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    Awesome thread. Gives me hope.
    What did you do for exercise at the beginning? I've been primal for 2 wks with sprints but not much for lifting.

    Keep up the good work. How'd the run go?


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      GREAT progress!!!
      Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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        Excercise wise i just stuck with walking for a very long time, sprinting very rarely just because of the fact my spring would've been a light jog and i didn't like that.

        Also should have pictures from the Warrior dash soonish. It was so much fun!


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          Wow, it has been a long time since i've last posted. So, where to start?

          I guess first thing on my mind is how important my Vff's are to me haha. I went running in cameron park the other day, and accidently left the on the roof of my car. I live about 30 minutes away, and even though i had some friends going to check it out and find them, i decided to go ahead and go into town to help look for them, because i was so anxious about losing them. Those shoes have been with me every step of the way on this journey of better health, and i just couldn't stand not having them.(pun intended) On my way home i got in a wreck, so lets just say life has been stressful, but i was uninjured so that was good.

          I am having a hard time lowering my fat percentage down below 20 percent. I've been doing a modified version of p90x, so that it reflects a more, lift heavy things x3 a week, and low paced activityx2 a week and a weekly sprint session. I don't walk much because i am on my feet at work for 30 hours a week, which i feel is adequate enough lol. My diet is really basic because of financial restrictions, so it consists mainly of a breakfast meat like bacon, sausage, chorizo and eggs, topped with cheese and sometimes sour cream. I have a daily morning cup of coffee if its not a work-out day and usually a cup of some drink when i go into work(i always use HWC in my drinks). On lifting days i have a protein shake of whey isolate and HWC. If i'm not eating eggs, its usually a cheap cut of meat, or chicken of some sort. I IF at a minimal of once a week. I still am having trouble of losing this body fat, any ideas?

          Also, doing the Jailbreak in september, which is very similar to Warrior dash, but different theme obviously. Super excited about that.


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            Ah yes, so i am going to try a month long expirement. I'm going to be cutting out my excessive fats, which will mainly consist of the copious amounts of cheese and HWC i was consuming at work. I'm hoping this will push me out of my plateau so i can achieve my more ideal 15 percent body fat(yes, i don't care for being sub 10percent!) I've also been eating more veggies, because I have been helping take care of a friends garden while he is out of town, and matched with cheap cuts of steak its been nice eating something else besides bacon and eggs lol.