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    I've heard that if you want to change your life, you have to start by changing one habit at a time. The one habit i'm going to commit to, to begin to change my health and my position in life is my diet. It's been the one starting point that has been able to help with my depression/anxiety, fatigue, and my food obsessiveness/binge starve cycle, I even come off as "jolly", social, high energy, and extremely positive when I'm able to stay away from sugar, wheat, dairy, and binge eating and exercise regularily.

    I'd also like to lose weight. Before when I did lifestyle-trials, I was mainly focusing on how they would affect my overall energy and mental 'brightness'. But this time I'm up at my highest weight mostly because of the all-or-nothing mindset that leads to binge eating. 3 years ago I was 110 pounds (i'm 5'4-5'5), and now i'm up to probably somewhere around 145-150 (I stopped weighing myself). My sister is now losing weight quickly and I'm going up and up, only a few decimal points from officially overweight BMI. I'd love to get down to 120! But the first milestone will be 135. Right smack dab safe in the 30s I used to think the 30s were the worst thing, but now they are a gift. I think that's why negative cycles occur, to teach us to appreciate where we were.

    I know there might be a period of days where I overeat to try and stifle the carb cravings, but hopefully my body decides that is a fruitless and unfun effort and it levels out so I can learn to trust and honor my hunger signals and stop being obsessed and controlled by food and weight.

    Day 1 is tomorrow morning so this is from Jan 15- Feb 15