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    I feel like I'm probably in the minority here. My biggest challenges are not diet and exercise, but stress and injury.

    Chronic tendonitis (initially from guitar) for 6 years and vocal issues for 2+ (as a result of upper body tension), as well as reoccurring shin splints.

    I have lofty goals involving sustainability and social health, and I hold myself to an often-impossibly high standard. So I stress out. And it's hard to overcome the chronic tension. Over summer I couldn't talk or hold a knife & fork and was pretty depressed, but I've finally turned a corner and am making good progress. I can do some typing, drive, and cook again!

    My challenge is to do less. Less typing, more yoga & stretching, meditation & breathing exercises. More strength training to fix my atrophied muscles.

    My workout:
    Today I did shoulders, biceps, and triceps. I normally don't do this much but I'm going to the Cayman islands and wanted to get through my "week" routine. I lift heavy for 4-6 reps since this doesn't aggravate my injury and is helping fix the muscle imbalances I have.

    Fitness goals include 100% bodyweight lifts for chest, bi/tricepts, shoulders and 3x bodyweight for legs. I'm a sprinter at heart and have strong legs.

    See you in the next edition!