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Right, primal and feeling dizzy

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  • Right, primal and feeling dizzy

    On the 'diet' for almost a week. I think of food and what to eat all day.
    Lost weight, almost 2 kilo's / not happy so I bought 2 chocolate bars and had one of them for lunch (stupid but I threw the cold cualiflower away), the other after diner.

    I realy like the principle but I have a hard time believing it. All this meat and proteines! Not good! Still I already see benefits: the color of my gum has changed and my dentist was very pleased to see it's healing, finally. Go figure.

    What I realy hate about this is the cold food at lunch. I have to prepare something in the morning to take to work and I just can't get used to eating salades or raw vegetables when it is freezing outside. I long for more solid food, like a cheese sandwich which we Dutch like to take to work (cheap and handy, haha).

    So, little stressfull experience so far. I'll keep going and reading recipes.
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    It's solid. Find more food variety ASAP, and make sure you get enough salt to keep your blood pressure up. You've lost water weight by electrolyte dumping, so sauerkraut and bacon are your friends right now. I'd also recommend magnesium and potassium, but salt's the easiest fix in the short-term.
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      I woke up this morning feeling very depressed. I did not go to work, slept till noon, took a shower and slept again from 1400 till 1700 hours. Felt asthma coming up (due to overbreathing, panic). I did not eat anything till 1800 hours and then I made a big bowl of rice which I ate with sugar and butter.

      I have not felt this bad since 15 years and I concluded that depression is more likely to do me harm than the carbs.
      So I quit. No more of this, not my cup of tea. I look horrible and feel like crying. I am definitely not from Gork.


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        Rice, sugar (to a degree) and butter are all relatively Primal. I see no problem here. You're going to have to actually try Primal, perhaps a version more suited to you, before pretending it didn't work. Since we have little idea what you have been eating or doing, there is no advice to give.

        Not from Gork? You didn't even read the book, did you?
        Crohn's, doing SCD


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          Do I hear some hostility in your answer because this is not working for me and will therefor undermine your belief for it?

          Anyway, I have read the book (and also other articles on the .nl) on my Ipad (skipped a bit at the exercise part) and excuse me for the spelling mistake; I am just not a native English speaker and I mixed that up. Besides, it made me laugh when I tried making a joke as Gork relates with a wink to Ork (and Mindy). But don’t bother, humor is a very language related thing.

          Thanks for your reply.


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            No, man. I just mean it might take time to dial everything in. The exact foods that work for one person aren't always going to work for the next. So give it a few months while you try out new foods and macronutrient ratios until you find out what works for you. Took me around six months to get it all dialed in, financially and taste-wise.
            Crohn's, doing SCD