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    It's been a week of no sugar, and so far I feel great.

    I started on the 1st, to keep track easier. I felt that January is the easiest month to go without sugar, because once February starts it's candy and sweets until at least July (my birthday month).

    So far, I've noticed that my sex drive has gotten back up! This past year has been frustrating in that regard. It's not that I don't enjoy sex, the drive for it just went away and only came up maybe once or twice a month. So far this week, it's come up a few times. It's nice to feel normal again. I can only assume it's because of my decreased sugar intake--but it could also be because I'm also cleaning up my diet. While I'm still eating grains, like white rice and white wheat (sourdough bread), I haven't been eating as much fast food and crap food that I had been eating almost daily for months. Also, I'm sure the weight gain I suffered had an effect on my hormones as well.

    I did some elliptical yesterday, about 20 minutes. It felt good to get moving again. I also lifted some weights; I need to tone my arms, that's where my biggest problem is. I look 30 pounds heavier just in my arms alone!! And while it's winter now, it will soon be spring and then summer and I will need to not wear long sleeves!

    Today's Exercise:

    35 minutes of running/walking
    5 Burpees

    Today's Food so far:
    Breakfast--Homemade Abuelita Sopa de Pollo
    Lunch--Two chicken drumsticks with carrots
    Snackies--two separate cups of coffee, one with 1tb cocoa butter, one with 2tb half/half

    We'll see what dinner is--we're going to my in-laws house tonight, so I don't have much say. Will definitely stay sugar-free, that's for sure!

    I'm already hungry, I didn't eat as much for lunch as I wanted because I was a bit late eating it and had to go to work.

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    I got a little disappointed last night because we wen't to my in-laws and dinner was pulled pork. Normally, I love it, but last night I was concerned about the sugar in it. So, I just had a tiny portion.

    Today's meals:
    Breakfast/Lunch: Homemade Abuelita Sopa de Pollo
    Snack: Small yam with butter
    Dinner: TBD, maybe steak

    I did 60 kettlebell swings today, I think I'll do some running or something more when I get off of work. I was too tired and busy this morning to move around more.


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      Welcome :-)))
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        Originally posted by Hedonist2 View Post
        Welcome :-)))


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          So, the past few days have been bad--been having some serious fat days. BUT apparently, it's all in my head because I've gotten remarks about how good I'm looking

          Then, today, just now, I was looking in the mirror and my face is definitely thinner. My jawline is more pronounced now, like it used to be before I gained back 40 pounds. Next step is my collarbones! Once I see those, I will be so happy!!!

          When I first lost weight, that was a milestone for me. Then, one day I noticed I couldn't see them anymore and I got upset :C

          I ran/walked today, which felt good when I was done. I was super tired this morning, but I did the whole 35 minutes of my program and did a cool-down even. Might do some kettlebell swings later. we'll see.

          Dinner last night was sirloin with broccoli, and a red pear the broc and steak had plenty of butter on them, so they were very delicious.

          Food so far today:
          Breakfast/lunch: 2 chicken drumsticks and 3 tiny sweet potatoes with plenty butter
          Snack: coffee with half n half and stevia
          Going over to the in-laws again tonight, so we'll see what dinner is!


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            So we ended up not going to the in-laws last night, we're going tonight.

            Last night we had breakfast for dinner--Eggs and bacon! I made sweet potato hashbrowns for the man, and I just had a couple of sweet potatoes I had already cooked, as I didn't have enough browns for both of us.

            What was really nice was that I cooked the bacon first, then fried our eggs in the bacon fat, which isn't something I normally do. They were pretty much the best eggs ever! My man snarfed up the eggs and hash before he even touched the bacon. Feels good

            Today's food so far:

            Blueberry muffin Larabar for a quick breakfast
            Lunch: bacon, two egg yolks with some white, and two small sweet potatoes with butter

            So far have done 30 kettle swings, wasn't feeling the energy today.