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    Hey all,

    I love the idea of doing the journals. I took mine a step further and created a full website. I think this will help better spread the word about primal nutrition to others faster as they watch me tackle the journey rather than just journaling for other primal people.

    Anyway...I know a lot of you may want a site, but don't want to spend on a domain, don't know how to set up a blogging platform, etc.

    Who would be interested in having a site of their own to journal their full experience with the ability to have pages, easily write articles, pictures, get comments, get listed in search engines, fully customize their experience, etc.???

    I'd be willing to allow people to create sites off my main site such as:

    You would have your own fully customizable site at that address.

    I would not charge for this. The primal community here at marksdailyapple has given me so much information and motivation that I just want to give back and also help spread the word better about the primal lifestyle. I think if everyone started blogs that got referenced in search engines and made their journey more public we could do just that.

    If you're interested in setting up your own site in a subdomain of mine (would take 5 minutes to get started), reply to this thread or email me at kevin {at} myprimallife {dot} com. If there is enough interest I will post the link for people to start registering.

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    Bump once. It got buried pretty quick by everyone's updates.