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    Hello everyone! This is my first post after going paleo 4 days ago. I'm going to try to post on here every day, but might have to play catch ups so please bear with me

    Also, being from Australia I might have funny names for things and use that wacky ol' metric system so I'll try my best to translate for people reading in the US.

    So here's my food and exercise for the last couple of days, and a few observations about how I have been feeling.

    Day 1 - Felt pretty hungry during the day. Light headed and woozey.

    B: Chicken breast with tumeric, vege saute with capsicum, leek, spinach, mushrooms

    L: Swordfish, endive and rocket salad, carrot, celery, tomato, olives, artichoke hearts

    S: Boiled egg with worcestershire sauce (obviously craving salt...)

    D: Grass-fed rump steak, mango, avocado, onion, lime and corriander (cilantro) salsa, sugar snap peas

    Des: Melted 80% dark chocolate with strawberries

    Exercise: Rode 10km (6 miles) and had intended to go for a walk in my lunch break but didn't have the energy. One day at a time

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    Day 2: I had some serious milk cravings today, which is weird because I have been lactose intolerant for a couple of years and havent had milk in at least 3 months. Any ideas why this might be?

    B: Fried Egg, swordfish, left over mango, avocado, green capsicum (pepper), onion, lime and corriander (cilantro) salsa with olive oil from last night.

    S: Almonds, sunflower seeds and pepitas.

    L: Chicken breast with tumeric, mushrooms, red capsicum (pepper), celery, carrot, pepitas.

    S: Boiled egg. (Just a word on the eggs i'm eating: They're home laid by our chooks who free range and receive feed that contains things like corn and grain. Not sure on the Omega 3 content in them and am not sure how to find out. Any one in the same position?)

    D: Roast chicken and pumpkin.

    Des: 2 squares of Dark Chocolate (I know, I've been eating way more chocolate than I usually would... Looking to cut back on it over the next few weeks)

    Exercise: None. We are in the middle of a crazy heat wave right now and I couldn't bring myself to go for a walk or ride with temps above 41C (105F) and winds up to 100kmph (60 miles ph). My city is also has some serious bushfires around so it's pretty smokey out as well. Not a great time to be running around outside!


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      Day 3: After seeking some online advice I have upped my fat intake and kicked the milk cravings. Woo hoo. Today was also the first day I felt really satiated too. That being said, I had headaches all day that I just couldn't shake, could be tension headaches though from sitting at my new desk...

      B: Fried Egg, left over roast chicken, left over mango, avocado, green capsicum (pepper), onion, lime and corriander (cilantro) salsa with olive oil.

      L: Sword fish, green beans, olives, artichoke hearts, tomato, lemon juice, oilve oil

      D: Lamb mince mix made with a whole bunch of grated veges stuffed into half an eggplant

      Des: Almonds and dark chocolate (I went to see a movie and managed to resist the popcorn, one of my old vices!)

      Exercise: 1 hour walk. Plus walking to and from the movies so about 1.5 hours in total.


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        Day 4: After the break in the heat wave over the last couple of days and trying to adjust my energy levels for exercise I finally got to do my bike ride commute to work and home as well as a long walk in my lunch break. Woo hoo!

        B: Big field mushroom with left over lamb mince/vege mix from last night

        L: Left over roast chicken, boiled egg, zucchini, carrot, cauliflower and sugar snap peas.

        D: Seared scallops and salad

        Exercise: 10km (6 mile) ride, 6km walk (3 miles). I'm also starting to wonder if I can do a pull up... I mean I am certain I can't but I wonder just how sucky I would really be at it and how long it would take me to be able to do one Any tips?


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          Journaling every day is HARD. congrats to everyone who keeps it up

          So, Day 5: I had a hungry day today! Felt a bit light headed like I NEEDED to eat immediately or someone would die (I call it the Hangries or hunger angries - definitely looking forward to switching from sugar-burning to fat-burning to get rid of this high carb diet symptom!)

          B: Kangaroo fillet with a vege omlette

          L: lamb and vege mince mix with a tonne of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini and sugar snap peas

          S: Breaded frozen fish fillet (eep!) and a grapefruit - this was a mid afternoon snack when I popped home to drop off some shopping in my lunch break and felt starving!

          D: lamb steaks with sauted veges (similar veges to lunch time) with lime pickle (frealised it was paleo the other day. AWESOME)

          Dessert: Suprise suprise - dark chocolate

          Exercise: Grok style! I spent 4 hours in the afternoon building a chicken house - hammering, sawing, lifting and squating, WOO HOO!

          Oh and I goofed around in my mates pool for about 30 minutes as well, so much fun!


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            Day 6:

            B: 8 prawns (shrimp) fried in garlic and ginger, fish sauce and lime juice with a vege omlette

            L: BBQ on a mates farm - 2 lamb chops, kangaroo fillet, greek salad sans fetta and a couple of eggs

            S: Dark chocolate

            D: Didn't really feel like eating dinner. When my partner started eating I had an apple and a slice of corned beef, but I could have gone without.

            Exercise: Walked to and from the local shops in the morning so about 30 mins and then mucked around in the pool in the arvo.


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              Day 7:

              B: Another apple and a couple of slices of corned beef with some mustard and carrot and pumpkin hash with a small fried egg

              L: Sauted veges with a whole bunch of rotisserie chicken

              S: Dark chocolate (again!) and two glasses of white wine

              D: I didn't really feel like dinner again tonight - but instead of eating for the sake of it I went without. Yay! My first IF

              E: Rode my bike into the city (about 20 mins) and went for a walk around the lake near our house (about 1 hour and 15 mins - 7km or 4.5 miles)


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                Oh also - I should add that I've been drinking mint leaf tea and green tea throughout - about 3-4 cups a day.


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                  Weigh in/review - Week one!

                  Wow. Just wow. So before I reveal the stats for this week, I just want to preface it with a bit about myself.

                  So last year last year in about August I hit "rock bottom" if you like. I was depressed about my weight and my job and what I was putting into my body. I was binge drinking (up to 6 or 8 BOTTLES of wine a week, usually consumed at a rate of about 2 bottles in a sitting). I was binge eating (a whole pizza in a sitting maybe twice a week. A couple of chocolate bars a day, usually scoffed down in a matter of seconds at my desk at work while no one was watching).

                  Come September, I had quit my rubbish, soul destroying admin job and finally landed my dream job. My work is a lovely bike ride around the lake away from my house and has great flexible working hours, meaning that I could leave my desk in my lunch break (something nearly forbidden in my last job) and go for walks for an hour or more. So I started riding every day and walking my little butt off. I was working out like crazy - two or three times a day up to 15 hours a week.

                  I also started calorie counting like crazy, restricting myself to around 1100 cals a day, and the bulk of my tummy filling food came from potatoes, sweet potatoes and legumes. Obviously this wasn't maintainable though because every week there would still be the take away splurge on chinese or pizza or turkish and, of course, alcohol consumption of about 4 bottles of wine (although leaving my awful job definitely decreased the amount I was drinking during the week).

                  At my heaviest (around August last year) my stats looked like this:

                  Height: 5'3"
                  Weight: 88kg (194 pounds)
                  Fat: 40.1%
                  Total cm/inches around waist, arms, tummy etc: 825cm (325 inches)

                  After the heavy work out period and the restrictive calories I hadn't really seen a huge change, despite the amount of effort that I was pouring into losing weight. My stats looked like this on the day before I went paleo (one week ago):

                  Height: 5'3"
                  Weight: 85.1kg (187 pounds) - so minus 3kg, or 7 pounds in 4 months
                  Fat: 37.8%
                  Total cm/inches around waist, arms, tummy etc: 820cm (322 inches)

                  Now - with all this in mind here is my first weekly weigh in:

                  Height: 5'3"
                  Weight: 83kg (182 pounds) - that's minus 2.1kg or 4.6 pounds in one week (almost as much as I lost in the previous4 months)
                  Fat: 37.1%
                  Total cm/inches around waist, arms, tummy etc: 800cm (314 inches) - so minus 20cm or 6 inches from all over my body in just one week! 5cm or about 2 inches from off my waist alone.

                  So yeah, I am very happy!

                  Another plus side to this? My knees, which have always given me pain from an injury in my teens, have stopped aching! It's a very happy day.


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                    Day 8: Oh the agonising headache! ARRRGGGH. I also realised when I was talking to my friend about what I did on the weekend the words cranky and grumpy came up a lot more often than they usually would. Gotta push through though no? I was also craving a big milky coffee again, what's going on with that??

                    B: Rotisserie chicken, stirfried onions, mushrooms and broccoli

                    L: Osso bucco with carrots, mushies, celery, onion and tomato

                    (post-exercise headaches kick in like a dagger in my eye - think it could be desk related still, but I can't figure it out because I went Paleo the day I went back to work after the holidays!)

                    S: Almonds

                    D: Salmon, roasted baby tomatoes, green beans, pine nuts and balsamic/olive oil dressing

                    Des: Dark chocolate, imagine that.

                    Exercise: Rode to and from work, walked for 30 mins.