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Grok didn't wear clothes so why should I?

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  • Grok didn't wear clothes so why should I?

    ANSWER: Because I live in the Seattle area and weigh 298 lbs.

    Maximum Weight 320 (Nov 2011)
    Goal Weight 195-205 (only about 100 lbs to go)
    Height: 6'2
    Blood Pressure: 137/77
    Pulse: 67 (constant cardio is good for my heart, but it makes me hungry and I eat to much)

    New Years Resolution: Take my shirt off more and make some vitamin D. That means I better get busy losing weight fast so I don't embarrass anyone who might accidently see me.

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    Read the PB book, cronic cardio is not good for you. Start walking, eating primal, sleeping enough and with luck (it doesn't work for everyone, but does for loads of us) you will see results pretty soon. It will probably start with health benefits you didn't expect, if you don't immediately start losing weight give your body time to heal itself.


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      Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. And some of the things I do for exercise haven't worked well for losing weight and some things have. What does work for me is walking 6 miles a day. This takes about 2 hours I did this everyday for three months one summer and lost over 25 pounds. What hasn't worked well for weight loss is cronic cardio and weight lifting. Both of these activities make me hungry and I eat more than I burn. Because of this I am changing my workout for the winter.


      Keep moving for one or two hours, lift very heavy weight, don't get hungry and don't hurt myself.

      I haven't read far enough in the PB book to know if this strategy lines up but I am guessing from the initail summary chapter that it might. Feel free to set me straight if not.


      1) Pick any weight machine at the gym. Start with a light weight -- something I can do 40 reps with. Do 15 reps.

      2) Walk around the gym and come back to the machine.

      3) Increase weight by one notch and do 10 reps.

      4) Walk around the gym and come back to the machine.

      5) Increase weight by one nocth. Do at least 3 reps or more. If more, don't do any more that half of what I could do at that weight. Avoid muscle exhastion so I don't get hungry.

      6) Keep walking, increasing weight until I can't do 3 reps any more. If I get to the bottom of the stack do as many reps as I can.

      7) Move on to the next machine.

      It takes about 1/2 hour to do a machine and only about 2 minutes of that is actual lifting. The rest is walking. While walking I imagine myself naked (and 100 lbs lighter) and maintain good posture. For entertainment I imagine others naked. This can be good or bad depending on who it is. Maybe I should bring an iPod instead.


      Occasionally record the maximum weight at which I can do 3 reps, or if I reach the bottom of the stack record the number of reps I can do.


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        I prefer doing bodyweight exercise. Look at Marks primal movements (pushup, pullup, plank, squat). There is a free doc about it and building up to the full exercises on the site and how to progress through them (repetitions ed). Using machines increase the chance of hurting yourself.
        I just started a similar routine called "convict conditioning". Gaining strength and flexibility by just using my body.
        Do the motions slow, 2 secs down, hold 1 sec, 2 secs back. Not to many repetitions.


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          I'm debating on joining the Y for working out. I'm doing good with EMF (Eat Moar Fat) just need to start working out more.


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            paleodutch, 298 pound guys don't do pull ups. Just hanging would pull the arms out of my shoulders sockets

            Right now I can only do about 5 pushups so it would be a short workout at the moment. I need to lose some more weight before I can integrate pushups into my workout. For now I will use it for evaluation only.

            Georgette I think you should join the Y for workout. The most valuable thing you have is your health so you should spend the money. Personally I hate going to the gym because I love to be outside walking, hiking and cycling; I am just doing it for the winter. How do you like


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              please Read the steps to getting there. There are also some videos with mark on youtube showing the steps.
              Pushups start vertically against a wall, pullups with convict conditioning start standing almost vertically and pulling towards a doorframe or sturdy tree. mark has another easy first step. I can not do regular pullups or pushups yet, I start on the easy levels and hope to progress to one arm pullups and pushups in a year or 3 (or maybe never, but it will be good to get to doing it once)
              The best part is that while you are slowly building strength you are hopefully loosing weight as well. Once you progressed to pushups the weight you have to push is less then it is now. I never wanted to tell you to dislocate a shoulder, but am typing on a tablet and not native English speaking so not always as clear as I hope to be.


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                Hey RandyStimpson,
                First off I love the title of your post! I'm also a big guy - current weight around 300 lb. I find that between 3 and 5 hours of low intensity cardio spread over three to four days together with a day of heavy lifting (as long as it takes to do two sets of everything with a small break between them) and a day of sprinting (yes I know us Clydesdales don't move fast) works well for a workout routine. I based mine on the outline from Mark's e-fitness book. With sprinting the key is not speed but all out effort. I do 20 seconds all out then 10 seconds at a slower pace - repeating for 4 minutes then take a two minute break and do the whole thing again - it really kicks your butt. Usually I do my sprints on a bike as it is less wear and tear on my joints. Cardio for me is usually a long bike ride or a walk/hike and heavy lifting is all body weight - I figure for me; how much heavier can it get at 300lbs , right?

                Best of luck on your journey! Welcome to MDA.
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                  My thoughts on the Y is this, I need to justify the thought of spending the extra $44-$75/month and the additional drive that I would have when I go there. There is nothing close to where we live. The Y is about 15-17 miles from my house. We have a gym in town, but its shit.


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                    The other thing with Convict Conditioning (which I need to start again) is that it CAN be integrated into a hike or other outdoor activity. Walk half a mile, do a set of wall-presses (beginning pushups) against a tree. His focus is not just strength, but also the strength of your tendons and ligaments to keep up with the muscle.

                    Good luck!
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                      Hmmm, now I am going to be looking at other people at the Y and wondering if they are imagining me naked...actually, they probably are since I'm a swimmer and not wearing a whole lot anyway.

                      Love your journal!
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                        Great title! Made me want to read your journal.

                        Sounds like you have a good plan to start. You may want to look at adding in some good compound movements into your gym workout though. Squats, deadlifts, benchpress (or dips for those of us with trashed shoulders) and bent over rows. Those type of exercises will help build more muscle and help burn more fat. I wouldn't worry about lifting heavy and hard increasing your appetite the way the hard cardio will. If you do feel you need more food, add some extra vegetables for bulk, but also add some extra protein/fat.

                        Keep up the great work! You've got a couple of months to prep before you need to worry about taking off your shirt and walking around.
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                          Thanks to everybody for the support and suggestions. Georgette I was wondering about MyFittness Pal. What do you like about it?


                          I take no meds and until about 3 weeks ago no supplements. But I had my vitamin D tested and it came up low so I started using a tanning bed in moderation (I describe the experiment in my personal blog in case anyone cares). My status didn't rise as quickly as I hoped to I started taking a Calcium and Vitamin D supplement. Now I am getting muscle twitching and I suspect that my calcium/potassium balance is off due to supplementation. I am going to switch over to a vitamin D supplement only. Besides, calcium supplementation is linked to kidney stones.

                          Speaking of supplements, I see many people here are taking a crazy amount of supplements. Grok didn't take supplements. I am thinking about starting a thread argument about that but I don't want to get a bunch of people mad at me. That would stress me out and make me fatter.


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                            PUSHUPS. REALLY? well ok

                            Some of you have recommended pushups. At first I didn't like this idea but then I thought I could always start with my knees down. My wife thinks that I should do 15 minutes every morning and work up to 1 hour -- and that I should do them before I get out of bed.


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                              No, don't do that many pushups you don't want to hurt yourself.

                              Start by doing them standing up against a wall. Start with 10. slowly build up to 50. Check Mark's video: Pushup Progression - Primal Blueprint Fitness - YouTube

                              And download primal blueprint fitness (for free) on the main MDA site on the right is a place where you can subscribe and get the pdf.

                              You only need to do 2 or max. 3 days of this training per week and it only takes some 15-20 minutes for good results. Each movement 2 times per week (so you don't have to do all of them each day. Getting tired will make it more difficult to perform them well, so don't overdo it. Getting the technique good is important not to get injured.