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    Day 5, Sans 4

    Well I neglected to post yesterday, naughty naughty.

    Which makes today day 5? Yikes! I'm actually doing this!

    I've been noticing a few interesting things by simply changing how I eat. The first thing is that normally if I have money in my wallet I am compelled to spend it on junk food, its like the mind wallet connection, "I have money, need junk food" well I've had money in my wallet for days now and I haven't even bat an eyelash towards spending it. WIN!

    Normally grocery stores are a scary place for me, being that I never really can seem to just go in and buy what I came in for and then leave without buying some form of junk food, well yesterday I put it to the test and bought the one thing I needed and didn't even think twice about buying anything else. WIN!

    Could it be that allowing paleo into my life will teach me how to correctly manage my money? Time will tell, but it's looking like a WIN! I will be utterly excited if that is the case, because money management isn't exactly my friend it seems.

    Sleep seems to maybe be getting a little better...maybe. It's yet to be decided, although I'm dreaming all sorts of odd dreams now which is strange.

    One other goal for the outcome of Paleo living is that I will learn how to cook, and how to cook well. So far I'm enjoying the process and can only hope that it continues.


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      Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

      Okay so Ive been trying to remind myself to write this post and I've finally decided to hunker down and do it.

      2009 was a crazy year. I had finally ended things with the crazy, bitter, abusive boyfriend (it was one of those off and on kind of things where I'd leave, come back, etc. Unfortunately I was one of those women that thought that I could change a guy...bleh) The long and short of it was that one night I had woken up to him holding a gun against my head.

      Anyways, shortly after living him I had went to the bar with some "friends" and probably drank way more than I should have. We apparently decided that we were going to stop and get some food, and this is where my night started to get very fuzzy. I was told that I started feeling sick and that I decided to stay in the car while my "friends" went and got something to eat. Well the long and sort of it was that I was found outside of the car having some sort of seizure like episode in the parking lot. Needless to say an ambulance was called, a fire truck, and police cars. Joyful.

      So I'm hauled off to the hospital, they are unable to wake me up for something ridiculous like 14 hours, and I keep on having these seizure like episodes while I sleep and I continously grew more and more aggitated as I was comming out of it. The hospital ran tests and the best that they could tell me was that alcohol was not a cause but it probably triggered the seizure like episodes. They said I definitely don't have seizures its just that they are seizure like and that they should stop. Well the four and a half days that I was there the episodes continued, I was accused of being an alcoholic and that I was going through something called DT (I think thats what they called it, then the reverted back to the original diagnoises of seizure like episodes. Its always fun to be accused of being an alcoholic. Good times.

      I get out of the hospital, the episodes are still happening every now and then, and I decided that its time that maybe I look into some therapy, and it was through a year and a half of therapy and many panic attacks, disassociation, and sleep episodes that it is revealed that I have post traumatic stress disorder. I guess that diagnoises at least makes sense. But still its a bitch to deal with, and I can't even begin to count the number of failed relationships because I'm


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        Day Six

        So one other goal that I'm looking to meet with eating paleo is to cure my ecezema. I think the main cause of it is that my skin tends to be pretty dry and in return itchy. Lotions and such tend to make me more itchy. With six days in I was hopping that maybe I would start seeing a change in regards to the itch factor, but its not looking that way. Any thoughts as how to beat this annoyance?


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          My understanding is that eczema is an immune response. As such, it may take a while to calm your system down. Do you still eat dairy? For some this can be a problem also.


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            Originally posted by Mud Flinger View Post
            My understanding is that eczema is an immune response. As such, it may take a while to calm your system down. Do you still eat dairy? For some this can be a problem also.
            Out of this week, I've had dairy once which consisted of less than an ounce of raw milk cheese. Not sure if that is enough to make a difference or not?

            actually I take that back, I did have some creme fraiche too.


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              Well, I've successfully managed a full week! If the first week was this easy, I don't see why the rest of the time wont be as equally easy. I actually feel in control, which is an odd feeling for me. So of course I'm now playing around with the idea of possibly weighing myself from time to time, but I worry that it might cause things to spin out of control.

              My mood for the most part has been very decent, had a slight bout of depression this afternoon. Not sure what the deal was with all of that.

              Sleep is touch and go, never more than four hours sadly and still seems to be interrupted and at times unsettling. But time will tell.

              I feel like I may have actually lost weight this week, so thats exciting, especially in my belly. yay!

              So here's to starting on to a second week (actually I think I'm already in the middle of my second week)


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                The End of Week Two

                So I'm thinking that updating this journal every day isn't totally realistic. But things are still going well. I made some totally awesome chili the other night, can't go wrong with chili especially in the winter. I'm still feeling like I'm losing weight, especially in my belly, and I've been noticing that my collar bones are sticking out more, as well as I'm able to feel the bones in my chest again. Progress.

                Working out primally is concerning me though, I used to be able to workout no problem but with the recent changes to my diet something is causing me to almost passout while working out. I've tried upping the carbs with sweet potatoes but that didn't do anything, so I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do at this point. Any thoughts?

                My sleeping is still the same, some days are slightly better than others but it really hasn't shaped into what I'm looking for, but I'm not giving up yet.

                My mood has been pretty good like usual, some fleeting moments of depression, but I deal with it.


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                  And into week 3

                  Day 15

                  Well slight hiccup in the primal adventures. Apparently my sink can't handle my primal lifestyle, being that it is clogged like nothing else and not even a snake could battle this monster. Which means I get to have the fun of calling a plumber and figuring out where to go from here.

                  Cooking is going to be a pain in the patootie being that the only place where I will be able to wash dishes for the time being is in the bathroom...ughhh. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to supliment my eating with smoothies for the time being just to get in some additional fat!

                  I have a headache like nothing else which is probably due to a lack of fat because that is about the only thing that is different right now.

                  I started taking measurements so that I can get a better idea as to if eating paleo is working for me or not, and I don't see myself getting obsessive over measurements like I do over the scale

                  Oh I've been having pooping issues too, which is resulting in bloodshed. I don't think its really a constipation sort of thing, as I'm not having to struggle to get it out, maybe I'm just pooping in a wider circumference?...haha oh body you are a mystery sometimes. I've been realizing that I'm not drinking enough water, which I need to get better at.

                  I also had my period this week and I noticed some interesting things, for one thing I bleed less which is awesome! I also didn't get any cramps this time around either. I'm curious as to if my period was the cause for the severe diziness while at the gym, might make sense. My period also doesn't last as long, again with the awesome.

                  Measurements as of 1/30/13

                  Bust: 40
                  Waist: 33
                  Hips: 43 1/2
                  Upper arm: 14 1/4
                  Thigh: 25 3/4


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                    Day 17

                    Ughh I'm positively exhausted, but it is a good exhausted. Just got back from the gym and did a run/walk training program for 25 minutes (fairly primal, could maybe even be stretched into sprinting...maybe) and then did the med ball 400...Totally brutal but amazing at the same time.

                    I've been getting intrigued in the concepts behind the eat moar fat thread thats been going on, and I'm figuring I may as well give it ago, especially since I've been findingmy body operates far better on fat than anything else. I probably wont officially start it until sunday being that I know tomorrow will already be somewhat shot being that I'm going to a benefit tomorrow where pizza will be the main focus (ugh) although I figure that I will eat before I go and then then I at least wont go overboard.

                    Food today:

                    2 egg omlette with turkey, sausage, onion, cheese, and butter
                    coconut milk smoothie, 2 raw eggs, handful of frozen fruit
                    Sweet potato bake, sweet potatoes, italian sausage, red onion, kale

                    I also came across a cool app for the iphone called Moves and it basically mimics a pedometer but will also recognize running and cycling, it seems to work pretty well!


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                      Day 19

                      Yesterdays eating was not as horrible as I thought it would be, so yay for that! It's interesting how when you stop eating certain foods, that they really dont appeal to you anymore. Pizza doesn't even taste all that good anymore, I took about two bites, aand then scraped off the cheese and toppings and ate those. The benefit also had veggie and cheese trays so I stuck to those and all in all did rather well. I didn't indulge in any alcohol either, and just stuck to club soda.

                      I think carbs will forever be the devil of me, at least trying to keep them below 30. Although I could be closer than I think in all reality cause I do know that I have some wiggle room on MFP, being that I really don't even come close to the serving sizes that they list.

                      I need to start cutting back on my protein consumption too, which shouldn't be hard. My breakfasts tend to be very protein heavy, so if I just scale back on those I should fall within my goals.

                      Speaking of goals, I don't think I've listed them as to yet

                      Carbs: 5% (works out to 21 grams, so if its a bit over its not a huge deal since I've allotted for 30 grams)
                      Protein: 15% (Works out to 62 grams)
                      Fat: 80% (Works out to 145 grams)

                      I'm kind of liking the whole aspect of food logging, because I've never really noticed just how many calories are in the food that I eat (which is probably the same for most people in our society)

                      I've been noticing a good number of people that deal with varying degrees of eating disorders on this forum and its facinating to see where everyone's "trigger" points are and how we are all so different yet very much the same. For me my problem comes with the scale, for others the problem is measuring, etc. Its very interesting.

                      Although another significant part of mine just comes from watching the spoon, fork, whatever constantly go into my mouth, I know it sounds funny. I've gotten a little bit better with silencing that but still it is a challenge.


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                        Another point of amusement that I had forgotten about, does anyone else find that they dream about naughty, evil foods that consist of grains and sugar and then you wake up all startled and pray to god that is was only a dream? Yeah I'm that


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                          Day 20

                          Yesterday was a ridiculously awful day, and it further cements in that I really can't cope with eating around others. Even though I really didn't do horribly in terms of eating I still felt really out of control. Not a good feeling

                          Today was a new day however and I did a fairly decent job at my carb (9% but probably more like 6-7%)/protein (13%)/fat (78%) ratio. and I had roughly 54 calories left over.

                          Didn't get to the gym today since I ended up cooking a pot of chili that took entirely too long to finish, but I did get in 10,858 steps today so that counts for something


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                            Day 21

                            I think I got too much exercise today between my walking (13,379 steps or 5.3 miles) running 1.2 miles, and the med ball 400. I feel good, but now Im exhausted and contemplating seeing if I can't just fall asleep for the night. The idea seems nice.

                            My food plan also worked out well

                            Calories: 1449 (set for 1643)
                            Fat: 77% (set for 80%)
                            Protein: 16% (set for 15%)
                            Carbs: 7% (set for 5%)


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                              Day 24

                              Ugh Day 23 was pretty crappy. My thighs were sore all day, my head hurt, and just in general mentally poopy. My running program was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E . It felt like I was running on an incline the entire time, despite the fact that the treadmill said there was no incline set and in turn it made my ankles and legs burn like a persistant hemeroid.

                              But I at least got in 13,888 steps, so that counts for something.

                              Got home and cooked the broccoli cheese soup recipe on the LCHF recipe page, which was smack-your-momma-good. But it left me wanting carbs, lots and lots of carbs...not sure what the deal was with that??

                              I did my measurements on 2/6 on these were the results:

                              Bust: 40 inches (no change, I'm okay with this!)
                              Waist: 32.5 inches (.75 difference)
                              Hips: 43 inches (.5 difference)
                              Upper Arm: 14 (.25 difference)
                              Thigh: 25 3/4 (no difference, damn you thighs!)

                              So a total difference of 1.75 inches

                              Edit: I almost forgot! This week I was able to go down a jean size too (granted they are slightly tight, but still!)
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                                Hola Betty! I just read through your journal. I still use the scale but only once a week, twice MAYBE, if I feel that I have swooshed a lot of fat. Anymore than that and I start feeling obsessed with it. The once a week helps me to see if I am going in the right direction. If I don't get on the scale, I don't have a focus.

                                The EMF protocol does help provide a lot of mental clarity and has also helped improve sleep for me. I'm typically out between 8:45pm and 9:30Pm and up around 6am during the week. I myself have had issues with a verbally abusive parent and that lead me down the path of emotional eating during my teen years through adulthood. It got worse after my mom died almost 6 years ago but I am working at correcting this issue. As I like saying, Rome wasn't built in a day, you cannot expect change to be an overnight process. You just have to keep plugging away and it will improve. This is where patience is a virtue.