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  • My Primal Journey

    Wow, I'm a lot excited and a little scared, but here I am beginning this journey. Thank you to Mark and all of the inspirational members of this site that have shared their own journeys and with their words have pushed me to embark on my own.

    Age: 31
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 196 lbs

    My Story
    Today is the most I have ever weighed, and the worst I have ever felt. I have never been so tired. I have never been so unmotivated to move. I didn't weigh this much on the day I delivered each of my children, not even close. I lost 100% of my pregnancy weight within weeks of delivery. I tell people that sometimes, and through their expressions I see that they don't realize the magnitude of such a fact.

    I have eaten myself this way. I have turned into this unhappy person because I make a daily choice to lay on my couch and watch TV, while my dog lays and stares at the door, pleading for me to take him for a walk. I did this to myself. I will undo it.

    Some personal background: I am a divorced mother of two amazing children. I work as a registered nurse. I am engaged to be married to love of my life. When we marry, I will become step-mom to two more children. I can't tell you when we are getting married, because I can't plan the wedding, because the thought of having my wedding picture looking like I do now makes me want to vomit.

    My Short Term Goals
    1. Lose 50 pounds (Initial goal weight is 145 lbs).
    2. Move outside for at least 15 minutes every day.
    3. Instill healthier eating and activity habits in my children.

    My Mid Term Goals
    1. Get married, and be skinny enough to really enjoy the wedding and honeymoon.
    2. Run a 5K with my dad.
    3. Quit smoking.

    My Long Term Goals
    1. Never have to use medication to control my blood pressure, blood sugar, or organ functions.
    2. Retire early, and be well enough for long enough to really enjoy it. I would love more than anything to own a sailboat and live on a Caribbean island some day.
    3. Make a lot of friends from a lot of different places, and have amazing stories to tell my grandchildren.

    I have never successfully and consciously lost weight. Until I was in my late twenties, I never really gained weight regardless of my activity level or what I ate. I now have to completely change my lifestyle, and so far, I have been unsuccessful. I have tried Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach, MyFitnessPal, and RunKeeper. I haven't stuck with any of these for more than a few days.

    As an RN, the things on this primal plan make sense to me. It seems easy enough to follow, and which is why I really think success is in my future.

    My Plan
    I haven't read the book yet, just the website, and not all of it since I just came across it today. I like what I have read so far, and I have decided I will set weekly goals for myself. I will record those goals and my progress in this journal. Maybe one day I will be proud of what I have done and can share it with my children. I am not going to try to get my fiance on board with me yet. My hope is that he will see the changes in me and be inspired to join me, as I was moved to action by the members on this site.

    Week 1 Goals

    Starting today, January 17, 2013, I will:
    1. Only drink water, and drink a lot of it, except for dinner where I will have a glass of milk.
    2. Move outside for 15 minutes every day.
    3. Eat vegetables for half of every lunch and dinner.
    4. Begin to wean myself off of grains by eliminating all pasta, bread, tortillas and chips/crackers.

    About these goals:
    1. I drink straight up Mountain Dew, at least 20 oz every day. I love it. I also like milk but never drink it. I'm not sure yet if milk is on this plan, I think I read something about only whole organic milk, but I'm just going to start with what I know I will like. I am a baby-step kind of person.
    2. Right now, the most I get outside is to walk to and from my car, and to take my dog to the bathroom in the backyard. Wow, saying that out loud here is hard. I wasn't raised this way (to be so sedentary and indoors), and I can't believe this is how I am raising my kids.
    3. If I get one serving of vegetables a day right now I am doing well. Luckily, I like them, so it shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish this goal. The biggest thing will be remembering to plan ahead. I will do this by packing my lunch at night.
    4. This one is scary, but as a nurse I really do understand how good it will be for me to stop eating grains. I'm still struggling with the idea of not eating whole grains because it has been pounded into my head for so long that whole grains are the good guy, but I'm going to do it anyway.

    Okay, well if you have made it this far, thanks for reading. Truly. It feels so good to share, and I really hope that one week from now I will be able to look back and see that I actually stuck with this for a week. If I can do that, then I can do anything, I think.

    I am off to walk my dog. His name is Darwin. Fitting, huh?