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Kat's Primal Journal for the 4 week challenge

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  • Kat's Primal Journal for the 4 week challenge

    So a co-worker shared the book "Wheat Belly" with me and pointed me to this website about the primal lifestyle. I was a bit leery at first since I'm 5'10" 135lb 33yr old female who is a runner and has been weightlifting since jr. high, and am not concerned about weight loss. And i grew up with my mom milling her own wheat for bread and always have been a "whole grain" person. But after reading "Wheat Belly" i was like WTH!

    I'm a scientist... (i did read the rebuttal to the book, which i felt was inadequate - my sister works for cereal chemists who wrote the rebuttal)

    So that led me to do an experiment on myself... eliminate wheat/lower carbs and do the primal fitness regime vs. eating whole grains and my normal pounding out the miles and doing chronic cardio.

    I've been 135 since high school (excluding when i was pregnant), and i usually don't fluctuate much. After 1 week of primal eating (i love the Wheat Belly Cookbook, and the Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals cookboo), i dropped 4 lbs. I was like what?! For one, i don't have much to lose to start with... but it made me think if i can lose 4 lbs in a week (and still eating a lot of food), then my sisters and my mom would totally benefit since they are more of the curvy stature and all have thryoid issues. (I'm the freak of the family who's always been a tall skinny beanpole). But another amazing thing is my stomach has gotten more definition... i've always had the linea alba line with some horizontal lines, but now i can see all of my abs. it's crazy. I also am able to do 3 sets of 4 pull-ups (i could only do 1 set of 3 this summer). So even though i'm only about half-way through my 4 week challenge, i'm sold. I'm definitely talking the lifestyle up and challenging people just to try it for 4 weeks... if they see benefits continue, if not go back.. but it doesn't hurt to try!