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My primal journey towards health ( Sarem)

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  • My primal journey towards health ( Sarem)

    Today is Day 10 into Primal lifestyle. I originally started just wanting to eliminate gluten, but then realized trying to avoid it would be harder than thought. So decided to avoid grains in general. Perfect seguway to Primal. It is amazing in a way... I am steadily becoming more energetic. Like energetic enough to exercise or play or go out and socialize on a Friday night! Then I realized that I don t have too many friend partly due to me feeling so fatigued and ill and depressed for past 3 years. My goodness I'm getting to get that glimpse of how healthy and At some point in the next few months can you help*happy I can be! I am looking forward to being more active. I have been sedentary. There is a feeling coming about, that I was not "lazy or aloof" i just may have been eating foods that i could not tolerate.

    Primal gratitude list for the first 10 days:
    Less belly aches
    Roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower with bacon
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    Did pretty well until last week. I noticed I'm slowly creeping into not good habits. Today, I had birthday cake. It was not my intention, but was "decompressing" after a long week. My abdomen became bloated 15 minutes afterwards. Like 3 times my Primal size belly. So yes, I guess I did prove to myself that refined, sugary foods do affect me adversely. And I do have the pains too. Not sure how many times I have to keep re proving this to myself. Thinking about it honestly to myself, I think I felt a bit disappointed. I mentioned I was avoiding grains to some co workers and they automatically think that I'm doing it to lose weight. And then I get "how much weight did you lose?" Argh. Me and my big mouth. I tried explaining that it is for health/ and to decrease my autoimmune response. I guess that answer isn't as sexy.

    I received the Primal Blueprint in the mail finally. Will read it this weekend.

    What have I learned this week?

    I have to better plan my Primal Meals.

    I have to get a better coping mechanism to my stress " binge" eating.