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Whole 30 - 1.10.13-2.13.13

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  • Whole 30 - 1.10.13-2.13.13

    Today I decided to do a Whole 30.

    A little about me: I'm in my 20's and have no serious metabolic disorders but would like to lose a little weight. I've eaten primally off and on for the past three years or so. I initially lost a few pounds that I had gained when I quit smoking in 2009 but never saw the kind of dramatic and sustainable losses that I hoped for. I currently am weighing in at 152 lbs and am 5'7" tall.

    Today I ate 4 eggs fried in coconut oil, baked apple & onions with balsamic vinegar, a strip steak with onions fried in ghee, and an apple with almond butter.

    I also experimented a little: I made my own almond butter for the first time (really put the food processor through its paces), made my own ghee, and ground up some dried wild mushrooms I foraged this past summer to make a powder for flavoring.
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    Day 2 has been essentially the same as day 1 with an extra apple. I've been feeling pretty tired and run down all day, which I'm guessing is to be expected this early in the Whole 30. I slept late this morning and am already feeling like I want to go to bed early tonight...


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      Day 3's meals:
      breakfast: 4 eggs fried in ghee
      tiny lunch: butternut squash, almonds, and a hard boiled egg
      big dinner: steak and asparagus, with 1 1/2 apples with almond butter for dessert.

      mentally and physically i am feeling tired again today but not as bad as yesterday; it was easier to get out of bed in the morning and i had a few good bursts of energy at work. i'm starting to get that "even-keeled" feeling that i associate with lower carb eating, even though i have been eating a fair amount of fruit/veggies.


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        Day 4!
        breakfast- 4 eggs fried in ghee
        lunch/dinner- small bowl of chili, plate of broccoli and onions fried in ghee, 2 apples with almond butter

        ideally dinner would have just been a big bowl of chili and an apple with almond butter, but the chili really wasn't finished cooking so i had to make do with other stuff.

        again hard to get out of bed this morning! i'm guessing this is the "carb flu" thing, kind of a pain but hopefully it will be over soon. i'm thinking about getting vitamin d supplements to combat the low energy.


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          Day 5...
          b-big bowl of chili
          l- big bowl of chicken and vegetable coconut curry
          d- roast chicken with roasted root vegetables and sautéed beet greens. kombucha to drink.

          a small victory: today is my first fruit-free day.


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            Day 6:
            b- big bowl of chili
            l- hard boiled egg, chicken curry, almonds
            d- curry, steamed spinach, pot roast, a banana

            way more energy today, i'm psyched!


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              Day 7:
              b- nothing, slept late and didn't get hungry til lunch
              l- 2 bowls of chili
              d- weirdly not hungry again, 2 carrots and avocado tahini dip, bowl of chili

              weird day today. i slept almost 11 hours last night and then wasn't hungry when i got up. i did very little exercise all day (stayed in except for shoveling the sidewalk in front of my house) so maybe that's why i was barely hungry at all for dinner.regarding energy, i had a hard time getting out of bed but then felt very energetic all day long.


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                first week of the whole 30 down and i have to say it hasn't been that challenging so far. i have found that making big batches of food is super helpful (curry, chili). making my own condiments has also been great- almond butter, avocado tahini dip, and i plan to try my hand at mayo pretty soon. physically, i have a bit more energy than at the start. my digestion is a little off, but apparently that's to be expected and i may have to incorporate more starch. lastly, i'm feeling very lean.

                only 3 weeks to go. honestly i may continue after the 13th. my original plan was to stop on valentine's day so that i could eat whatever delicious dinner/chocolate my bf gets me. now i'm thinking i will just hop back on after that meal... we'll see!

                edited to add- i just saw my dad for lunch and at one point he looked at me quizzically and exclaimed "you must have lost weight!" ... i responded with a modest "thank you" but was secretly very glad to know that someone has noticed my hard work.
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