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    B- decaf butter coffee (see above post for details)

    L- 3 hardboiled eggs, beef broth, homemade gelatin, potato chips

    snack- candy, prunes and nuts

    D- 2 small mackerel fillets, steamed pumpkin and garlic

    snack- prunes, decaf coffee with cream and xylitol

    late night snack- rice balls with wasabi, some raw fish

    Really up in the air today. I am on the monthly week of awesome and so far it is going badly as usual. Enormous pangs ofo hunger for sugary foods, and my usual stubborn can't-give-a-f*ck attitude is at its all time high. Today I thought about not having sugar and potato chips: I did NOT have a sugar crash, there was no logical (ish) reason to eat them. But I laughed and told myself "I want it, so I'm gonna eat it." I only really enjoy these foods though when I am alone, and I feel relaxed and able to breathe and just indulge. That's obviously an attitude surrounding food I need to deal with, I didn't realize I felt that way!
    My tummy is all over the place today as well. Lots of pockets of gas, lots of diarrhea, and huge amounts of undigested matter in my stool as well. Mostly nuts and vegetable/fruit matter. I know what I am currently eating isn't the best (nuts and prunes) so gotta give that up for tomorrow. All in all a good effort today and I will try harder tomorrow. Here's to a good nights sleep (hopefully!!)


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      Hmm, Wednesday. I love Wednesday because it is the easiest day of the week for me (teaching-wise.) My period is really heavy this week though along with the accompanying carb binges and headaches and achiness. I am reading about the Leptin Reset on some of the threads here and I visited the proper website. I am thinking it is a good move to make next week as I am noticing my hunger is slightly..uncontrollable? Like its not just in my mind. So, will begin that journey soon! I don't think it will be a major change but it will make major changes...if you know what I mean. That's a damn good combination. Today:

      B- butter coffee
      snack- potato chips and lots of salt

      L- 2 hard boiled eggs, beef broth, jello.

      snack- candy, potato chips

      D- mackerel with pumpkin and onions

      snacking- potato chips, sour glow worms, 2 decaf coffees with cream, eggs cooked in butter (had a crazy craving for eggs)

      CLEARLY still eating too much junk food. I am a bit helpless around it, if I am being honest. I also need to watch how many eggs I eat per day as my body might start getting sensitive. Today was....meh. Feeling very achey and stuffy and sh*tty and desperately hoping it is just my period and not the crazy cold my husband has right now. CANNOT get sick. I barely have an immune system after 3 solid weeks of antibiotics!! I need to be vigilant about the digestive enzyme probiotics. Maybe 2 per day.


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        Oy vey! This thing is TOUGH. Why is it so tough?! I don't think I am used to listening to my body signals yet, not at all. Today:

        B- sausage and egg scramble with bacon. decaf coffee with cream and gelatin (trying to get 50 gr of protein)

        L- cheese stick, half of a kimbap triangle, honey roasted peanuts.

        snack- beef jerky, sugar free cider(like sprite here in Korea), 4 pieces of hard candy

        D- half of a bowl of dolsot bibimbap, some galbitang, sugar free cider

        snack- chocolate bar (dove, milk choco)

        might have another coffee and some cheese before bed.

        So, I am still craving candy when I'm at work and finally finished with my classes. Especially if no one else is in my room. My office has become a bit of a stressful zone as kids are in and out of there constantly, and I am finding myself leaving the premises for lunch just to get some peace and quiet. I'm also really dead after lunch, and with my schedule this semester I have a lot of late afternoon classes. I'm just not quite gelling with my work time atm. Mornings and nights are good, but I am finding afternoons by far the most challenging part of my day. What to do about this....?

        I feel like my perfectionism could be getting in the way so I want to include a positive thing with every post.
        Positive- I am consistently taking 2 probiotics per day, and I am eating a good breakfast and walking A LOT. Today marks the first day I have gone without my special tummy corset and my muscles are sore and swollen and I had a few run-ins with the toilet today but DAMNIT, I'm getting better!
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          Wow! So it's been a while since I've been on, as usual. Today was day 2 of my full leptin reset protocol. I may have eaten more than 50 carbs today, but I am really happy with my overall effort this week! My breakfast is large (as is recommended) and my lunch is protein-rich but a little small. At about 3:00- I start to feel really, really hungry!!! I don't dinner until about 6- 6:30 so this is a really rough patch in the day, but I am hoping to reset my hunger signals for a different time frame. I used to work odd hours and I never got to eat lunch before noon, so I think my body has adjusted to that. I'm happy with my food choices, as I have chosen to not include grains, sugar or sugar substitutes for the 30 days of leptin reset. It's amazing how accustomed to the occasional (every day!) diet soda or xylitol in the coffee you can get. Anyway, keep on keepin on folk and I hope to provide more detail when I get over this 4 day beginning hump.


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            Sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up!


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              Back again! Next week my partner and I are going Whole30! Stoked for a solid element of change. I just can't seem to pull it off without going cold turkey, but damnit if I'm not trying my ass off. I have some seriously fucked up ideas about food! Like, how does someone even get like this? I currently live in a country where people treat food (on the whole) like life and nutrition and they take so much pride in it. I realize I aint got none of that. But, again, things are changing and I'm giving it my all. School has been stressful this semester and besides being seriously ill and fighting those emotional and physical battles, I feel like I'm coming out on top. Exhausted and semi-productive, but generally I'm winning. That seems to be all I can ask for in my life thus far, thought I honestly think this whole food thing is a big closet full of skellies that is going to make me laugh, and cry (a lot) and get angry, and learn to appreciate. So, I'm looking forward to it, as I am also relishing decaf coffees with cream and Skippy peanut butter.

              Girly side note I'm back at the gym and I swear to God my ass is picking up ALREADY. I have a magical ass, it just stands up straight like soldier! Also, my hair is ridiculous thank you Korean summer, and I really need a cut but I'm a curly girl and I don't trust anyone to cut my hair properly!! What should I do? *sigh* time.


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                Sounds like you're doing pretty good! (also, have you seen KimchiNinja around the forums at all? They also appear to live in South Korea.)