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  • Jstrick's road the the big 1GooseggGoosegg

    Not quite where to start this whole thing, because its kinda a success story thats not finished, and a journal. My name is jeffrey Strickland, ive been following PB for about 8 months

    I'm 6'4, blondie, and have always been identified as a Bear type guy(big, huggable, hairy, that kind of thing)
    Ever since i got out of high school, after playing football for so long, i had a big, fat covered body, but was pretty strong from so many years of hard lifting. Of course when i hit college i didn't keep that physical activity up, and my body started degrading. Three years later i had a big life change, changing colleges and cities. At the same time thru an email concerning sleeping that my mom sent me(i had sleeping problems) i discovered MDA. After doing some crazy website digging i finally decided to buy the book and get my life back on track. After that things kinda get blurry, but in a very very good way

    However, during the December month, because of the break, although i stayed with PB lifestyle, anytime i got with family it was a no holding back carb-fest. I learned two things from that month, number 1, you crash hard and naps help with the crashing. Number 2 is that although i was throwing all this junk food at it, my body handled it with flying colors. I think one of the things that really showed me this was the lifestyle for me, at the end of the break i discovered i had not gained any weight back, and my body was ready to go back to its high fat high protein eating .

    So now i'm kinda getting to my ideal bodyweight, so i have begun to lift weights, and i am much more active than before. You can def. find me on the Primal weightlifter group! So now its time to post some pictures.

    Starting date:August 09
    Starting weight:300lbs

    Date when picture is taken:April 09
    Those jeans im wearing are size 44, and i now wear a size 36.. wish i had a better camera, and hope pictures aren't too big

    So thats where i am, not quite there yet, but gosh darn it feels good to be a gangster!
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    Found out yesterday that Mark is reformulating his responsibly slim shake which is awesome, because those are my usual morning rituals.. Now all i need to do is get him to let me send in the extras i have for the new stuff when it comes out

    Pretty excited i have my pull up bar coming in the mail, along with a bodyfat percentage measurer so i'll finally be able to post up those numbers.


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      Wow.. Great progress!! It's pretty amazing what your body can do and adapt to I'm sure that Grok sometimes had periods of high carb followed by low carb/no carb. It's all part of the survival process

      Keep up the great work!
      Btw where did you order your pull up bar? I've been meaning to get one but not sure which brand or what kind I should get.


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        I ordered the Iron Gym total upper body basic one, off of amazon. Got free shipping because i ordered several items so it came up to be only 27 dollars. It seemed to have good reviews, and to be honest almost all those door frame pullup bars seem to be created pretty equally.


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          Originally posted by JStrick View Post
          So thats where i am, not quite there yet, but gosh darn it feels good to be a gangster!
          LOL, I can sympathize with that remark! You're looking really great, Jstrick, everything from this point is just spit and polish. I also dig your primal haircut.

          Very inspiring tale, I look forward to learning where you take it from here!


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            So this past week i have really noticed a decrease of energy on certain days. I am a full-time student, so i work part-time, and the days i work are far different from the days that i go to school. Because of my increased weight lifting activity i have been focusing on maintaining a high protein level, and i discovered was at the sacrifice to my fat levels. Whenever i would go to work, i would usually be sleepy/tired, not debilitating so but enough to really make working not-so-much fun. I believe it was because on those days i generally would not consume enough fat! So last night, i kinda had that realization and promptly went and drank 6oz of HWC(along with one shot of espresso) and the turn around was amazing! I was not bouncing off the walls, and i did not have the shakey hands i usually get from caffeine but i was awake and much more active in my duties. So guess that goes to show the importance of consuming enough fat, even if you are trying to still lose body fat, its a must!


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              Going on my first mountain biking trip.. It'll be only an hour long but it should be great fun! Beautiful blue skies and nice warm weather. Can't wait


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                Really nice work here JS!Its really inspiring to read other peoples success,it makes me feel like I can keep up with my challenge!

                Regarding the high protein consumption,be sure not to overdo it since you dont want protein converting to glucose!Up the good fats!I have a trouble myself doing that since I am also a student but a tablespoon of coconut oil,some butter there can really help!

                Finally be sure to do a lot of pullups and chin ups with that bar of yours,with your build its gonna make you HUUUGE


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                  So if y'all haven't noticed, i posted up a thread about my squat technique, which kinda puts a damper on my spirits. Basically i'm not flexible enough to do them without rounding my back, which in squats is a death sentance. So thats been set back because i have to work on just stretching and doing alternative leg workouts. I know that may not seem like a big deal to some people, but just feels like i lost some steam because of it.

                  Besides that things are going great. Just kinda rockin and rolling with the lifestyle, and def. trying to keep in mind that this is a long term thing and not just a short diet plan to get ripped quick.


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                    Alright, its 4-22-10 and i just hit a land mark.

                    never before in my life have i been able to run without getting shin splints. However, because i have what is essentially a 5k coming up in a few weeks, i wanted to test my ability at long distance(for me long distance) slow pace jogging. So i started and just kept going.. and going.. until my joints started to protest.. i had just finished 5 miles.

                    I have never been able to jog 1 mile, let alone 5.

                    I'm pretty psyched about that. Does it mean i'm going to jog everyday? heck no, it was boring as heck. will i jog every once in a while? maybe, its nice seeing how far your body can be pushed like that.


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                      Originally posted by JStrick View Post
                      Does it mean i'm going to jog everyday? heck no, it was boring as heck.
                      LOL! That's exactly how I feel.

                      But it's great knowing that you're capable if you ever NEED to.. plus you know you've made positive changes!


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                        Great job, JS!
                        Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                          And i find out what the downside to jogging was, my right hip is killing me! and thanks guys


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                            i HATE jogging. HATE IT. so i don't. haha.

                            PHENOMENAL PROGRESS, dude! you've gotta be proud.

                            HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                              Warrior dash today, 5pm heat. Hoot. Kinda wish it was raining just to make it muddier.. from the pictures i was looking at i think the whole course is just a mudfest.. which isn't surprising considering theres 20k people running in the two days. and i'm gonna be like third to last heat, so excited. Also told a friend about PB who actually seemed really interested. He has been working hardcore at losing weight via bicycling, but after seeing my success approached me about how i did it, and i shared a little about it and gave him the name of the book, hopefully he follows up, it would change his life.