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Aiming for 100%, about 10kg weight loss and no more asthma

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    had the best thinly sliced fried (in butter) spicy chicken breast last night, with garlic butter mushrooms and salad ... i also had some sauerkraut for the first time ever in my life and even though it tasted rubbish on its own, when combined with the rest of the meal it was really good ... i skipped the cream and berries for dessert last night but had a little cream in my coffee this morning (sounds a bit pathetic not being to give it up i know) also had a spoonful of coconut oil and 4 figs.
    its a beautiful cool, cloudy day today - a relief after the hot windy few days we've had so looking forward to my workout later today


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      Good workout last night ... had egg and leftovers for lunch and some blackberries and a handful of nuts after the workout. For supper i had braised beef mince with vegtables, garlic and chillies and some salad and no blueberries and cream

      I must find ways to save time ... i got home from gym at 8pm, fed dogs, showered, helped kids with homework, made supper, ate ... etc etc and only got to bed after 11pm - way too little sleep

      making a conscious effort to put a smile on my face and project a positive attitude today


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        still trying to keep things positive - most people smile back when i smile at them and the rest that think i'm nuts doesnt matter - at least i'm a happy nut

        had eggs AGAIN and some leftover beef with sauerkraut,salad and beef tongue (I LUV tongue ) for breakfast/lunch, some green mango and pecans for a snack and for supper had haddock cooked in butter with a stirfry, salad and more sauerkraut (apparently its good for your digestion - we'll have to see about that) . Had a bit of dark chocolate for dessert and only had cream in my coffee in the morning and after supper. Skipping breakfast (except for creamy coffee) has become a norm - i feel uncomforable now if i eat early. This morning i had some coconut oil and a creamy coffee for breakfast - will avoid coffee for the rest of the day.

        My blood pressure was 116/68 this morning (hadnt taken any meds since Monday night) and my heartrate seems high 72 its normally around 60 resting ??? Need to up my electrolytes i guess.

        I dont think i've lost weight will check tomorrow for my weekly weigh in but i feel stronger/firmer - i'll be doing some HIIT on the stepper tonight and some weights

        had a late night couldn't sleep - i think its the coffee


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          Had good and bad results - my weight was 69 this morning which is 3kg up and my waist measurement also went up by 1cm. My muscle mass reading has increased by 1/2 kg and fat percentage has gone down 1.5% in the past 2 weeks. SOOOO ... i'm hoping the increase in weight is muscle and water weight but to be on the safe side i'm going to cut the dairy (Cream, Cream cheese and mascapone + dark chocolate ) for a week or two to see if it makes a difference - bit of a bummer since i like it so much - but its the only way to be sure.

          had eggs with stir fry for breakfast. Ostrich mince with eggplant and mushrooms for lunch and cabbage & lamb stew for supper yesterday (really good) and some dark chocolate and strawberries for a snack

          Still struggling to get enough sleep and still focusing on staying positive


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            been a bad bad girl ... had some red velvet cake for a breakfast birthday party ... was delish tho very rich so didnt go hectic BUT feeling really bad about it - i went there hungry so need to make sure I eat before i go to any other functions. i will have to be seriously good for the rest of the day. had a heavy gym session last night so will pretend that this mornings indulgence was needed to restore my glycogen levels.

            Hubbie and i are thinking of doing a once a week carb up since we are normally low (about 30 - excluding the odd cake here and there) not a major one maybe just some roasted sweet potato once a week to up it to about 100-150. We've read in one of the threads that its good for weight loss, energy and leptin levels - i'll only know if i try it. I will also have my swig of coconut oil before i sleep and not in the morning as i've been doing. Here's hoping the tweeking will eventually get me to my personal "sweet spot"

            Yesterday I had eggs for breakfast and leftovers for lunch and supper. Snacked on some berries and nuts - had no dairy.

            My heartrate went through the roof during my workout (not sure if i need to be concerned about that) noticed it when i did HIIT on the stepper so only did 15 minutes instead of the normal 20 then cooled down on the bike for a bit before i did some weights focusing on legs and abs and ended my workout on the powerplate. I still dont have my normal endurance and strength/energy although my body feels firmer and stronger (if that makes sense) must be carb flu / progression / changes ... i'm also supplementing with magnesium (at night), iron, omega 3, and multi (4x week) and i have water with lemon juice and pinch of salt every now and then (apparently for electrolytes). My blood pressure is still low (for me) 114/72 last night.


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              didnt feel like eating much yesterday after the cake so just had some nuts and mussels and my swig of coconut oil last night. bit weird since i normally get hungry soon after eating sweet stuff and didnt get that. This morning i had some coffee with a bit of cream and for lunch i had boiled eggs with sweet potato, a few strawberries, chicken biltong and lemon water. though i was intending to carb up i only got about 40g with the sweet potato thusfar ... will see how it goes the rest of the day.
              had a sore neck this morning - everyone at work are taking turns getting sick and im hoping im not next on the list - flu really sucks big time
              i'll be doing some weights again tonight - looking forward to it hope it goes well

              still struggling to get my stuff sorted early so i can get more sleep - if only i had more people to delegate except me, myself and i


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                no flu YAY (for now at least)

                Had an awesome workout last night - i think my body likes the sweet potatoes

                I had some haddock late afternoon with the rest of the sweet potato and some banana eggs for supper (2 eggs and 2 bananas) so in total i had just over 100g carbs - i was expecting it to be much higher - but i was satisfied and happy with what i had - i tried to keep the fat low yesterday as well

                i've decided to do this again on Friday - i think as long as i dont go crazy with the carbs i will feel much better - and the more energy i have the better my workouts wil be

                again a late night after gym i had loads to do so ended up in bed after 11pm and only got about 6 hours sleep

                Had some coconut oil, butter and coffee for breakfast ... plan to have some braised ostrich mince and salad for lunch


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                  Was totally busted last night - really tired - actually fell asleep on my way home from work which i never do.

                  Had some lamb chops last night and coffee with cream and some dark chocolate also had some cashews with periperi and chicken biltong - sounds alot but were all small portions - having some lamb/coriander sausage, egg and salad today and some coffee with butter for breakfast - still undecided for supper. got gym tonight - will see how it goes

                  I'll have some grilled sweet potato cubes in my salad tomorrow - forgot to make them last night so wont have it today

                  Tomorrow is weigh in, last week was lousy weight-wise hope all the numbers are moving in the right direction this time round: weight, cm, fat% and muscle mass%

                  Still need to get more ZZzzz


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                    forgot to mention earlier:

                    My hubbies been having much better results than me even though we've been doing this together and he cheats about twice a week. Its almost a month and he lost 4kg and 6cm off his waist ( the bit that he's always wanted to reduce) - he was always hungry but can now go without food and not be fazed - its the first plan that he can follow long term without feeling deprived. I think my higher body fat% means that even though i am losing fat, i'm also gaining muscle and as a result i dont always see the numbers that i want


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                      weighed 67kg and waist measurements stayed the same since last week... will check my fat% and muscle mass tonight at gym. still need to cut out dairy completely - i also think i might be having too much nuts. I'm having a spoon of coconut oil and coffee with butter for breakfast and will try to do this every day from now on - when blended i can pretend its cream. I'll have my first "meal" for the day at 1pm and my last one by 8pm latest.

                      I introduced my brother to PB and he lost 3kg and 2cm off his waist in his first week - he's got lots to lose so the initial loss was a huge motivator - he said his whole family is also enjoying the primal meals


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                        Hi Nuraan, you are so lucky to have your husband and brother on board with primal, I hope it is making it easier for you.

                        Regarding your coffee, why not put real cream in it? I don't understand why you have to "pretend" with butter.

                        Best wishes for your goals.
                        Annie Ups the Ante


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                          Thanks Annie - ive been doing it on my ownsome for a while so its really nice to share with someone close and to keep my mindset focused when i'm feeling a bit tempted.
                          I'm not satisfied with my weight loss - i've been within the same weight range for ages so I'm trying to tweek what i eat to see what works best for me - I tend to overdo dairy and since i also have asthma - i thought it might be better to try going without - i will have some cream once in a while as a treat rather than everyday in my morning coffee and the butter gives me energy and curbs the hunger till lunch.


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                            But surely butter and cream are the same product? After all, churn cream long enough and it turns to butter.
                            Annie Ups the Ante


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                              Hi Annie - I would guess if its heavy cream yes it would be the same - but i cant always get heavy so settle for whipping which seems to have much more milk and less fat in it. I also found in the past that my asthma flares up when i drink milk and i make the most amazing chocolate mousse with cream and cream cheese and tend to go overboard ... so if it has more milk in it i dont want to chance getting sick and fat ... maybe im wrong but thats my logic so please dont take my word for it ... i'm just trying to find what works for me.


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                                i've picked up a stomach bug ... so avoided the gym just in case i ended up doing more sprinting than is primally required.

                                i had some turkey drumstick with salad for lunch/supper but not much

                                will have my normal coffee today with some lamb chops and salad for lunch