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    Hi All - I started going primal at the beginning of January. Overall, I have been amazed with the results. I have lost 9 lbs and can tell a big difference in my body, I'm NEVER hungry, and I have much more energy. I'm really trying to view this as a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

    I'm hoping to use this journal as a place to hold myself accountable and share my experience with others.

    So with that in mind, I have to confess!! Yesterday was my birthday, and I definitely fell off the wagon. I enjoyed cheesecake and several beers (we were bowling...). THEN, this morning for breakfast I ordered pancakes and stole a cookie from my daughter. It's so easy for you to allow a cheat and let that roll into other things, and I'm feeling SO guilty about it. And now my stomach hurts, and I feel so lousy.

    But I'm officially getting back on track here and have made chicken tortilla soup for dinner (w/o tortilals of course!). Looking forward to getting back in ketosis and feeling better!!

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    Welcome! Falling off the wagon you might find to happen a lot for you. It all depends on how you view cheating and/or how badly you want to stay "clean."

    All I can say....consider primal a tool to make you feel awesome. You now have the tools to change your mood/body/health at will, and hopefully that keeps you empowered, even if you "fall off."


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      I'm back on track now and have enjoyed a delicious day of primal. Scrambled eggs for breakfast, chopped steak with veggies for lunch and a chicken/broccoli stir fry for dinner. I must say, my two year old seems to really be enjoying the new food items too! She normally doesn't have the best appetite, but she has been gobbling her food lately. My hubby doesn't mind either.



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        Another day of yumminess. Didn't eat breakfast because i wasn't hungry. For lunch, I had a philly cheese steak salad. SOOO GOOD. For dinner had another burger patty. I think I might turn into a burger patty before it's said and done. I also had a spoon full of peanut butter, but then I looked it up and realized that peanuts are legumes. Oops! At least it wasn't too high in carbs.

        Before my birthday splurge, I had been in ketosis. According to the pee strips, I haven't been since then, which is three days. I'm not going to stress about it. I know it will come back...

        Happy hump day everyone.


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          Well, the first month is over! I started this on January 5th, so it wasn't quite a month. I have had a great week. I have tons of energy and probably feel the best I have yet. As of today, I am down a total of 12 lbs. 12 pounds in 26 days. That is so exciting. And for the first time, someone noticed!!! My sister, who is stingy with compliments, told me that she could see a big difference in my face! Yay!

          I have been enjoying some primal cooking. Made a great meat loaf with almond flour this week. It tasted like the true southern stuff! And last night I had chicken cooked in ginger, garlic and coconut oil with an organic teriyaki sauce and broccoli. I think I'll make steak tonight, which the hubby will love!

          SW: 247
          CW: 235
          GW: 170 (or less, could you imagine?!)