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    12 weeks of n=1

    WARNING: this is my own personal n=1. It does not adhere to any individual WOE or method but is an amalgamation of research & mini experiments I have undergone over the past 4 weeks to try to find whats right for me.

    Taking everything I have learnt over the past week I am now ready to put the flesh on my N=1.

    1) Macros will be as previously stated:

    Protein 46g (184 cals) to start, incremented by 5g up to 62g if my LBM goes down
    Carbs 5g (20 cals) from eggs, spinach & Mac nuts only
    Fat 80% 90g (816 cals)

    Total cals 1130* (this number has nothing to do with BMR, it is simply an arbitrary figure based on the Carb/Protein/Fat combinations above & is my starting point). If no weight loss after a week then I will up the CO by 7g (50 cals) up to a max of 1250cals when I will revamp my menu plans.

    NB: The reason for starting with a low cal count is as follows:
    - When doing the fat fast I was able to survive comfortably on 1000 cals
    - At the end of the day, whatever WOE is used, it is necessary to have a calorie deficiency to lose weight, the bigger the deficiency the faster the weight loss. The counter to this is than too low & the body switches to starvation mode & metabolism slows down so weight loss stalls.
    - There are numerous ways of calculating BMR so any figure used to start with is arbitrary.

    2) Tbsp refined CO will be used as per the Shangri-La Diet protocol to suppress the appetite and (maybe) lower my set point– cant hurt as I’m going to be taking the CO for health reasons anyway

    3) A 14 hr IF window will be maintained:

    - For health reasons
    - To give me the mindset not to eat inappropriately in the evenings
    - To make living on a restricted calorie input easier

    4) The LeanGains early morning fasted training protocol will be used as the basis for the meal plan:

    6:00 1/4 unwaxed lemon with hot water first thing
    6:30 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA with am supplements
    6:30–7:00 Exercise.
    7:00 1 tbsp ACV in 250ml warm water
    8:00 10 g BCAA.
    10:00 10 g BCAA
    11:00 1 tbsp CO – 1st SLD shot (start of 10hr feed window)
    12:00-13:00 meal 1 - chicken bone broth supplemented with unsalted butter
    13:00-15:00 meal 2 – tinned fish with EVOO & fresh parsley & coriander
    16:00 1 tbsp CO – 2nd SLD shot
    17:30-20:00 meal 3 – either ground turkey & spinach or cheese & spinach omelette with Mac nuts
    17:30-20:00 1/4 unwaxed lemon with 1/4 tsp cayenne in hot water at least 1/2hr before HCWC
    20:00-21:00 HCWC - Last meal before the fast


    a) Hot lemon - good for liver cleanse

    b) AVC – acts as a detox, breaks up mucus in the body, helps control appetite, aids digestion & helps with clear skin & hair (ACV has a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It also possesses antimicrobial and antiseptic properties

    c) BCAA only started once heavy lifting or primal sprints included in exercise plan)

    d) Fish increases DHA, which acts as an anti-inflammatory & is rich in selenium & Vit D

    e) CO aides sleep, good for the skin & has many health benefits

    f) Parsley, coriander & spinach – very low carb, high antioxidants, vits & minerals

    g) Turkey boosts metabolism & acts as an appetite suppressant

    h) Hot lemon & 1/4 tsp cayenne - detox drink. No physical activity for 1/2hr afterwards. Cayenne has lots of health benefits

    i) Limited menu choice makes it easier to ensure correct macros, manage protein & calorie increments with minimal thought & prep. Less time to fixate on food (or lack of it)

    5) Results & Evaluation:

    - Daily macros will be recorded & posted here weekly together with sleep length
    - Weight & LBM will be recorded daily & the Diet Hacker Trend Chart used to track changes.
    - The Monday Trend weight will be posted as the official weight for the week along with any change in LBM
    - The exercise plan will be recorded & posted here weekly
    - A monthly report will be posted on the EMF thread along with a copy of the monthly trend chart
    - Measurements will be taken at the end of each defined period (4-5 weeks) & the BF based on the US Army & Navy formulas will be computed & included in the post to the EMF thread, along with the success (or otherwise) of the exercise program
    - At the end of each defined period the cals in v cals out feedback loop will be reviewed & calorie input adjusted accordingly based on av weekly weight loss & hunger (not less than 1000 cals per day & no more than 1 Ĺ lb Trend weight av loss per week after first 4 weeks)
    - For every day completed on the exercise program I will give myself 50p towards my ketone monitor or bulk buy of gelatin (depends what is freaking me out more) Full completion of a period will add £10. Full completion over the 12 weeks & I will add a further £25

    6) Exercise

    - The Diet Hacker 15min exercise ladder will be done Sun- Fri starting at rung 1 (limited by shoulder injury)
    - Sun/Tue/Thu - Novice 5k Programme on TM at 60-70% Max HR
    - Mon/Wed/Fri – Hip Mobility exercises / Squats / Shoulder exercises
    - 5-6mi walk 6 days a week

    So for the next 12 weeks I shall be doing & recording rather than lurking & posting

    UPDATE 27/2
    1) *Cals moved up to 1130 (from 1023) because I had been miscalculating the value of double cream, which put the number up for the first 2 days. As the original cal number was arbitrary anyway, its more important to stick with the same number everyday, 1130 is it

    2) Not doing exercise for first 4 weeks – struggling with shoulder & work right now so don’t need the extra stress. Also I want to see what difference exercising makes so I need a sedentary (walking only) baseline
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      Originally posted by Neanderthal Betty View Post
      Hey, where are you coming up with how many calories that you are supposed to be eating? They seem rather low.
      Hi Neanderthal Betty Sorry I missed your post before now.

      Prior to my new n=1 I have always determined my cals using my BMR based on my LBM not overall or HSIS weight

      BMR = 370+21.6*LBM (kg) which gets me to 1370 approx. I ignore my activity level (very sedentary at the moment), preferring to use that as my deficit.

      However, I have always had a big problem getting my head around the fact that I should be eating a much as 1370 cals. Anything more than `1250 on any sort of eating plan freaks me out.

      At the end of the day, any calculation is a guess so my new n=1 will use the Diet Hackerís idea of trending & closed loops to determine the actual calorie burn & go from there.


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        Week 4 Round-Up

        Have not kept the full weeks numbers Ė cals all over the place but the macros have all been at least 80% fat, protein 30-46g, carbs 2-3%. The problem has been too many cals.

        Sleep has been an issue this week as well as Iíve gone back to late nights on the computer. This has led to kitchen raids so IF has gone out of the window. However, when I do go to bed I go to sleep pretty quick & am not waking in the night so that's something of a minor miracle.

        Iíve also noticed my bad knee is been aching (usually if I donít exercise it starts to ache badly). I know Iíve been on painkillers for the shoulder when it becomes unbearably but I donít think its that.

        Iím e4ven contemplating starting my TM program without eh knee brace. We shall see how it goes.

        Excited to be starting my 12 week n=1 today. Yesterday became one of those ĎIím going on a diet tomorrow so Iíll eat everything nowí Kind of days. I must have eaten triple my normal cals easily. Most of it fat.

        Still, a new day begins today & I really want this new experiment to work. Partly because of the way Iím going to record it and because of the closed loop approach I know it will give me some real answers if I do it right.


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          Its been 4 days since I started n=1. Tracking to a specific number of cals makes the whole over eating thing much easier as it makes me more disciplined. Yesterday I had a job getting all the cals in as I was out most of the day & forgot my lunch bag. Because I am working to a strict number of cals I had to eat them all but it was a struggle. I also went to bed early so wasn’t going to get my 2nd oil shot in. Not being able to face CO for the sake of it last night I had an extra HCWC to make up the cals but it was hard work.

          NB: I use an excel spreadsheet in place of myfitnesspal & yesterday realised that some of the calorie counts were wrong i.e. the cal count of an item was way different to adding up Cg x 4 + Pg x 4 + Fg x 9. Most are out by 1 or 2 (lots of foods contain ash etc which are not included in calories. In the UK fibre isn’t either hence the slight difference) but some were just wrong. Have now fixed this and added a checksum to flag up problems in the future so my daily cals are up slightly on what I expected.

          Weekly averages so far Cals 1131 Pg 47 Cg 6 Fg 102 Ratio 17-2-82


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            12 week n=1 experiment
            Protein 46g (sedentary female), Carb 5g, Fat 80%, Cals 1130 incl 30g Coconut Oil. If LBM lost move up a protein level. If Wt Loss stalls add extra 7g (56 cal) coconut oil

            Start Weight: 174lb BMI: 28.03 BF: 40.7% Water: 43.2% LBM: 55.6% LBM: 103.2lb

            Update: Week 1 of n=1

            Mon 25-Feb Cals: 1170 Protein: 47g Ratio: 16-2-82 Sleep: 5.5hr/awake/ 45min
            Tue 26-Feb Cals: 1175 Protein: 47g Ratio: 16-2-82 Sleep: forgot to track
            Wed 27-Feb Cals: 1046 Protein: 46g Ratio: 18-2-80 Sleep: 4.5hr, bed late, woken by alarm
            Thu 28-Feb Cals: 1126 Protein: 42g Ratio: 15-2-83 Sleep: 5.5hr/awake/ 45min
            Fri 01-Mar Cals: 979 Protein: 44g Ratio: 18-2-80 Sleep: 5hr+30mn+1hr30
            Sat 02-Mar Cals: 1114 Protein: 42g Ratio: 15-2-83 Sleep: 7hr straight
            Sun 03-Mar Cals: 1287 Protein: 47g Ratio: 15-2-83 Sleep: 7hr straight

            Weekly Average: Cals: 1129 Protein: 45g Ratio: Av % (16-2-82)

            Weight: 170lb Loss: -4 BMI: 27.39 BF: 40% Water: 42.7% LBM: 56.5% LBM: 102lb

            1) On the Monday I tried ACV in water – 1 tbsp ACV in 500ml water. Yuk. Couldn’t get motivated to try again. Goal for week 2: 1tbsp AVC in small glass of cold water before dinner

            2) On the Monday I also tried 1tsp Cayenne in hot water with lemon. Double Yuk & Ouch. I only managed Ĺ the cup then checked – turns out I should only be using ľ tsp then work up over time. I can’t really imagine taking it in the morning it would ruin the whole day so I’m going to try taking it in the evening before dinner (apparently it is better to drink it 1/2 hr before doing any exercise so this time would be perfect). I will just have to wait for the taste to go before having dinner. Goal for week 2: 1/8 tbsp cayenne with ľ lemon in small cup of hot water before dinner

            3) I read that its better to take the first oil shot for SLD after a meal. Also I want take the second shot last thing at night to help with the IF so have been taking the 1st shot mid morning. However, I haven’t been very good at getting the second shot in, mainly as I’ve been going to bed early due to this wretched shoulder & back pain so haven’t had an hr between diner & bed. Will see how I get on next week but I am more interested in sorting the pain out first, Also I have switched to using refined CO in the morning (I use KTC which is supposed to be as pure as you can get) with the intention of using virgin CO at night.

            4) I have tried really hard to get the calories exact this week but it hasn’t quite worked out. Hence I ate extra cals on Sunday to ensure the weekly average was more or less correct). Goal for week 2: Stick to the meal plans & consistent daily calorie intake.

            NB: Cals were up on Sunday to get my average cal number right for the week - this moved my scale weight up slightly when it had been decreasing all week so 1250 cals seems to be my sticking point. Will know better when I get more data.

            5) Although I lost LBM this week I will keep the calorie & protein count the same, as I want a few weeks worth of data before I change anything. Also it was TOM this week so that may throw things out. IF the LBM loss is as large next week I will reconsider but I would like to do 4 weeks with the same numbers if I can.
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              Yesterday was a good day in that I felt better, not so much pain & I managed to resist the urge to eat last night. But it was a major stress day (hence the urge to over eat) & at least I now know for certain that my evening binges are directly related to emotional eating. But I got through it once (mainly by going to bed early which screwed up my sleep) so I know I can get through it again.

              Today is a bad day so far, pain really debilitating, stressed out (I wonder if they are connected?), nothing achieved work wise yet & it’s nearly lunchtime. Good points are that: 1) I’ve found some good points! 2) I finally get to see the physio today, 3) I have got some housework done just to get my mind off the pain (housework only tends to get done when I am procrastinating), 4) am down another lb despite all the inflammation & meds.


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                Today is going to be a good day. I will make it so. This is my new positive mantra.

                Weighed this am down another lb.168lb (12st). This means I am on the cusp of greatness – a NSZ. It has always taken me weeks of stalling to break though one of these but not this time.

                The physio confirmed my trapped nerve (stupid emergency room & their diagnosis of shoulder impingement). He couldn’t do much to help save heat or ice & stronger anti-inflammatory & painkillers to break the pain cycle. More money – I’ll keep on with the others first for a while by taking them regularly & see how it goes. Yesterday was really painful. Maybe today I will get a break. Anyhow, back I=to see he in 3 weeks time.

                Tonight is my thank you dinner from the dog club so something to look forward to even if the meal wont be strictly paelo.
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                  Disappointed to find the weight was up slightly this am despite me only eating a plain burger & lettuce/onion & drinking water when ‘I went out for a meal last night, It could be the fact that I ate later than usual I suppose, If anything the cals were under yesterday although the macros were ok. Still I’ve got 4 days to get rid of the final lb to get into the NSZ & I’m even more determined to do it this week.


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                    N=1 Ramblings (visitors may want to move swiftly on - don't say you haven't been warned)

                    I have been re-reading Jimmy Moore’s posts re his NK n=1. In his post about the mistakes he made getting to NK My 5 Low-Carb Mistakes And How Nutritional Ketosis Rescued Me From Them he says his success in staying in NK is based on his % macros being P12-C3-F85.

                    Someone in the comments on his blog also mentioned success with the same macros.

                    Jimmy Moore has been vilified on a number sites partly I think because he hasn't been forgiven for putting much of his original weight loss back on, and partly because he wont post his menus or admit he has reduced his calories. Others think eating 85% fat is way too difficult (I myself could happily do this but think the cals & protein counts are more important). Personally I don't think much of the guy but I am interested in his n=1 as it is the only long term ketone blood monitoring one I can find (Came across this one today but not really sure it tells me much My Low Carb Road to Better Health: Ketone Testing).

                    To get to 12-3-85 % either my Protein would have to be 36g or my total cals 1500. Neither are options for me right now, as I don’t want to upset my n=1, but long term the 12-3-85 would work so may be a good number to aim for.

                    To this end, I have started to think further about my long-term n=1 and how to get to this macro. Restricting my carbs to 10g will give me more than enough carbs but less overall cals than sticking 3% carb.

                    Cg Ccal Fg Fcal-85% Pg Pcal Tot
                    10 40 107 961 32 130 1130 11-4-85
                    10 40 113 1014 35 139 1193 12-3-85
                    10 40 119 1067 37 148 1255 12-3-85
                    10 40 124 1120 39 158 1318 12-3-85
                    10 40 130 1173 42 167 1380 12-3-85
                    10 40 136 1226 44 176 1443 12-3-85
                    10 40 142 1279 46 186 1505 12-3-85
                    10 40 148 1332 49 195 1568 12-3-85
                    10 40 154 1386 51 205 1630 13-2-85
                    10 40 160 1439 53 214 1693 13-2-85
                    10 40 166 1492 56 223 1755 13-2-85
                    10 40 172 1545 58 233 1818 13-2-85
                    10 40 178 1598 61 242 1880 13-2-85
                    10 40 183 1651 63 251 1943 13-2-85
                    10 40 189 1704 65 261 2005 13-2-85
                    10 40 195 1757 68 270 2068 13-2-85
                    10 40 201 1811 70 280 2130 13-2-85
                    10 40 207 1864 72 289 2193 13-2-85
                    Protein is the key number here - too much & the body starts converting it to glucose which ends up as fat storage - too little & precious LBM gets lost. As we know, calories is also important - too much of anything will start a weight gain (I know this from personal experience), too little & the body slows the metabolism down to compensate

                    NB: Getting the macro right seems to be the most important thing re deep NK as a) with the right macro it takes 4-6 weeks to achieve NK, b) just a few g of carb/protein too much or g of fat too low can knock you out of it c) the only real way to know if you have achieved it seems to be with a ketone blood monitor

                    Without a ketone blood monitor it is going to be difficult to know if I'm doing it right especially as ketostix don't work for me. So rather than worry about whether or not I am in ketosis I think I need to concentrate on the basics. My end goal is to lose body fat & gain visible muscle. I hope that as a result of this I will get to a point where I can fit once again into my wedding dress but 3 decades & 3 children may prevent that.

                    I also want to be strong (be able to complete the PBF 4 basic moves) & able to comfortable run a 5k at a reasonable pace. Unfortunately LHT is out right now due to shoulder injury. I have decided to postpone the run program until the end of the first 4 weeks of n=1 to give myself a sedentary baseline.

                    So at the end of the day Ketosis is just a means to an end, it is not the be all & end all. I have gotten so wrapped up in this whole NK trip that I had forgotten that. as long as the weight is dropping & my LBM more or less maintaining (once I get near my HSIS I can worry about increasing LBM & hence require an increase in protein), then it is a success.

                    So, over time I need to raise my protein to 1g/kg (62g) & raise my cals to a comfortable maintenance level without causing a stall or weight gain.

                    Protein increase: Providing my LBM loss is not > 25% of total loss no change for first 4 weeks. after that the loss should not be more than 10%. If change required up the protein by 5g

                    Calorie increase: It is insane to assume weight loss will remain the same as actual weight decreases. So the first 4 weeks will provide ample date for the feedback circuit thus allowing me tro establish my sedentary BMR. Once this is established the daily calories should be adjusted in increments of 62.5 cals every 2 weeks (if no weight loss occurs then delay increase for a week) until adjusted for required weekly weight loss.

                    Start Date n=1 Cycle Pg /
                    exercise Goal Wt Loss Goal Wt Daliy Cal Deficit BMR Daily cals 2-Weekly cal increase
                    25-Feb Cycle 1a W1-4 P46g
                    Cal 1130
                    16-2-82 No Ex 2lb/Wk 166 (11st12) 1000 2130 1130
                    25-Mar Cycle 1b W5-8 P50g
                    Cal 1380
                    14-2-84 Nov 5k
                    1.5lb/Wk 160 (11st6) 750 2130 1380 63
                    22-Apr Cycle 1c W9-12 P50g
                    Cal 1380
                    14-2-84 Nov 5k
                    1.5lb/Wk 154 (11st0) 750 2130 1380
                    20-May Cycle 1d W13-16 P55g
                    Cal 1630
                    13-1-86 Nov 5k
                    1lb/Wk 150 (10st10) 500 2130 1630 63
                    17-Jun Cycle 2a W1-4 P55g
                    Cal 1630
                    13-1-86 Int 5k
                    1lb/Wk 146 (10st6) 500 2130 1630
                    15-Jul Cycle 2b W5-8 P55g
                    Cal 1630
                    13-1-86 Int 5k
                    1lb/Wk 142 (10st2) 500 2130 1630
                    12-Aug Cycle 2c W9-12 P60g
                    Cal 1880
                    13-1-86 Int 5k
                    0.5lb/Wk 140 (10st0) 250 2130 1880 63
                    09-Sep Cycle 3a W1-4 P60g
                    Cal 1880
                    13-1-86 5k
                    0.5lb/Wk 136 (9st10) 250 2130 1880
                    07-Oct Cycle 3b W5-8 P60g
                    Cal 1880
                    13-1-86 5k
                    0.5lb/Wk 132 (9st6) 250 2130 1880
                    04-Nov Cycle 3c W9-12 P60g
                    Cal 1880
                    13-1-86 5k
                    0.5lb/Wk 130 (9st4) 250 2130 1880
                    This plan should see me at HSIS by my birthday as I had hoped.
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                      Today has been a strange day. I have been procrastinating all day & on the prowl in the kitchen. I also chose to miss my CO shot this am & use calories for ‘real’ food. Luckily I have a load of calories in hand from earlier in the week so everything is well within limits despite the cal count being 200 higher.

                      It will be interesting to see what happens on the scale tomorrow. I am 0.2lb away from breaking into the NSZ. Maybe that is the reason for the prowling – I am unconsciously trying to sabotage myself (I usually always stall for weeks at a NSZ). I have taken the laptop to bed with me early in the hope of staying away from the kitchen,

                      PS re-read yesterday’s ramblings on my n=1 & I feel really good about it. Even though there is lots of dissent out there on the folly of eating low cal, being able to see the scale going down almost daily & knowing I am only doing this for a few weeks makes it worthwhile. For me having a plan I have to stick to for the sake of the experiment is really helping also. I do wish I could get on with the exercising though. I hope my shoulder & back heal by the end of the next fortnight when the first cycle of my n=1 comes to an end.
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                        I have just started reading
                        Nutritional Ketosis (LC/HF/MP) Challenge Anyone? - Page 28 - Low Carb Friends

                        In it is a great quote:

                        If there's one thing to learn from this thread it is that each individual needs to find the correct number of grams of protein and carbs for them to get into nutritional ketosis. Once you have these correct you can adjust the fat grams for satiety and weight loss.

                        Oh for a blood ketone meter!!


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                          Weighed this am & something really weird has happened. For the first 2 days this week the scales dropped. Since then they have been up & down slightly but this am my LBM is UP by 1/2lb over last week (and yet no exercise!), whereas all week it has been down slightly. If it stays there for the official weigh in tomorrow that would suggest (to me at least) that after an initial drop it then stabilises & the BF starts losing.

                          This seems to prove the importance of sticking to the n=1 for a few weeks to see accurate results (seeing loss of LBM daily has been freaking me out & at any other time I would have stopped by now) - the first couple of weeks, the body is probably all over the place trying to get to grips with it. Can't wait to see what happens over the next 2 weeks. If LBM stays up then I will know that CW advise regards protein really is BS.

                          BTW no change in weight today (BMI up slightly which is as expected given extra 200 fat cals yesterday)

                          I am so glad I chose to go to bed early last night & stay out of the kitchen. I feel vindicated this am.

                          Weighing everyday is a novelty for me. I am finding it quite exciting seeing what is happening to my body on a daily basis. Weird or what?

                          PS: re SLD - not having CO shot yesterday has made no appreciable difference to how I feel this am. Will be doing the same today (I want the cals for real food) then will go back to it tomorrow. I'm still not convinced re SLD but I am convinced of the health benefits of CO & like the control over my eating that the enforced timing gives me so will continue for now


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                            Protein consumption

                            I found this this morning. It shows the science behind links with cancer (& other health issues) & high protein.

                            Protein: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Ron Rosedale, M.D.

                            Dr Rosedale suggests .7-.75 x LBM is the way to go (.5-.6 for diabetics) which is similar to the low end of V&P - from what I have read over the past week they seem to have got it right. Stick to .6 x current LBM & recalculate periodically as your LBM increases.

                            Although this is not where I am right now I am leaning more & more towards 0.6g of Protein x current body weight as the long term place to be.

                            Just one thing I am not sure about - whether we should be eating the protein required to maintain our body then increase as LBM increase (hence never having too much protein), or

                            Eat the protein required to main required LBM (CW says you should eat extra protein to build muscle mass) but risk the extra protein turning into glucose because you are taking in more protein than your body can currently handle.



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                              Why the scales can lie

                              NB: This came from RMS123 (Thanks). I am putting it here as a reminder when I stall

                              A biologist at Berkeley shared something very revealing on the low-carb BBS system about 4 years ago that helps us all through the erratic weight fluctuations you invariably encounter: Fat cells are resilient, stubborn little creatures that do not want to give up their actual cell volume. Over a period of weeks, maybe months of "proper dieting", each of your fat cells may have actually lost a good percentage of the actual fat contained in those cells. But the fat cells themselves, stubborn little guys, replace that lost fat with water to retain their size. That is, instead of shrinking to match the reduced amount of fat in the cell, they stay the same size! Result - you weigh the same, look the same, maybe even gained some scale weight, even though you have actually lost some serious fat.

                              The good news is that this water replacement is temporary. It's a defensive measure to keep your body from changing too rapidly. It allows the fat cell to counter the rapid change in cell composition, allowing for a slow, gradual reduction in cell size. The problem is, most people are frustrated with their apparent lack of success, assume they have lost nothing, and stop dieting.

                              However, if you give those fat cells some time, like 4-6 months, and ignore the scale weight fluctuations, your real weight/shape will slowly begin to show. The moral of the story - be patient! Your body is changing even if the number on the scale isn't.

                              PATTERNS OF WEIGHT LOSS

                              Common patterns of weight loss from tracking a lot of people who become assimilated into the low carb lifestyle, a pattern emerges.... the 2 week induction is pretty heady...weight lost just about every single day, enormous and unbelievable amounts of weight loss are reported. This is often followed by complaints that weight loss "stalls" or that the rate drops to only 1 pound per week.

                              Many people just don't know that fat-loss ...the actual goal when on a weight-reduction" diet, is rate-limited. In other words, the human body has factors that prevent more than a certain amount of fatty-acid release from storage...and even more factors that prevent those released fatty acids from being used up instead of stored back into the fat cells.

                              A priority of the human body is survival. Anything that threatens its survival results in the cascade of events to maintain the previous status quo. Water fluctuations are one way the body does this. you done good on Atkins' during induction...lost 10 pounds the first 2 weeks. Maybe 7 the first week and 3 the second. But, whoa! Weeks 3 and 4 there is NO loss! And weeks 5 and 6 is only 1/2 pound each!

                              So... what gives? Initially, the body jettisons the water attached to the glycogen stores that we diligently deplete to get into ketosis...this accounts for about 3-5 pounds of water. In addition, muscle stores of glycogen are not being replaced when used...which will account for the rest. All in all...MAYBE 1/2 pound of fat was metabolized during the first week... and MAYBE 1/2 pound of fat was metabolized the 2nd week. Of that 10 initial pounds, only 1 pound was fat and 9 pounds water...

                              The body senses this lack and sirens start shrieking: Warning! Warning! Losing water... new to get back to the status quo! Brain tells body to produce and release that vasopressin anti-diuretic hormone....more water is retained, and no weight loss noticed. Fat loss is still occurring, MAYBE even 2 pounds per week, because ketosis is firmly established and appetite suppression is in effect...but water retention is hiding that continuing fat loss. The body is preventing dehydration with this mechanism, and that's a good thing.

                              From the perspective of the scale, it can be discouraging. Which is why the mantra: Water retention masks fat loss (repeated frequently to oneself) is helpful. Water retention will mask ongoing fat-loss for as long as the body retains the water. We can combat this by drinking more water...but we aren't going to totally overcome this mechanism during the initial water-loss phase of the Atkins diet. By weeks 5 and 6, things start to get back in balance, and the scale will begin to reflect the true fat-loss...which, as mentioned before is rate-limited.

                              Individuals vary, but max weight loss runs about 2 pounds per week...under extremely optimal conditions... or 1% of body weight (whichever is the lower number). So don't use the scale as an excuse to undermine your progress. Even when the scale is in a stall, fat loss can be occurring.


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                                12 week n=1 experiment
                                Protein 46g (sedentary female), Carb 5g, Fat 80%, Cals 1130 incl 30g Coconut Oil. If LBM lost move up a protein level. If Wt Loss stalls add extra 7g (56 cal) coconut oil

                                Start Weight: 174lb BMI: 28.03 BF: 40.7% Water: 43.2% LBM: 55.6% LBM: 103.2lb

                                Week 2 of n=1

                                Mon 04-Mar Cals: 1159 Protein :46g Ratio: 16-2-81 Sleep: 6hr - woken by alarm
                                Tue 05-Mar Cals: 1150 Protein :45g Ratio: 16-2-82 Sleep: 5.5hr straight
                                Wed 06-Mar Cals: 918 Protein :40g Ratio: 18-3-80 Sleep: 8.5hr straight Notes: meal out cals may not be exact but macros ok
                                Thu 07-Mar Cals: 1021 Protein :43g Ratio: 17-2-81 Sleep: 5.5hr - woken by alarm
                                Fri 08-Mar Cals: 1241 Protein :47g Ratio: 16-2-83 Sleep: 7hr straight
                                Sat 09-Mar Cals: 1310 Protein :49g Ratio: 15-2-83 Sleep: 5.5hr straight
                                Sun 10-Mar Cals: 1122 Protein :47g Ratio: 17-3-80 Sleep: 9hr straight

                                Weekly Average: Cals: 1132 Protein :46g Ratio: Av (16-2-81) Total Loss since start of n=-1: -6lb

                                Weight: 168lb Loss: -2 BMI: 27.03 BF (BIA): 39.3% Water: 43.2% LBM: 57.2% LBM:102lb



                                I didn't take the AVC in water or the Cayenne experiments forward this week. Will try next week.

                                All the loss came at the beginning of the week before my meal out. Since I only drank water & ate a plain beef burger & some lettuce & onion I don’t believe this could be really affecting my weight loss.

                                The last couple of days I have not been taking the coconut oil. From what I have read this week the MTC’s are key to making ketones so I definitely think it is a good idea to take the CO in order to keep the ketones high. Also I am dead on 12st & as it’s usually so hard to break though a NSZ, I suspect I may have hit a set point. I need to follow SLD as planned, taking the CO at the proper times.

                                I have also had more HCWC than planned. In fact I have stuck to the macros but haven’t really stuck to the eating plan. This means the meal ratios have been off, it has been more of a constant graze for a few hours than a couple of set meals, all of which could have an effect.

                                I have also found myself having to go to bed early to stop me raiding the kitchen – not really hungry, just want to eat extra fat. This could be because of the low calorie. Everything I have read this week seems to be pointing out the folly of going low cal & cals in does not equal cals out (the metabolism just sets itself lower). But if I'm fat adapted then surely the body should be using stored fat as energy hence keeping the metabolism up?

                                My average daily weight loss trend suggests my av daily cal deficit for the past 2 weeks is 1167. To lose the required 2lb/wk I only need a deficit of 1000, so I’m going to up the cals by 70 this week to 1200 to see if this makes a difference. Protein will remain at 46g.

                                The good thing is the LBM has suddenly jumped UP higher than last week. All the weight loss was at the start of the week & the LBM jump at the end of the week so maybe my body is consolidating the current losses before losing more.

                                I MUST LEARN TO BE PATIENT

                                Goals for week 3

                                1) Stick to set meals, no grazing
                                2) Take CO twice a day as per SLD
                                3) Protein 46g, Cals 1200
                                4) Restart the AVC & cayenne experiments
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