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pattyloo goes primal 1/6/13

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  • pattyloo goes primal 1/6/13

    yesterday, i ate mostly primal stuff, but ate more than needed. it was so nice to enjoy cheese, butter, eggs. but they did keep me full longer. i also had some pasta and sweets that were already on hand and needed to be either thrown out or eaten.

    yesterday evening i stocked up on primal foods, so i plan to be mostly primal going forward. i say mostly because the program says to average out your eating over weeks, not meals. so, i'm not going to beat myself up if i eat one 'wrong' item. as long as i eat the right things most of the time, i will consider that a success.

    about 2 months ago, i was feeling quite achey whenever i stood up. i've since done a 'cleanse', followed by a low-cal weight loss plan over the holidays. I wasn't super successful in losing weight, but i did cut out most of the crap i had been eating. i'm no longer achey when i stand up, but i do still have some back pain on occasion.

    here's my food today, and how i felt
    6:30am woke up and was kind of hungry
    7:30am egg scramble: 3 cage-free eggs, 2 TBsp cream cheese, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 plum tomato, 1 Tbsp onion, 3 large mushrooms, fried in about 2 Tsp butter
    9:30am did not eat, but starting to feel a little hunger. i baked chicken last night, so i will have that when i'm sure it is hunger and not just wanting food
    11:00am BLT salad: 2 Tbsp olive-oil mayo from store, 1/2 avocado, bibb/romaine, 1/2 tomato, 4 slices thick-cut bacon crispy. this is yumm! saved the bacon fat in cute jar with lid because i've read posts that people do that, which i assume they use for frying veggies.
    will pack chicken breast to take with me on my errands today
    5:00pm makeshift waldorf salad: 1 apple, about 6 oz cooked chicken, 4 Tbsp sour cream, 4 large mushrooms, romaine/bibb
    4 oz cheese (Cheddar & pepper jack)

    i had been hungry since 3:00pm, but waited until I got home to fix something better than cold chicken, which i had brought with me. ordinarily, my hunger is much stronger than this, and if i had food on me, it would be eaten. also, going 4 hrs between meals is actually pretty long for me. i'm normally hungry every 2-3 hrs, probably because i usually eat more starches and sugars.
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    last night, i had some ice cream, which was my only non-primal food. i've gotten rid of bread/potatoes/pasta for the past couple of days, and already feel less hunger. i'm now focusing on eliminating sugar from my diet, while keeping up other changes. i'm still on dairy, which is helping to give me variety and things i love. i know dairy can be a problem for many people. but i'm going to keep it for now, as it is helping me stick to primal eating.

    6:30am 3 thick slices bacon
    3 cage-free eggs over easy cooked in some of the bacon fat (i saved most of it in my bacon fat jar)
    2 slices cheese (cheddar, pepper jack)
    9:30am at work, and just starting to feel a little hungry. i've got great primal stuff packed, so when i need it, it's there. see how i feel at the 4 hr mark.
    10am - 10:30am 1.5 or 12 oz cups greek yogurt (should not have brought so much to work)
    6 oz of blackberries
    expected next eating time 2pm or so
    12pm noon makeshift waldorf salad from last night
    3pm 2 baked chicken thighs, about 1 cup smashed cauliflower with sour cream
    4:30pm 4 cookie diet cookies (a protein-rich thing with artificial sugar)
    6:30pm 1 large baked chicken breast, 2 Tbsp cream cheese
    9pm 4 slices cheddar
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      Today I weighed myself for first time, and am only up 1.5 lbs since I started primal. However, I had just come off a very low-cal diet plan, that i simply could not maintain. i was just too hungry to do it. my point is that i was at a very low weight when i started primal.

      With all the healthy, but high-fat and high-cal foods i've eaten in the past few days, i would have thought i would have gained much more, especially since I had just attained a lower than normal weight. it must be the fact that i've eaten no bread or pasta for 3 days, and very little sugar that has kept me from gaining a lot.

      yesterday was a great experiment, in that i consciously put less food on my plate, and was able to go at least 2 hrs between meals. it is also the first time i have not given in to late night eating.

      6:30am 3 eggs fried in bacon fat, as always, mushrooms, tomato, 2 Tbsp cream cheese. no bacon today
      10:30am 1/2 cup greek yogurt & 3 oz blackberries
      i was hungry around 9:30 - 10am, but just too busy to stop and eat. The hunger was not extreme, as it used to be.
      i should be able to make it to 12:30pm on this much food. but, as i'm writing this at 11:15, i'm already a bit hungry.
      11:30am 5 large boiled shrimp, 1/2 cup greek yogurt & 3 oz blackberries. oh well, if i'm hungry, i'm going to eat.
      what i brought to work today:
      1 chicken thigh & 1/2 cup smashed cauliflower
      1 large salad with avocado, tomato, cukes
      10 large boiled shrimp
      4 oz catfish
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        Last night, I was home all evening for a change. I did succumb to what I'll call 'freedom eating'. But, it was no binge. I ate about 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes (because they were there), but it's hardly worth mentioning because my dinner was perfectly on program chicken breast with sour cream.

        I'm close to settling into a weekday routine where I have 3 fried eggs for breakfast with either bacon or cheese and a few veggies. I then bring about 5 mini-meals to work, and choose 4 of them to eat throughout the day. This leaves one for tomorrow, and gives me a sense that I've always got something on hand if I get really hungry. (I guess I really bring 4 meals a day, plus the one remaining from yesterday)

        In the evening, I'm usually very busy, so I go without any dinner from 4:30pm until I get home around 10pm. I then eat something on plan, such as chicken. I plan to buy Almond Milk this weekend, so I am thinking that would be a nice last mini meal, about 1 hr before going to bed.

        Today's catch was:
        6:30am 3 fried eggs, 1/2 avocado, tomato
        9:30am 1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1/2 chopped apple and cinnamon
        11:30am 1 baked chicken thigh and 1/2 cup smashed cauliflower
        2:00pm Large salad with tomatoes, cukes & 1/2 avocado
        4:15pm 6 oz 'swai' fish (reasonable frozen whitefish from Aldi)

        I'm still wobbly, but my hunger is much weaker now. So, I'm not eating off program every day (which I was doing in my previous low-cal endeavor). By wobbly, I don't mean lightheaded. I just mean that I still feel like I would enjoy some pasta or pizza, but it's not overpowering.

        Today, for example, as I was getting ready to do some lunchtime errands, I realized I was hungry, so I stopped and heated up the largest meal I had packed for today, and ate it before going out. I thought that this would prevent me from stopping at a fast food place.

        Many times in the past, I would almost set myself up to fail, by going out while very hungry. I guess I was pretty much always hungry, so this was quite common!

        I'm definitely 'into' the planning of this way of eating. I enjoy planning innovative salads and meals that are both easy and delicious. I do look forward to a time when I just don't really think about food that much. But, for now, I'm still very interested in it.
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          After just one week of starting the Primal Way of Eating plan, I no longer feel obsessed with food. Yesterday, I closet ate a Mexican Restaurant Burrito. But, as I ate, I realized that most of it was on program (except the beans and tortilla). I didn't get as much out of this 'cheat' as I have in the past (maybe because it wasn't such a big cheat!).

          I only weighed once so far, and I plan to weigh only once a week or so, because I know how much the number on the scale messes with my confidence.

          I have not started exercising yet, but I have been reading Mark's lessons, so I know what exercise is expected in this plan. It definitely seems like less time and effort than most other exercise programs I've done. I will give myself at least another week until I'm totally comfortable with the food plan, before I add the exercise component.

          Yesterday, I bought Almond Milk and actual Organic Eggs. (I had bought cage-free previously).

          Over the past few days, I planned to make a veggie lasagna with ground beef. That was when I was still thinking about food all the time. Now that I have all the ingredients, I'm not as excited about it, but I will still make it today. It will give me some good meals for the week.

          8:30 2 eggs + 2 slices bacon + mushroom/peppers
          10:00am 1/2 oz goat cheddar, 1/2 oz raw milk cheddar
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            i weighed in today and am up 5.5 lbs overall since starting this program. But, I'm not stressing out about this. I know that I mentioned a few days ago that I don't feel obsessed with food anymore. Well, it is a matter of degree. I still eat more than needed. Often, when nervous or when I'm trying to avoid doing something else that I should be doing. Eating or preparing food and cleaning up for some reason makes me feel like I'm 'doing something', which relieves me of the guilt of not working on whatever it is I need to be doing now. I definitely do not need to feel hungry to employ this tactic. It's a real problem.

            So, I'm still eating unnecessarily, but mostly those things on the primal WOE. So, I don't have as much hunger and blood sugar drops as I used to when I would eat lots of carbs.

            I'm going to plan better to have something primal available at all times, but in a small quantity, so I don't overindulge. I have definitely done that with cheese, eating 4+ oz in one sitting sometimes!


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              Today marks 2 weeks on the primal plan. I weighed in and am currently only 1.5 lbs above my start weight. As mentioned previously, my start weight was a low point for me, as I had been 'dieting' recently. In fact, it took much effort and hunger to get down to that weight. So, I figured I would gain at least a couple of lbs once I started this plan, which doesn't really restrict your portions.

              The first week - 10 days or so, I ate quite a bit of the primal foods. definitely more than i needed to get past physical hunger. I coined the term 'freedom eating', because, on this WOE, you aren't restricted by calories or ounces of food consumed. So, I didn't really feel guilty when I had a whole dark chocolate bar, or 8 oz of cheese in one day.

              I made the decision to not weigh in regularly, because I figured that with all this 'freedom eating', the scale would not be kind to me. So, I weighed in about once a week. My weight fluctuated between +1.5 and +5.5 from start weight during those 2 weeks.

              I think seeing myself 5 lbs up (and possibly more on some days that I didn't weigh in), would have caused me to start micro-managing the WOE, probably cutting out too much, and then going back on the hunger train. That's what I call the way I felt before starting this WOE. Back then, whether dieting or not, I would be physically hungry every 2 hrs or so. This was even if I ate a good-sized meal. (Now, if i binged, I wouldn't be hungry in 2 hrs, but in general, I was much hungrier back then). My hunger was usually very strong, in that it took priority over everything else i was doing. So, if I felt hungry and was on my way to work, I would eat my bag lunch as soon as I got to my desk in the morning, leaving me to have to eat a much larger restaurant meal at noon.

              After 2 weeks on this program, I really believe that cutting out wheat and sugar has made a huge difference. I have done these things about 95%. I do have artificial sweetener, but no added real sugar, honey, brown sugar. I also have dark chocolate, and that has some sugar, but not as much as in milk chocolate. Regarding grains, I've stayed completely away from bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. However, I have had 2 Mexican burritos, including the tortilla shell.

              I still get hungry, sometimes in 2 hrs, sometimes 3-4 hrs after eating, but the big difference is the hunger is not severe. I feel that I can now start working on my eating behaviors: why do I binge, eating a whole chocolate bar instead of just an ounce or so? Some of those reasons are becoming clear. I've identified some triggers. But, I need to find an alternative response, and start practicing doing that whenever I recognize one of those triggers occurring.

              I haven't done any exercise except normal walking to/from the train to work. I'm starting to get excited about the warmer weather starting in a month or so. I'm sure I will be exercising by then, but right now, I'm still working on getting the eating part right.

              My biggest problem has been pretty bad constipation the past few days. I did drink a lot of cow's milk during this time, and I'm guessing this had something to do with it. I've since bought almond milk, and the cow's milk is gone, so hopefully, I will not have this problem as much this week. Possibly, the large cheese amounts on several days have also caused this.

              I am thinking about reducing dairy products. But, so far, I've really relied on them to stay on program. Replacing cow's milk with almond milk is a start. And I do already eat Greek Yogurt, which I understand doesn't cause the allergic reaction. I need to cut out cottage cheese for yogurt. And, maybe buying only a small amount of cheese each week, so I don't binge on that.
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