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    Through various periods of off and on primal eating I've lost 15 lbs since May 29, 2012. There are serious chunks of time where I completely abandoned the lifestyle and went back to my old ways which is why I still stand at only 15 lbs down. At one point I had gone from 275 lbs down to 249 lbs, but for whatever reason started shoving bread in my face again.

    15 lbs in 6 months is not going to cut it anymore. I need to adopt the Primal way of eating as a permanent lifestyle change, because, well, it makes complete sense to me. I actually agree with the science behind it and know how I feel while I am doing it. So there it is, back on Primal.

    I find myself at 260 lbs this morning and will consider today my new Day 1. A fresh start. A clean slate. Time to cut out the grains, dairy, and processed foods. No more diet soda for this guy.

    I'm about 1/3 the way through reading "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson and plan on finishing it sometime this week. I want to make sure I understand completely what I should be doing, although I think I have a pretty good understanding.

    I hope to post daily here in my primal journal throughout my journey.

    Day 1 - January 15, 2013

    Today’s Weight – 260 lbs

    Breakfast – 3 eggs & a Banana.

    Lunch – Big Ass Salad w/ Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.

    Dinner – Steak with a side of frozen veggies. 2 light yogurts.

    Snacks – Banana & 1 mini chocolate frosted donut (oops).

    I had a momentary freak-out panic attack where I needed sugar so I gobbled down one of my son’s mini chocolate donuts. Felt guilty afterwards but all in all it was a pretty damn good day. I did some run/walk intervals on the treadmill as well for around 15 minutes.

    I can improve on some things but overall am pretty pleased with day one. Only 75 more pounds to lose!
    SW: TBD lbs / CW: TBD lbs / GW: 185 lbs

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    You can do it
    Def ditch the light yoghurt, way too much sugar and garbage
    The longer you go without the sugars, the easier it is to resist them.


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      I do eat bananas. Two would be too much. Good luck!
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        I've decided that I am okay with yogurt for now and eventually will give it up. I've cut out all other dairy except for yogurt, specifically I'd like to keep it to Greek yogurt.

        Same thing with fruits, for now at the start I don't mind eating a lot of fruit. I will slowly cut it down to a smaller amount and will focus more on veggies, but I'm cool with eating a couple bananas. It's a lot better than what I have been eating, haha.
        SW: TBD lbs / CW: TBD lbs / GW: 185 lbs


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          Yesterday was a HORRIBLE day. I wasn't on plan at all. Completely disregarded what I am trying to do to gain better health. Luckily I am the one in control and can decide to stop being an asshole, haha. Today I'm back on plan and ready to attack the day.
          SW: TBD lbs / CW: TBD lbs / GW: 185 lbs