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    I'm excited to have a place to journal and keep some accountability in my quest to eat primal! My family has been following this way of life for a while and about 2 months ago I started with improving my diet. Did really great for one month and then the next month was full of a lot of slip-ups (i.e. chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwiches).

    The only goal I have right now is to ditch grains and sugar.

    When i can stop eating those types of foods, I feel healthier, my food choices are more balanced and I stop eating because i'm bored.

    What about exercise? Well, right now I'm only focusing on diet because i'm training for Ironman come November 2010 and that pretty much sets up what my workouts will look like until then.

    Can't wait to update later!

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    Finally finished my 2 night shifts at the hospital. Working at night really seems to mess around with my eating schedule. i bet the sugar free energy drinks I ingest trying to stay awake at night don't help much either

    Thursday: Elliptical for 30 minutes and 15 minutes of abs

    No grains the last 2 days! Woohoo!
    Enjoyed salads, omelets, and a trail mix I make (dried cherries, almonds, and coconut shreds)
    As for sugar, I'm enjoying some dark chocolate right now, I didn't eat any chocolate any thursday which believe it or not is a huge accomplishment for me. I L.O.V.E. dark chocolate. Love it love it!

    At work I'll usually have diet soda's and sugar free energy drinks for the caffeine, those fake sugars aspartame and sucralose are gross too and I'm sure they are screwing around with my insulin levels.
    I guess a big sugar source I can cut out is to stick with only drinking tea and water at work.

    This weekend I'm heading to San Diego to play in an ultimate frisbee beach tournament...gonna do my best to stay away from all the free bagels that are provided as snacks, instead i've got a trail mix (macademia nuts/dried cherries/dried apricots) stowed away in my bag =)


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      Anyone else enjoy listening to the Robb Wolf podcasts? Just finished up episode 16 and starting 17. Makes for a more enjoyable ride to work.

      As for not eating grains and sugar. I'd say about 70%. I have the small slip ups but i'm mainly sticking with my proteins and veggies.

      AM: larabar/hamburger with habanero cheese (unpasteurized)/ piece of dark chocolate with cream/whipped cauliflower (YUM)/handfuls of corn tortilla chips.
      PM: piece of salami/3 pieces ham/1 slice mozarella/couple bites of a chipotle chicken salad from chipotle/hansens tangerine diet soda/couple handfuls of potato chips.

      WOD: 30min biking, 10 min core strength and 30 min swimming.

      It's embarassing how imperfect I eat, but keeping a record only makes you accountable right?