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    Have just found the whole30 website. I assume this is what everyone is doing when they say they are doing a whole30 (I thought before it jut meant 30 days of EMF or PB). Looks like a good idea. The only problem I have with it is no dairy - butter & cream are featuring pretty heavily at the moment so have posted here to remember it. It will be worth doing at a later date

    The Whole30 Program | Whole9 | Let us change your life.

    The Timeline: A Day-by-Day Guide to Your Whole30 | Whole9 | Let us change your life.

    PS Been reading Kalli's Leptin Reset Journal & have found two interesting ideas:

    1) Can't find the reference now but basically she was saying that in her experiments she has worked out that

    x cals y protein z fat = maintain
    a cals b protein c fat = loss

    now I just have to figure out what the numbers are

    2) A interesting post on MindBodyGreen: 5 Questions That Will Transform You

    - Why do you want to get healthy or stay healthy?
    - What will you look like after the first 90 days?
    - What would you want to feel like in 90 days?
    - What will others say about you after your transformation?
    - What do you want your legacy to be?

    Definitely something to think about
    I'll answer these in a later post. Have to think...


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      Hey, where are you coming up with how many calories that you are supposed to be eating? They seem rather low.

      For example:

      I'm Female and 5'5 and I'm estimating that I weigh around 170 lbs (I don't weigh myself)

      Off of this equation my BMR is 1554.3

      Then you take your BMR and multiply it by your Harris Benedict equation: Harris Benedict multipliersUse these to add your activity to your BMR.
      To determine your total daily calorie needs, multiply your BMR by the appropriate activity factor, as follows:
      •If you are sedentary (little or no exercise) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.2
      •If you are lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.375
      •If you are moderately active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.55
      •If you are very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.725
      •If you are extra active (very hard exercise/sports & physical job or 2x training) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.9

      I said that I was lightly active which means that I take my 1554.3x1.375 and I get 2,137.20 calories a day, but for weight loss goals I eat 500 calories less than that which takes me to 1637 calories


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        Hey there,

        Not sure if you are still using rapeseed oil.
        Dear Mark: Canola Oil | Mark's Daily Apple
        Why Canola Oil Is Not A Health Food | Food Renegade
        Maybe that helps? It's not so much about the O6 - O3 content, it's the fact that it's incredibly unstable and oxidizes easily. Does very bad things to the body!

        I don't know if you use bacon, but bacon grease is supposed to be really tasty in mayo!

        I am not doing the EMF challenge. Well, I am trying to eat more fat, but I am not restricting carbs because I do not want to lose any weight. From what I have read, however, it is better to start off with no calorie restriction whatsoever. If you are struggling with staying the course and not feeling well, I would not recommend restricting. Your body may have things that it is trying to heal and needs all the nutrition it can get.
        Depression Lies


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          Hi NamelessWonder, Nice to see you.

          Yes I'm still struggling with the rapeseed oil issue. Not because I want to cook with it (am now using unsalted grass fed butter) but because I want to make decent primal mayo. The bacon fat idea sounds interesting but can't imagine how it would work as it is not runny & wouldn't the mayo taste of bacon? But then I am no cook. Don't suppose you have a recipe?

          Re EMF I am coming to the same conclusion that restricting cals may be wrong because I read somewhere that the body gets used to lower cals therefore you can't go back up without gaining I am only doing the 1000 cal Fat Fast n=1 just to get it out of my system really because I don't think it can work (too little protein = lower LBM not BF). It has made me realise however that carbs are not really necessary - they are just empty cals so I'm going to rework my EMF menus accordingly & when I start exercising (damned shoulder!) I will up the cals & fat%.


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            Just found this interesting post re the digestive system:

            Does Meat Rot In Your Colon? No. What Does? Beans, Grains, and Vegetables! - GNOLLS.ORG

            now I know not to worry about my current once a week habit
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              Pebbles67 has decided to start a reward plan to help with her binging.

              I am going to give myself a dollar for each clean day, but I have decided to set the low limit of two straight clean weeks before I can claim the money. Before my latest binges’

              I LOVE this idea. I'm going to use it for exercise - 50p a day if I stay on plan starting March 1. In 100 days I will have enough for a fitbit so I can measure sleep properly. It also has a good pedometer apparently.

              Only 34 weeks to go before my birthday & no advance on the exercise. If I wan to look really good then I have to get going. I know the shoulder hasn’t helped but it hasn’t stopped me walking. Just have problems with motivation.

              Going to concentrate the next 2 weeks on work then officially start the 5k program on March 1 (if I feel like starting before then I will but I think the 5 mile a day walking will be enough for a bit. The shoulder is still fragile so will leave any strength training until March 1 as well.

              Watch this space…..


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                Have felt very off today – I keep getting a weird feeling that starts in the stomach & radiates out through my limbs. It’s very weird & quite painful when it lasts. Maybe it’s some form of detox. I’ve had it before but can’t remember the circumstances. Oh well only a day to go now.

                Definitely wouldn’t want to the Fat Fast for more than 3 days. I don’t have any real cravings & am being careful today to eat regularly during the day but I do feel a bit delicate & I wouldn’t want to do this if it was a normal day.

                What the last few days have taught me however is that B/Fast is not necessary. I am better off eating later as I’m never really hungry first thing (7am) & it helps to stop the snacking in the evening.

                It has also produced a peculiar non-craving for carbs. I usually only eat spinach (for the calcium, lutin & fibre), mushrooms (foreflavour) or cauliflower sometimes when I want something to ’fill me up’ as it were. I also eat fresh herbs coriander (good source of seratonin) & flat leaf parsley (good antioxidant) but I am convinced now that carbs really are not necessary especially if taking a good vitamin. Now I feel quite repulsed by the idea of fruit & veg. Very weird.

                The other thing I have noticed is that when restricting cals & going high fat there is very little leeway for what you eat. It’s actually quite difficult to limit the protein so for me it seems that the easier way to look at it is that food really is fuel. The only easy way to ‘fill the tank’ accordingly is to stick to planned daily menus, which will ensure the correct protein, cals & fat % without forever obsessing over it. For me this is the only way to do this long term.

                (NB It is also essential that you enjoy what you eat, as there is not much of it – the salmon I was supposed to eat today went to the cats in the end & I ended up with my normal omelette)

                So action plan going forward: I am fully convinced of the need for sufficient protein & am happy that for me that figure should be 62g (at least initially). I also know I need to restrict my cals but still have no idea really to what level. 1000cals is too little & I suspect 1200 may be too. I also want to keep the fat intake up to 80% - difficult given the other two factors.

                So I have replanned my daily menus using the protein currently available in the freezer & store cupboard according to the following rules:

                • Fish should be included every day
                • For variety, meat should also be included every day (this means very small portions but small is better than none)
                • My omelette will be switched to the evening meal so that I am not forced to start eating really early in the morning as I find it filling & swm not preaqred to give it up yet. Everything else will be made up for eating ‘on the go’
                • Homemade chicken broth will also be included daily (with mushrooms for flavour) fo rthe health benefits & bec asu it is warm & filling
                • Carbs will be kept to a minimum – eggs & spinach & mushrooms, fo rthe broth, only (I don’t count the herbs)
                • For variety & optimum health the fat content should be split over a number of different fats each day (CO, EVOO, Mac nuts, Grass-fed butter).

                So I have devised 24 different menus range form 1272 cals to 1430 cals using a combination of tinned/smoked mackerel, sardines, fresh/smoked salmon & tuna combined with small amounts of chicken breast, turkey steak & ground turkey & will either finish with a hot coco with cream or equal parts EVOO & butter depending on my fancy.

                As I am not going to force the exercise until March 1 I will stick to my BMR for sedentary as my calorie goal 1372 currently) until then, so will stick to menus under 1350 as a start point.

                I also realize the need to give this time & stop obsessing so will track daily, report back here once a week & leave an end of month report on the EMF thread, But other than that I am going to stay away from the forum, not do anymore research & give this at least a month before I change anything.

                The last 3 days have shown me I can work within an 8hr feed window & stick to a planned menu so now I just need to do it & not constantly get fed up if the weight loss is not moving (not good for the cortisone levels).

                Hopefully this approach will enable me to concentrate on getting my exercise plan moving towards becoming a habit.
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                  Sat 16/2 Cals 1323 ratio 17-3-80 protein 53

                  Low protein to day as I decided this am to use up whats in the fridge before starting my new menus on Monday. Made a cheese burger for breakfast with a plateful of spinach & mushrooms. Not sure what the problem was but I felt really bloated & gassy after - maybe it was to many carbs. Finished the cheese & mushrooms in an omelette to night. Seems really strange eating meat for b/fast & omelette for tea but I guess I'll get used to it. Had to force myself to eat the full amount of cals today -- could have happily stuck to 1000 but I know that's not the answer.

                  Dog sick again to day but he's moving about better. Tried him on plain chicken & cauliflower (he loves cauliflower) this am but it all came up again so he's getting just a bit of chicken for tea, We'll see how that goes. Hes thrown up more chicken in the past 2 days than I would have eaten in a week on my new plan. Still needs must.

                  EDIT: Oh Crap. Just had a mindless fat binge

                  Brazil nuts 2 whole, Hot Chocolate with Cream, 10g kerrygold butter & 15g Mac nuts

                  Cals 385 P 4g C1g F40g ratio 4-2-94

                  I know it was mindless because it was the salt from the butter that finally registered & made me realize what I was doing.

                  This has brought my numbers for today up to Cals 1708 Ratio 14-3-83 protein 57g

                  So at least the only damage was to the cals – will eat less tomorrow & can’t start eating until 12:00 to keep my 16hr IF window. Oh well, at least I am learning how to be flexible.
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                    Sun 17/2 - Sleep last night: 4hr/dog loo break/1.5 hr so not great Cals: 1325 Protein: 34g Ratio: 11-3-86

                    Had terrible nights sleep. For the first time in ages it took me along time to go back to sleep again. Still, dog seems better today so will be going back to ignoring him if he wants to go out. Got depressed at lack of progress this am but then saw myself in the mirror. there is definitely a difference to the look of my stomach, lots of wrinkly skin & very flabby. It's as though the fat is melting on the inside & leaving the large volume of skin behind to flap around. Everything has gone south even more than usual so not a pretty sight. But at least something is happening. Can't wait to measure & take photos in a weeks time.

                    Also manged to get my jeans on with the belt on the last hole. It is bunching the waist up but a smaller size trouser is not possible because my thighs are now out of proportion to my waist. Also lots of horrible floppy skin overflowing the waist band. Oh well, perhaps it will give me the motivation I need to get toning.

                    The TM has been calling me all day - I have got lots of house work done in trying to avoid its siren call. Note to self: must do exercise first thing in the morning else it wont happen. I am interested to see if I can jog without going over my 75% HR threshold. Somehow I doubt it.

                    EDIT1: redid my shopping list based on my revised menu today. Have managed to make everything either a 4 week or 12 week shop which means I can stay out of the shops the rest of the time & I have knocked off 56 from the monthly bill. Its amazing how little food I actually need to eat even with 1350 cals. So have started looking for a local supply of grass fed chickens & free range eggs

                    EDIT2: Didn't make the 12:00 pm eating window today as today was the last day for my shoulder meds which need to be taken in the morning with food so started at at 09:30 as usually.

                    EDIT3: Really low on the protein today but I have to admit I'm finding it really difficult to get the protein up again after my fat fast & eat enough cals. Could have stayed at 900 cals today. At least fat is high cal so it didn't take much to get me to the right amount
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                      Just started reading a new MDA thread re the shangri-la diet. It is supposed to restart your set point if you can't lose weight any other way. Looks useful if I cant lose any other way so will keep it in the back of my mind if I get no real results at the end of March


                      Seth Roberts and The Shangri-La Diet


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                        Monday 18/2 Back at work today. I am going to post all the numbers for the week in my end of week round up post. This means I don’t have to post here every day (& then spend a couple of hours checking up on everyone’s journal) if I don’t get time & also because I need to discipline myself a bit.

                        Pebbles has brought up an interesting fact that the minimum protein according to the US Institute of Medicine is .36g per bodyweight. There is also an interesting blog by an MD who is just starting out testing NK Ketosis Week 2 Diagnosis: Diet and she says that the protein levels given by Phinney were too high for her to go into NK (she has a blood ketone meter to check) so I think I am going to give this new protein amount a go first, then move up to 62g next week if I am still losing LBM.

                        So taking .36 x 137lb (HSIS) = 50g protein:

                        To hit the ideal 90% fat ratio:

                        If you assume Pg =50 = 10% of cals, Cg =55 = 1% of cals (carbs taken from eggs & nuts only) that leaves 89% for fat (198g) giving my a ratio of 10-1-89 & 2000 cals which I think is a bit high for me as my BMR with a BMR of only 1372

                        However, if I stick with the same Protein & carb levels & drop the fat down to 127g I get a ratio of 14.5-1.5-84 & 1370 cals.

                        So this is this weeks n=1


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                          Week 3 Round-Up Ave cals 1246, av Pg 33 (way too low) av ratio 11-4-89

                          This week I have lost 3lb so down to a new low of 12st5 (173lb), only 3lb away from my first mini goal. The down side is that 1.8lb is loss of LBM; probably as a result of the 3day fat fast I did mid-week. Water% has also gone up slightly.

                          I would not do the fat fast again – it led to no significant weight loss for me & caused me to lose precious LBM.

                          I am going to continue with the 16hrIF though – the fat fast/IF seems to have reset my hunger point & completely changed my relationship with food:

                          Plant carbs are mainly a waste of calories (shall continue using frozen spinach for the vitamins & lutin content as the carb content is negligible),
                          Adequate protein is a necessity (the trick is to find my own personal sweet spot)
                          Food really is fuel & when viewed as such all of the social stuff built around it disappears.
                          Fat really does satisfy hunger & means you eat less overall

                          This week I shall continue to follow my new n=1 exeperiment:

                          P 50g cals 1370, ratio 15-1-84


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                            I’ve been reading Eat Fat, Lost Fat by Dr Enig. Although I don’t agree with a lot of what she says a couple of things do stick out.

                            The book has 3 eating plans: weight loss, health recovery & maintenance. For weight loss you should take 1-2 tbsp Coconut Oil (CO) 3x day depending on current bodyweight:

                            Weight 90-130lb 1 tbsp CO x3 a day before each meal
                            Weight 131-180lb* 1 tbsp CO x3 a day before each meal
                            Weight 181+ lb 2 tbsp CO x3 a day before each meal

                            *NB: It’s so nice to see my current & HSIS weight on the same line – feels as if I’m getting somewhere

                            She also advocates taking enough cod liver oil so the vitamin A content reaches 10,000UI (3000ug), as Vit A is important for health & well being. This amount (4 high strength capsules) would also contribute significantly to the 4000UI of Vit D that Mark suggests.

                            Re calorie restriction she advocates than if you eat less than your BMR the body goes into starvation mode & you wont lose weight, no matter how little you eat. In fact the weight loss plan is divided into 2:

                            Phase 1: 2500 cals
                            Phase 2: 2000 cals (only to be used if you are not losing weight after 3 weeks on P1)

                            So I am going to switch my bottles of fish oil (luckily unopened as yet) to cod liver oil & make sure I take the 2 tbsp a day of CO I keep meaning to take but never get around to, split into 2 helpings as CO is thermogenic & should help to raise my metabolism.

                            In a couple of months when (hopefully) money will be less scarce, I will maybe up the level if things are not moving down enough.

                            So my refined n=1 is:

                            P 50g cals 1370, ratio 15-1-84

                            Cod liver oil
                            1tbsp CO x2

                            EDIT: the book also advocates a great mayo recipe using 1/3 CO, 1/3 EVOO & 1/3 EV sesame oil

                            I have also just skimmed a copy of Cherie Calbom’s Coconut Diet In which she has a mayo recipe using just CO & EVOO so will try this first. This could be the answer to my rapeseed oil issue. If they \are any good I will post them in the recipe section


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                              not sure what I have done to deserve it but I am now a senior member I feel as if I belong now.

                              Little things please little minds....


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                                Wed 21/2 Last night I hit another fat binge. This time though I had a F*** It moment & decided to have what I wanted – no limits, but measure it:

                                Gouda, Creamfields 2 slices
                                Cream Cheese, Aldi Full Fat 2oz (56g)
                                Olives, Sliced 3 Tsp (9 Olives) (20g)
                                Olives, Sliced 3 Tsp (9 Olives) (20g)
                                Butter, Kerrygold (20g)
                                Butter, Kerrygold (20g)
                                Cream Double Extra Thick 50ml (3 heaped tsp)
                                Cream Double Extra Thick 50ml (3 heaped tsp)
                                Cream Double Extra Thick 50ml (3 heaped tsp)
                                Cream Double Extra Thick 50ml (3 heaped tsp)
                                Hot Chocolate (D Cream)

                                1813cals, P 23g ratio 6-2-92

                                Looking back today I wonder if it was the salt I craved because just about everything on the list contains salt.

                                (NB: Having said in a previous post that kerrygold butter doesn’t agree with me because I am not used to the salt, I have switched to Rachel’s unsalted for cooking etc but don’t like the taste if I eat it neat so have got some kerrygold for that purpose only (intending to only eat a small amount now & then as per the plan)

                                Thinking back over the last few times I have had the urge to eat lots in the evening two this come to mind Extra Thick Cream (don’t know the US equivalent) & cheese. I just can’t leave the thick cream alone so have decided only to buy it when it is reduced or on offer as a treat (my intended single 4 weekly trips to the supermarket from now on will help) & then enjoy it.

                                The cream cheese is a new addition as it is very cheap & I thought it would help with the extras fat but I never plan it in any menus & I think it might be a mistake at he moment so for the next few days I will plan for the cheese & when it is gone, not buy anymore for a bit.

                                The effects of the binge were interesting:

                                Couldn’t get to sleep after that lot & woke up after 4hr & couldn’t get back top sleep again (Can’t blame the dog this time).
                                I was also very hungry – this is the first time since doing the FF & starting IF that I have been hungry in the morning. I had intended doing a 1 day fast today to make up for the binge but the way I felt this morning, that was never going to be happy option so I have decided to tell all here, analyse it & then start again.

                                It made my final number for the day: Cals 3004 P 79g ratio 11-2-87

                                UPDATE: weighed this am & lost another lb WTF????
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