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Aiming for 100%, about 10kg weight loss and no more asthma

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  • Aiming for 100%, about 10kg weight loss and no more asthma

    Been 80-90% for a while ... but getting sick regularly and not losing weight

    Decided to re-evaluate and aim for 100%

    current weight: 148 / 67kg
    goal weight: 120 / 55kg
    height: 1.62m
    age: 39

    started 2 days ago:

    I have a tblsp coconut oil and a glass of water after i wake up

    breakfast is normally a 2-3 egg omlette with black coffee sometimes with a fruit (1/2 banana or small peach)

    lunch is grilled chicken/no carb fishcakes with salad: rocket, cucumber, tomato, handful nuts and a tsp dried pomegranate arils

    Had some coffee with cream

    Supper was hake fried in butter with chillie and garlic and a bit of green salad and for dessert a handful of blueberries with heavy cream

    I drink lots of water and herbal tea throughout the day - i have a maximum of 2 cups of coffee a day

    I exercise 3-4 days a week:

    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Im at the gym doing weights and HIIT on the stepper/bike - i want to try some yoga also soon
    Saturdays - I walk the dogs on the beach ... and try some sprints (or rather i get them to pull me on their leash which normally results in my version of a sprint)

    Will continue as is for a bit - been having a bit of carb flu - headaches etc so once this eases off I'll incorporate some IF

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    had a good weekend ... just still feeling a bit groggy ... carbflu i think - headache and a bit of nausea. but i was completely on track with my eats. Had just about the same types of meals over the weekend without feeling the urge for anything out of bounds. My hubbie joined me and he's feeling energetic and lost 2cm round his waist over the past few days - i already feel less bloated also down 2 cm at waist although i have no real change in weight i also had no weaziness which was awesome and slept better this week - so alls looking positive and keen to keep at it.


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      had a crap workout last night, could only do half my normal routine at the gym ... was tired, nauseous and had a headache while hubbie was beaming with energy - said he could just keep on exercising wtf is up with that - i know its carb flu but in general i eat much less carbs than him so cant understand why he's not experiencing any problems - dont get me wrong i feel happy for him but im feeling like i was run over by a bus. I guess i have to just grin and bear until my energy levels start going up


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        Been eating well - eggs with 1/2 banana for breakfast & chicken salad with a green salad for lunch & handful of nuts & chicken curry (without the potatoes and rice) with some cream cheese and later a handful of blueberries with a little cream


        exercise was once again a disaster - i had no energy and wasnt able to finish my usual workout


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          Look like a good plan.
          Good luck. I can't do anything less than 100% it effs me up big time, but I don't miss anything
          Hopefully the energy kicks in soon, do you think you are getting enough fat?


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            Thanks Ayla.

            Since going 100% in the last few days, the biggest positive changes were the reduced cravings and Hubbie and i both feel more satisfied when eating eating less. I also havent had a weazy chest even though i've had as much cream, cream cheese and
            butter as i wanted.

            I'll try more fat and see if the energy comes back ... since starting up with 100% again i realised that i previously focused more on protein than fat so i still feel a bit apprehensive about having too much fat but will definitely not let that stop me from experimenting with more.


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              Yeah it takes a while to get away from that "fat is bad" mindset we are brainwashed into
              Check out the Eat moar fat thread There is a formula in there for working out your macros


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                Been having my monthly craving for sweet stuff the past few days and lost the cheesecake and chocolate battle this weekend so not surprised this morning to see that i'm 2kg up from my weigh in on the 11th when i started - was 67kg now 69 although my waist measurement remained the same - i dont crave as much as i use to so not sure if this was just the craving or a bit of a habit as well .

                i think its just the normal female stuff but i'm going to have reel it in just to be on the safe side - i think i should only have a few berries for desert with cream and leave all other fruit until i reach my goal. Will check my weight in a few days to see if its made a difference.

                I skipped gym for a few days and feel better - maybe i was just a bit tired and needed a break but i'll be going tonight and hoping my energy levels will be ok.


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                  Besides the cheesecake and chocolate cheats ... i had the following yesterday:

                  - 3 poached eggs with cream cheese for breakfast
                  - Chicken breast thinly sliced and covered in tandoori spice, salt and pepper and fried in butter with green salad
                  - supper was lamb braised in butter with onion, chilli, stick cinnamon, cardamon and star anise till very soft then left to simmer with tomato paste


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                    hi everyone

                    I've been very good yesterday ...

                    had a tblsp coconut oil in the morning and black coffee & water
                    ate first meal at lunchtime- had 2 boiled eggs and some beef tongue (yum) with a green salad
                    some chicken with green salad for supper and a handful of black and blue berries with cream for dessert

                    Felt really good after waiting for a few hours to eat. Will try it again today as a buildup to IF sometime soon.

                    Couldnt make it to the gym - so did some work with a resistance band - not as much work as i would like but will focus on lifting heavy things today

                    Had my first early night in months ... need to focus on getting enough sleep every day (I'm really bad at this) I need to be up by 5am to be in time for work at 8am so need to get to bed by about 9pm which isnt always possible when i usually get home from gym at 8pm 3 times a week - i need to plan better but will get there


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                      again no breakfast yesterday and feeling good ... had coffee and water until lunch time then had lamb stew and a green salad and a bit of fish with salad for supper and the usual indulgence cream and berries

                      Had school meetings last night straight from work until 9pm ... then helped kids with homework, supper, odds and ends so missed my workout and went to bed at 11pm ... so a late night as well - will have to make up today

                      I'm really turning a corner with the foods im eating lately if i compare it to what i ate before ... i couldnt understand why i stalled for months before and still felt hungry and not losing weight - i'm much more focused on getting more fats, a moderate amount of protein and as little carbs as possible now and as clean as possible and feel the difference - i'm not as hungry - even when i ate the cheesecake - i think i did it out of habit rather than need - it actually seems possible to do this as a way of life and not a means to a short term end


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                        only had coffee and water yesterday morning till lunch time and for lunch had chicken fillets fried in butter with some green salad ... had a handful of macadamians and a few berries late afternoon and coffee with cream and the evening didnt feel like eating so just had the rest of the berries with cream.

                        did weights and tried some pilates and went to bed at 10pm

                        Feeling a bit pissed off - our neighbour chased off four guys that he saw stealing stuff from our backyard last night but i'm grateful that they didnt decide to try to get into the house or didnt get a chance to do so - house doesnt feel as safe as it use to ... need to work on my stress levels today


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                          hey there ... been really hectic today so only just managed to post something and have breakfast/lunch (at 4pm) ... i cant remember ever not feeling hungry the way i've been lately, but its all good . Amazingly ... i had no asthma problems since i started aiming for 100% especially since i wasnt holding back on butter and cream - really awesome result - i remember how shit i felt just a few weeks ago - sick the entire two weeks i was on leave and saw the new year in with asthma induced bronchitis so glad for the positive result thusfar

                          Yesterday was similar to the day before exept for dinner i had an egg, some smoked mussels and some avo ... weird combo for me but i liked it

                          Going to gym again tonight ... hope that will be good as well ... enjoy your weekend everyone


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                            Did my weigh in on Saturday so since i started 2 weeks ago:

                            lost 1 kg (now 66kg) and 4cm of my waist -

                            been lousy with my sleeping and exercise ... so need to focus on that

                            I've had my normal meals this weekend and some dark chocolate on Saturday


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                              i think i need to have less dairy / cream - been overloading a bit ... had a hectic sinus headache yesterday and my blood pressure was a bit weird ... 155/78 last night and 132/63 this morning ... i sometimes take herbal meds if it gets too high - i was hypertensive for years averaging 190/90 and went back to normal levels after i lost the weight. Had 1/2 a tab last night which i guess is what brought it down - just not sure why it was so high last night - maybe my body is a bit stressed with all the changes or its the sinus thing ... who knows. My brother in law died as a result of a stroke a few months ago at 46years old so i try to keep a regular check on things. Im a bit disappointed since its been good for a while now.

                              Yesterday I had coffee and water in the morning, roast leg of lamb with salad and 2 eggs for breakfast/lunch at 12.00pm, small banana and chicken biltong, chicken curry with cream cheese and salad for supper and blackberries with cream & cream cheese for dessert ... way too much dairy, i'm going overboard since i know i can have it (and its soo yummy) need to get a grip...

                              Headache got me down and out so didnt manage much exercise as well couldnt sleep as well ... other half was watching Tiger till late

                              Will try to focus on getting things right today ... i guess i'll get there eventually