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2013 Huge Changes for Jay!

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  • 2013 Huge Changes for Jay!

    Went for my first bike ride - very funny. Geez I didn't realise how many hills were around my place.

    Ate well today however the Paleo Journal I use to track has me eating something like 3000 calories which just doesn't seem right. Considering largest portion of my dinner were veggies. Had a steak for lunch, with nothing else. Nothing for brekkie. Lamb and veggies for dinner. That's it.

    Not going to use the other journal anymore. My daily tests say I'm in ketosis and I really couldn't eat any less as I was really hungry this afternoon. Headspin hungry.

    Will be interesting to see what the scales say. I can tell if I've done wrong, as I can jump 200-300 grams overnight. However when I'm on track I consistently lose very small amounts each day.

    xx J

    ** Reposted this under a new heading. Didn't realise the headings stayed the same and my old one didn't make sense anymore considering I'm now on day 5. :-)