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    Day 27

    I'm fighting some pretty annoying depression today, I'm partially wondering if it had something to do with my lunch, being that the depression didn't set in until after eating. I went out to lunch today, and had a burger (sans bun) with cheese, three different kinds of bacon, bacon jam (might be the culprit, even if it is made in house), siracha mayonaise (again could be the culprit but again made in house) So I don't know.

    I also was yet again reminded of how much I hate eating around other people, I absolutely hate it with a passion. I really do need to find a way of being comfortable eating around other people *sigh*

    I went out on a date on friday, that I thought went really well, but I'm kind of taken aback by the fact that I haven't heard anything from him since. Bleh. I'm very tired of being alone

    Oh and my sink is back to leaking again...grrrr.

    I feel a binge coming on, and I really can't deal with that right now.


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      *sigh* today is just one of those Frustrating days. I'm so far behind schedule that it isn't even funny. I'm just now eating dinner because I went to the gym late because I was preoccupied with prepping and cooking dinner, just in general I'm behind on eating today.

      I'm also frustrated because I'm having one of those "is this even working" kind of days.



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        Day 33

        Well I've successfully made it over the day 30 marker, yay! After the funk of "is this even working" I started making more of an effort towards paying attention to my body.
        • My pants are definitely looser
        • My spare tire is definitely deflating, especially noticable when sitting down
        • My cheeks are less pudgy
        • I can see my collar bones
        • Definition in forearms

        Other interesting points
        • My hair seems more managable
        • Does primal/paleo decrease one's body odor? It seems like it!
        • Lots of energy!

        In Other News

        My sink is still yet to be fixed, but there is promise that it might be fixed by today. Lets hope! I'm tired of being limited in what I can cook, and washing dishes in the bathtub is a bit ridulous! but I have cooked a few different things than what I normally cook, so thats a plus. I think Deviled eggs will be added to my menu more often, but I think I'm going to start making my own mayonaise and mustard. I also made egg muffins that were wrapped in bacon and had cream cheese in it. Yummy.

        Yesterday I went to mongolian bbq for dinner and it was amazing! I ended up using lettuce to wrap my stirfry in, and it was so tasty! I also chose one of their glutten free sauces, while not completely primal it wasn't too bad.

        I've been averaging around 15,000 steps a day, sometimes more if it falls on one of my training days. I've started incorporating the deck of cards work out into my training, and its ridiculously intense. Normally I can't even get through the whole deck without wanting to