a week after that post. Although I had no incredibly distinct symptoms (IMO) even one day experiencing those kind of bowel movements and exhaustion should have been cause for concern for me. I was just so used to being sick and feeling shitty. I am now back to my normal life(ish) after 2 weeks in the hospital, countless hours of excruciating pain, lots of tears, a not-so-cute (massive!) scar on my stomach, and 4,000.00 dollars gone. BUT, I have my life. I get to spend it with the one I love, doing a job I adore. I CAN WALK!! Which I couldn't for a long time in hospital, longer than anyone expected due to complications with my bowel drain and a fluid pocket forming in my pelvic cavity.

                I am following an SCD intro diet for the next month with the addition of probiotics and electrolytes. I have waited one week to begin this strictly due to monetary restrictions and the fact that I am still on antibiotics (my last pills are tomorrow.) I am thrilled to be taking charge of my new body and giving her the good health she deserves. Hope you follow our journey and get inspired! <3, J


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                  This weekend: Ate some beef soup my husband made and got very ill. Lot's of pain, and constipation for which the only solution is to not eat. So I had my first meal in 36 hours just now. I had a cup of my homemade chicken soup, in which I inserted an old red pepper and I will now have to toss the whole batch! Gah, I should not be allowed to cook. I then had about a cup of cooked white rice with tamari and coconut oil and 2 digestive enzymes. I would kill something for a bag of doritos right now, seriously. But I wanna be healthy!!! Fasting is just not awesome when you have to teach 7 periods of rowdy 5th graders on Monday. Tonight my plan is to eat some scrambled eggs if my tummy is OK, and drink loads of water.


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                    Ill, ill and more ill this week. I am finding it hard to break my rice habit, and I am simply not eating enough at times. This is a very bad pattern I have recognized. I am going to get an 'excuse board' tomorrow as I think it is very necessary at the moment. I also just read the Picnik girl's story about celiac being only half the battle. I am sure that grains are making me ill and preventing my tummy from true healing. I have some mackerel, hard-boiled eggs, grape juice gelatin and beef broth at the ready for the coming week. I am going to try to do the 21 day primal challenge but make sure I EAT healthy foods that I know won't make me ill (like cheeses, dairy, coffee, nuts, etc.) That's another excuse I can see myself using actually, that 'healthy' foods hurt me so I should be able to eat whatever I want. I have a lot of messed up ideas surrounding food but I am more than willing to sort those out. Here's to an amazing, self-discovering kind of year.


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                      Hey PiA, good luck! I'm very sorry to hear about your bowel surgery...

                      I really urge you to do the 21-Day Challenge. I lived in Seoul for a month and I cannot imagine trying to start Primal there without some really really strict groundrules like that... I'm afraid you guys are really going to have to not eat out at all. Including from the teacher's break room.

                      I'll just refer you to my rant about Korean food in Seoul vs. Korean food in Mongolia:


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                          I bet you may have a much better idea of how/where to get Primal-friendly stuff in Seoul though! It does seem to be around, just have to figure out where the best outdoor markets would be... Dongdaemon definitely had great looking stuff though I would like to be able to know more about where it came from, and I imagine that you are living pretty far from there.

                          Also, hiking around Seoul is AMAZING! I went to Suraksan I think it was with some friends... I wish I had that here in New Jersey...


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                            Khainag! I don't want to put any weird online pressure on you but.....YOU ARE MY FIRST JOURNAL FRIEND. That makes us besties mmk? Haha, no seriously, thanks for stopping by! And your journal is fascinating! I applaud your fervor for keeping track of information, I am so shit at that. I live in the third largest city in Korea (not Seoul) and it still has amazing shijangs (local open air markets) with great stuff, though my Korean isn't good enough to ask about the origins. They're also hugely into bone marrow here which has helped me a lot (while I was in hospital there was a special on TV about it.) But you are so right about eating out: impossible! EVERYTHING has doenjang or gochujang (which has sugar in it) corn syrup, or soy sauce. It's also very popular to use canola/ grapeseed/ and soy oil. Actually for both a Chuseok and a Seollnal present from my principal, I was given an enormous gift set of soy oil. Very popular. That being said, I am a convenience eating junkie, so gimbap and bibimbap and ddeokbeokki and cheetos and coke zero are just right up my alley. It is ridding myself of those habits that is hardest of all, and they were engrained long before I came to Korea.


                            AM- lemon drink with welch's grape juice, digestive probiotic

                            L- beef broth, 2 hardboiled eggs with salt, homemade grape juice gelatin

                            snack- candy, potato chips

                            D- hamburger steak and small amount of rice at Homeplus

                            snack- butter decaf coffee, dried prunes and peanut MnM's

                            I have a TERRIBLE sugar dip at 2:30-3:00 when I am finished teaching. I mean, I am just plain ready to sleep standing up. I wonder if I need to consume more calories before my lunchtime to even myself out. I think my hormones are pretty messed up because of my time in hospital not being able to take my BC pills and also essentially not eating for two weeks. BUT I also need to remember to drink lots of water, which I have forgotten the past few days and could be adding to my feelings of 'hunger.'The weight is coming back on and I am feeling quite shitty as of late, so my plan is this:

                            B- butter and coconut oil in decaf coffee, one digestive probiotic tablet

                            L- 3 hardboiled eggs (one just yolk, I don't want the whites to become an issue for my gut), beef broth, and gelatin

                            snack- handful of nuts (this could be kind of dangerous, I would much prefer almond butter but I'll have to special order it)

                            D- mackerel with lots of garlic, mashed pumpkin, more beef broth if desired, more gelatin if desired.

                            I need to eat more, that is for sure. I have a fear of eating too much due to pain in my bowels being overwhelming. BUT, have no fear!!

                            Sidenote- did the warm- up for Turbulence Training at-home Abs or whatever, and that is all I could do but hey, it's something. Walking to work tomorrow.


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                              Hey! Thanks for the very detailed and interesting reply about shijang, bone marrow, Chuseok, etc.! I'm glad you liked reading my stuff too, was concerned about being a bit intrusive on your blog but I was super excited to find it!

                              Sounds like you are doing pretty good, stay healthy! I have such a hard time with figuring out when I'm overanalyzing my food, being to strict, etc. but I have really gotten past some really scary IBS. My mom is also doing PB to an extent, and said it's been helping her with some issues she's had since she had a bowel surgery (she had some collateral damage during a hysterectomy and they had to take a piece out and sew her back up... ). But yeah, I think it's generally, and especially during recovery from stuff like this, to have some extra fat!